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For Sale: Meisha Merlin/Subterranean Limited Editions

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I just joined this forum because I am looking to sell my limited editions of the first three books:


Meisha Merlin Game of Thrones

Meisha Merlin Clash of Kings

Subterranean Press Storm of Swords


All three books are #63.


I don't have any of the subsequent Subterranean books and I no longer have the rights to future books.


None of the books have ever been read and they haven't been out of the slipcases more than a handful of times. The Storm of Swords slip case (outside) has a scuff on it (it got dropped at some point), but all of the books are in pretty much the same condition they were when new.


Obviously, I'd prefer to sell them together, but I'm in no way committed to that.


If interested, please either PM me (not sure if this board has a PM system) or give me a way to contact you via email.




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I haven't seen any recently but I sold mine last year with a PC copy of MM Clash for around $1800 if that helps. ASOS is the volume everyone seems to be missing so prices will be on the higher end - maybe $1300 to as high as $2000 is my best guess.

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