Didn't feel like starting 2 threads for such thin posts, but I recently had a couple small thoughts about the titular topics.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think there is a theory that states Ashara Dayne is masquerading as Septa Lemore. Came across an article about little known religious beliefs or some such thing, and one of them happens to be that some people believe God had a wife and her name was Ashehra...just going by my own pronunciation that sounds pretty similar to Ashara, which, if the theory is accurate, is a pretty crafty way to hint at Septa Lemore's, or any Septa's, identity...brides of gods being a pretty streamlined description of a Septa.

Second thought (completely unrelated): in history, I think Rebellions have typically been movements that wound up failing. "Robert's Rebellion" succeeded, so should it not have been "Robert's Revolution"? The Greyjoy uprising failed: labeled as rebellion. Early in US history, there was a farmer uprising that was squashed: labeled as Shay's rebellion. Could Martin have been indicating from the beginning that Robert's reign was an unmitigated failure?

Typing on shitty phone, sorry for choppy sentences.