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Who will die in The Winds of Winter?


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  1. Theon Greyjoy
  2. Brienne of Tarth
  3. Victarion Greyjoy
  4. Aeron Greyjoy
  5. Asha Greyjoy
  6. Barristan Selmy
  7. Jon Connighton


  1. Roose Bolton
  2. Lots of Freys
  3. Lots of Night's Watch
  4. Edmure Tully
  5. Westerlings
  6. All Baratheons
  7. Lancel Lannister
  8. Lady Stoneheart
  9. Hary Hardyng
  10. Obara Sand
  11. Margaery Tyrell
  12. Loras Tyrell
  13. Hizdar Zo Loraq
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Stannis will die. Sad since i really like him, he is one of the most misunderstood characters, shafted at every turn and really quite funny but i think he will die during the battle at Winterfel. He has been wilting through the last few books, getting thinner and gaunter. I hope he goes out with an epic bang.


Roose Bolton will die. Im a huge beleiver in Ramsey really did write the Pink Letter and i think Ramsey will kill him. He wanted all his life to be a Bolton. Now he's a Bolton he will want to be The Wardon of The North. He has been getting bolder and has even argued with Roose in ADWD. Just finished my reread and i can't say why it just feels right to me.


Victarian Greyjoy or Baristan Selmy...One of them will kill the other.



~~~~~~~***Special Honorary Mentions***~~~~~~~


Hopefully some Dornishmen. I really like them but im so tired of hearing how amazingly dangerous they claim they are.

Just blood them a little..Please?


Daario Naharis. Just do it. Kill him.

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Roose and or Ramsay.  They've served their purpose and every moment they live strains credibility. With Winter coming/here why wouldn't one of the old Northern men just stick a sword through one or both of them? They're basically on a suicide mission anyway, not expecting to survive.  Why wouldn't two or three come up with a plan. We keep our distance from each other. I'll kill Roose and you run me through with your sword immediately, taking out the assassin and ensuring I'm not tortured to death. It may not work but why not give it a go?

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Is GRRM even writing Winds of Winter anymore? All I see is him obsessing about pointless award shows, the NFL, and his little movie theater. He must have written 200 manuscript pages about "puppygate" alone.

I suspect he's been done with TWOW for 3 or 4 years and the pubber is just waiting for the most propitious moment to release it - or maybe there was a contractual agreement with HBO to let the show catch up with the books. In either case, if TWOW comes out with the show next year it'll be massive.

I'm curious to see who Jacquen will be offing in Oldtown. I'm a bit worried for Sam, but also for that maester who studies dragons and is setting out to find Danny - really don't think he'll get there.

I disagree that Tommen and Myrcella will die in TWOW. I do think they will both die, but it'll happen in APOS - along with the appearance of the new, younger, more beautiful queen..

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Stannis plus wife and kid

Ramsay or Roose Bolton (one will kill the other), might come back as a Wight

Sansa Stark (please?)


Theon Greyjoy

Tommen and/or Myrcella

Most of the Dornish, with maybe one Sand Snake surviving

Berric Dondarrion (again), defeated by Jaime so Lady Stoneheart will be STFU'd by the Bros

Lots of NW men

One or two Greyjoys other than Theon

A bunch of characters in Essos whose names I don't remember right now (been a few months since I read it and there were a lot of exotic names that got me confused)

Daario (pretty please?)

Barristan Selmy

Walder Frey plus a lot of relatives


Robert Strong, killed by either Arya or a Sand Snake, but might come back as a Wight

Melisandre, killed by the Jon Snow Wight (yes, I went there)

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I hate commenting on these books, even though I love them, read them a few times, and write about them, because everything that you say, is probably already out there. On that note, I wanted to add that I also believe that Arya will kill Dany, and that is why she was chosen to be a Faceless Man. It would be so satisfying for her to kill Cersei, but it will more likely be Dany, because of well, their history w/the Valyrians.

As for spoilers: The show has already destroyed so many great characters, i.e. Jaime, and Jon ( who they have destroyed in my book, and he's "ice", so I don't know why they were so inconsistent w/writing his character), and we all know one of the greatest travesties: Dorne, except for the amazing Red Viper. 

 I know that I will be devastated by some events, but I will never fully believe them and how they unfold until I read the book, which is canon and so much larger than the show. I hate that the show has become it's own entity, as it is profoundly disappointing. But on the other hand, we will still always know more about this world than a non book reader. It will also add another level of speculating, theories and all of the other joy this fandom has give to all of us.

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