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A Wedding and Two Tourneys

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The occasion of the wedding of Ser Aidan Dayne, the famed Knight of the Twilight, and the lady Aisling Ryswell was an unusual one in some respects. For one, King Baelor himself presided over the marriage, in his capacity as a septon of the Faith. For another, despite neither being a great lord or lady, not one but two tournies were arranged for the occasion; a rarity in these more austere and pious times. The reason for it had more to do with the Dornish embassy to the Iron Throne, of which Ser Aidan was a part, than to any native desire of theirs to make such a showing. Regardless of the reasons, however, the tourneys drew a deal of attention for a city starved of spectacles. The first of the tourneys, following the wedding vows being exchanged, was the more modest affair, with six-and-ten knights of various reputations competing. There were no great shocks or upsets in that contest, save the fact that the Dornish knight Ser Tamlyn Toland—cousin to Ser Aidan—carried the day after being defeated by Ser Joffrey Caswell, the heir to Bitterbridge, before rallying to defeat him in his final opportunity to carry the day.

The feast that followed was similarly modest in scope and atmosphere, and indeed, when it came time for the bedding the bride and groom were conducted out with a deal of decorum, and none of the usual ribaldry which is more common. Some present thought that perhaps it was the Dornish custom, but truth be told most guess it was due to the role of the king in the marriage (both in the making and the effecting of it).

The next day, Ser Aidan Dayne would ride out to ride in the more extravagant of the tourneys, the Tourney of the Tower of Devotion as it was called. Rich prizes of hundreds of gold dragons were named, and it is said that the Martells and the embassy were the chief sponsors of the contest, a show of pageantry and chivalry to remind the Kingslanders that the Targaryens were not the only ones who could arrange grand events. Named after the wood-and-plaster tower raised in the tourney fields which served as a place to mount miniature shields bearing the arms of the contestants, the tournament drew a very grand field of more than several score knights, and some of the most famed in the realm were present: Ser Argett Prester, the Tailcutter, and handsome Ser Joffrey Caswell, the royal steward Ser Conrad Arryn, the kingsguard knights Ser Aleyn Florent and Prince Aemon Targaryen. What followed was a great day of jousting, with notable deeds performed, and great upsets such as the defeat of Aleyn Foxglove at the hands of the Warden of Crackclaw Point, Ser Dermett Corbray, or the dozen lances and more broken by Ser Conrad Arryn and Ser Aidan Dayne.

But in the end, as if destined, was another meeting between the Knight of the Twilight and the Dragonknight. Several times before had they met in the lists, and each time there has been great displays of arms and chivalry. This proved no different, as both men unhorsed one another, and then fought with swords until Ser Aidan Dayne managed to defeat Prince Aemon to the shock of the watching crowd. Declared champion, none could be surprised when he crowned his new bride the Queen of Love and Beauty.

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