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Composite List of Actors Cast in Season 6

Swamp Dweller

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So, I figured it may be a good idea to compile a working list of actors that have been cast for roles in Season 6.  All of the ones listed have been announced over the last month or two via Watchers on the Wall or HBO, so I've just gone through and compiled them into a list, which can be updated as more casting announcements are made.  They are separated into two categories: Unknown Role and Known Role, which will also be updated as we learn more information.  If there are any that I missed please let me know! :)
Unknown Role:
Fergus Leathem
Ian McShane
Johannes Haukur Johannesson
Robert Render
Sam Coleman
Souad Faress
Tristan Heanue
Eddie Jackson
Glen Barry
Known Role:
Andrew Bryan - Bolton Officer
Eddie Eyre - Alfred Hunrith
James Faulkner - Randyll Tarly
Freddie Stroma - Dickon Tarly
Samantha Spiro - Sam's Mother
Rebecca Benson - Sam's Sister
Max von Sydow - Three-Eyed Raven
Pilou Asbaek - Euron Greyjoy
Ricky Champ - Flynn
Sebastian Croft - Young Ned Stark
Richard E Grant - Grand Theatre Actor / Manager
Kevin Eldon - Leading Actor in Theatre Troupe
Essie Davis - Leading Actress in Theatre Troupe
Ross Anderson - Member of Theatre Troupe
Brendan O'Rourke - Member of Theatre Troupe
Eline Powell - Member of Theatre Troupe
Eva Butterly - Member of Theatre Troupe

ETA Updated 9/16/15
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I saw Essie Davies in the Babadook. Fantastic performance and one that should have been nominated for an Academy Award. She was emotionally raw and very engaging. Ian McShane the cocksucking motherfucker is amazing always no matter the role. Max Von Sydow is one of the best actors of his generation and is always a pleasure to see on screen (The Exorcist is incredible art). Richard Grant's a great character actor so he should be great for the show. Pilou Asbaek - I've recently seen some of his Danish cinema and he's actually really good (A Family and R are examples of his good work. 


Freddie Stroama was decent in the Harry Potter films so he can play a dick a-ok. Sam Coleman's a good actor so he should be good. Yeah, that's really all the actors I know from the top of my head that I have seen their work. 

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