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Who will be the most villainous character to survive AWOW?


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Top 10 villains left (IMHO):

1. Walder Frey (dies)

2. Ramsay Bolton (dies)

3. Roose Bolton (dies)

4. Littlefinger (lives)

5. Cersei Lannister (lives)

6. Euron Greyjoy (lives)

7. Victarion Greyjoy (dies)

8. Jaime Lannister (lives)

9. Stannis Baratheon (dies)

10. Theon Greyjoy (lives)

A case can certainly be made for others (Melisandre, treasonous NIght's Watch, the Mountain, UnCat, etc).


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Characters who I feel will ultimately end up becoming villains or being portrayed/construed as pseudo villains,

Benjen Stark (I think he has a major reveal and it will be as a major antagonist)

Tyrion Lannister (I feel like he might be Martin's 'Walter White', the Lion of Night... but he might be the villain planetos needs)

Bran Stark (I don't think Bloodraven is actually with the Others, but I think he represents something unnatural in the world, a collective world-wide quantum collective nature consciousness that is in conflict with the true, natural, magic-free, state of things. Something that refuses to truly join the many faced god in that divine death)

Arya Stark (I can see her really being the Stranger made manifest, a psychopomp death figure... but I'm actually not of the mind that that is truly villainous)

Dany (we all have guessed that Dany's reign of fire might be that of apocalyptic napalm death...  Ice AND Fire are both deadly extremes and this series is about balance)

Jon Snow (Possible Blue Eyed king who casts no shadow who wields a flaming sword... and is a force for the others... this might only be Jon's body while his spirit is adrift in Ghost/weirworld


Existing/established villain figures I expect/half-expect to live through Winds

The Others (villains in the sense that they're the gravest and most profound threat in the stories conflict [maybe tied with their fire counterpart])

Fire (the Lord of Light and Shadow... not as a distinct entity, but just the general destructive counterbalance to Ice...a terrible blood/fire/shadow force that burns so bright that it casts that great Shadow by Asshai and fuels the shadowbinding and blood magic that fire/blood power is based on) kinda convinced  the state of planetos is unnaturally magic because of a celestial event where a natural satellite fell from the sky [the source of the strange black rock] and through planetos out of balance, lost between polar extremes of ice and fire that  are locked in conflict/counterbalance

Euron (no doubt in my mind that he is the avatar of a truly heinous force and will see a long life as Martin's majick Joker)

Littlefinger (I think he'll actually turn out to be much less of a villain than we thought... just a true romantic who believed that the world wasn't made for tender hearts... so it must all tumble to dust, with a dream that a better world might emerge)

Roose (cause he's crafty and creepy like that, been a monster since book 1, I also think he legitimized Ramsey just so he could make a sacrifice out of  him... I don't really trust Martin to let him die... there are a  few characters he enjoys working with so much that he'll let them live until the last possible moment they are vital to the story...I have this feeling about the lot of the core characters from book 1 who are still kicking, like Tyrion, Daeny, Bran, Arya, Sansa and even Jon [he must die to be reborn] as well as characters that became main characters who he clearly loves to torture like Jaime, Theon, Brienne, Stannis, Davos, Cat and Asha  [he always wonders 'what would actually be worse than killing these guys?])

Manderly (well, not, not really. I just mention him because I believe he'lI wind up revealed as a villain in 'Winds', but doubt he'll survive it. I think he intends to turn the tables... but he's lying about his alliances and intents... this is  part of a LF/Benjen idea I have in my head that involves winning back Winterfell just to see a Red Wedding esque bloodbath with Rickon (Winterfell's legit heir if Jon [was legitimized] but has been killed but with the idea that Bran's survival not be revealed by them or is somehow no longer a legitimate heir in the dreamland between life and death beyond the wall), Stannis, Mance, Theon/Asha/Asha's unborn babe, Sansa all being potentially targeted as royal-blooded sacrifices to the Others or some sort of new Knight's King idea)... I'm only voicing this theory as a part of the book, even if this is in the cards I don't think Manderly is the architect (with LF or Benjen or both using him as a cat's paw) and honestly don't believe he'll live out the day/week of this things execution)

Robert Strong ( I think he's a Frankensteinian ragdoll who I suspect is more than meets the eye [Robert is short for Rob(b) and Stark is German for Strong... not just the mountain reanimated, I think this is where parts of Robb and Greywind got off to and he is ripe for Greenseer hijacking] I don't actually see Cersie standing trial, I think Aegon will show up before a repetitive trial by combat and Cers, Qyb and any of her surviving children will make to escape King's Landing for Casterly Rock with big Robert as their enforcer...but she'll run aground of the BwBwith Jaime [maybe Brienne and maybe unCat... Robert may be the valinquer/brother who wraps his cold hands around her) 

Ser Payne (always struck me as a trully horrific un-human monster in character reactions to him in GOT...he's sick, silent death for a reason and I think he's lined up to follow quetly  behind Jaime and Brienne until he can figure out the sitch)

Dusky Woman (more to her than is let on... she's a shadowbinder who is sucking up Vic's kingsblood so she can have a shadow demon blow his horn... and she is absolutely Tyrion's type, he'll take to her and be seduced by  her power into becoming a servant of the tall shadow with one black eye [Tyrion is the original single  dark eyed long shadow of the series, Euron is but a thrawl to some greater darkness that awoke after Daeny relit the glass candles)

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Roose (wary, overcautious - traits of survivor villains), Littlefinger(I think he'll live until the end), Walder(justice to the freys feels like a nice closing, probably in ADoS) 

I have a feeling Cersei's time is at an end. She's stuck around long enough, she'll pop near the end of the book maybe.

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I think Roose will be murdered by his son, as in the show. I've been predicting that since I *first* read ADWD, and that was in 2013.

The new chapter that just got read at a convention suggests that the most villainous character to survive TWOW will be Euron Greyjoy...

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I'll challenge the popular opinion here and bet that Roose is already dead by the end of a Dance, or the beginning of Winds. I just can't see Ramsey doing something as bold as the pink letter with Roose in charge and hanging over his shoulder.

I can't give a firm answer on the this subject, but if I had to put my money somewhere, I'd put it on Euron. After the Aeron winds sample chapter, I don't think anyone can seriously say that Euron's role in ASoIaF won't be huge. The problem with the characters that people have mostly listed here, is that their storyline is (in my opinion) finished or wrapping up or beginning to wrap up. Euron's is far from finished, it's only now beginning to be put in motion. So, like I said can't give a firm answer, but probably Euron

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