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Walder Frey season 6


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Yeah I was reading on WiC that he had said he would be returning at some point but purposefully didn't specify as to not give too much away but a couple days ago he was spotted on a flight to Belfast so we can assume he'll be back this season. Plus seems likely the show is heading back to the Riverlands and one of the latest casting calls is presumably for one of Walder's sons :D
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WF: "My granddaughter...Wertha?  Walra?  Waldina …?"


Merry Frey: "I'm Merry."






Great news, tbh. Bradley brings so much to the character: malice, comedy and general old man c*ntery. Can only hope this means Tobias Menzies and Clive Russell won't be far behind.


Sadly, don't think the lovely Alexandra Dowling/Roslin Frey will be back for S6 as heard she's currently filming The Musketeers (and said this month re: GOT, she hadn't got the call.) So if Edmure's in, it looks as though they've dispensed with the growing love between them and she was only ever "bait", which seems a waste of a tragic little subplot (think: the Faramir/Eowyn of the piece - non essential, but nice to know they've got eachother, despite things.) It also makes sense they'd use her to milk an heir out of his withered loins before their plan was through. Poor bastard has nothing much else to do in that cell, except maybe knock the occasional one out, let's be honest. Walder might as well put it to good use.


With plenty of evidence pointing to at least some resurgent interest in the Riverlands this season though, who knows? Hopefully Jaime gets his arc there and we still get some great book interactions, including the chilling threat about Ed's baby in the catapult (hope they keep that, btw - shows the devolution back into his dark side after all that's gone awry for him and reminds us he's still the same guy who pushed Bran out of that window.)


My personal feeling is Edmure will get a namecheck or a short scene rotting in a dungeon as per the (real or fake :dunno: ) synopses, but not a fully fleshed out arc. It was all about the wedding for D&D; they never seemed to care about the aftermath and collateral and I don't see any reason for that changing radically now.


But a little will go a long way to restoring my confidence in the plotting of a show that got increasingly forgetful of its strongest secondary players throughout seasons 4 & 5 with too much emphasis on KL, Essos and Dorne. Despite the dissatisfaction many had with Stannis' fate, I think they largely rectified the stagnant wall & NW plot, late S4/S5 and gave it greater urgency by fusing Jon and the Dragonstone crew the way they did. It's time to do the same for The Riverlands - hopefully crashing headlong into characters such as Jaime, Brienne, Mel and (*censored*) in season 6.


And no, I haven't mentioned she who must not be named, but based on the casting of corrupted outlaws and the hapless Merrett/Frey son variant, hope does spring eternal.


As does she ... :devil:

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