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Deceased Actors Who'd Have Been Perfect in the Series...

Victarian Revolution

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Robin Williams as Patchface

Michael Clakre Duncan as Jalabhar Xho 

Brittany Murphy as Lollys Stokeworth

Daniel von Bargen as Randyll Tarly 

Leonard Nimoy Cotter Pyke

Ben Woolf OR Telly Savalas as Pyat Pree

Edward Herrmann as Mace Tyrell

James Garner as Walder Frey (lol)

Eli Wallach as Vargo Hoat OR Yoren

Mikey Rooney as Janos Slynt

Harold Ramis as Merwyn

Maximilian Schell as Dario Naharis

Richard Kiel as Small Paul

Paul Walker as some son of Davos OR as Young Griff

James Gandolfini as Xaro Shoan Daxos OR Amory Lorch

Peter O'Toole as Aegon V

Alec Guinness as High Sparrow

David Prowse as The Mountain OR Dunk

James Rebhorn as Aerys II

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Ah, Peter O'Toole was the first name that popped into my head when I read the title of this thread. He was marvelous. I especially loved his portrayal of Henry II in "The Lion in Winter," one of my all-time favorite movies. So many great lines from that one...

"I could have conquered Europe! All of it! But I had women in my life." 




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I always thought Heath Ledger would have been a great Rhaegar.


And, for some reason, Loras was always Paul Walker in my head.

Just wanted to say I could absolutely get down with both of those choices- I totally dig Heath Ledger as Rhaegar - it was the first thing to come to my mind when I read this thread's title.  But Paul Walker as Loras, I'd also think is pretty cool.  I think Paul Walker wouldn't get down on getting down low if you know what I mean, but he'd make a perfect "super handsome super skilled warrior-spoiled-brat-turned-even-more-famous-and-Kingsguard guy."



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they're not dead, but when I first read A Game of Thrones in 1997 or so, I had pictured Sharon Stone as Cersei and Rutger Hauer as Jamie.  Obviously both are much too old now, however, and Hauer was probably already too old by that time.

Sharon Stone is the hotness.... man if she was 1997-era-hotness in the show as Cersei, I would be so jealous of Jaime.



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Which untimely actor/actress do wish had been around long enough to be in GoT?


My shout is for Peter O'Toole - he would have made a fantastic Areys in my opinion. 


Also, Oliver Reed for Robert Baratheon - no one does abusive drunk like Reedy

This two.
And Lawrence Olivier as 
Tywin Lannister

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Katherine Hepburn - Lady Olenna
Rock Hudson - Renly Baratheon
Julie Harris - Catelyn Stark & Lady Stoneheart
Peter O'Toole - Aerys II (he could come across as having once been regal and royal but easily do the "falling into madness" schtick)
Natalie Wood - Margaery Tyrell
James Dean - Viserys (he liked characters teetering on the edge from what little we saw of him)
Eartha Kitt - Chataya
Henry Fonda - Walder Frey (he proved his curmudgeon credits in On Golden Pond)

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