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About to plunge into the world of ASoIaF - need advice

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13 minutes ago, Andorion said:

Thank you:D\

I did in fact watch the show first. Originally I had planned to alternate each season with a book, but after I read GoT, I realised that the books are so much better, and so in-depth, if I continued to read them, I might never watch the show again (not a big fan of tv shows in general, more of a reader). So I saw all 5 seasons and then read the books

I was going to do that originally first too, but I just caught up to the show instead and started reading the books when I got them.

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Started reading books last year, now i'm in part I of ASOS.

If I can give 1 or 2 advice to fans who are going to start reading : keep a bookmark on the world map and even on the character's page if you are not familiar with GRRM world. Personnally I also read with a dictionary near me. As a french fan of ASOIAF, i'm reading the french translation of ASOIAF and certains words are a bit hardcore. Nice translation btw.

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On 8/27/2015 at 7:00 PM, Andorion said:


This sounds interesting. I was considering adopting a 1 book, 1 season method. I could do that. Or I could see the first 2-3 seasons and then read the first 2-3 books together. I read fairly fast, and I have read big books with lots of PoVs before. 


So which method is better? 

That character guide would be awesome, thanks a lot for offering. I am staying clear of all wikis and stuff for fear of spoilers.

I personally started with the books, and would recommend doing the same. The books are brilliant, and contain a world far more rich and diverse than you will find in the show, IMO. 

I would caution you against the one book, one season method. It would work out for the first few books/seasons but the chronology and indeed the canon of the two gets quite jumbled along the way, with plot lines from later books appearing in earlier seasons, and thus you could end up having some aspects of later books spoiled for you. That said, I assume you'll be getting through both the books and shows quite quickly, so it might not be a huge deal for you, just something I thought worth mentioning.

I also just noticed that the post date for the thread is well over a year and a half ago :P I'm unsure as to why it is one of the most recent threads, but do let me know what you ended up doing. :)  

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