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After waiting for several weeks for the makers of our forum to help us convert our database, we have decided to go ahead with the move to the new forum without this process being completed. As it stands, we don't know when or if they will finish it.

However, there are several caveats regarding the current status of the forum:

1) This database, which is the September 17th database from the old forum that we converted ourselves, contains no new posts or other content (including new members) after that date.

2) Unfortunately, this database also suffered dataloss in the process of the conversion. If it turns out that we have to continue with this database, we will look into whether the old forum can be made into a read-only archive, at least for a time so people can restore content if they so desire.

3) At the moment, we're seeing stability and slowness issues, which we are investigating. Unfortunately, it will likely take several days for the support to respond (they are apparently backlogged). If it remains unstable, we may revert to the old forum.

3) If we get a converted database from the forum support, we will move to that one. That means any posts or registrations made on this database will be lost.

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We have now heard from support and they claim to have converted a mid-October database without data loss. Once we get the database from them, we plan to replace the existing post table with that one. However, this may not happen until next week unless we hear from them again today.

When we do this replacement, three things will happen:

1) Older posts will no longer have missing content.

2) The cut-off date for when posts are entirely gone will move up from September 17th to mid-October.

3) Posts made to this forum since it went live on Tuesday will disappear.

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To update again, we did not get the database from support yesterday and since they are closed on weekends, we won't get it until Monday at the earliest. Unfortunately, this does mean that we get more days of posts that will disappear when we reintegrate the converted database, but the alternative is to keep the forum closed.

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We have finally received the rebuilt database from Invision's support and it has been restored. The situation now is as follows:

1) Content up to September 17th has been restored to fix the issues with posts stopping after the first quote.

2) Content from September 17th to November 10th has not been restored. The old forum will remain up at forum.westeros.org throughout this week for anyone who wishes to salvage posts from that period from there.

This completes the restoration process and we will now look at moving forward with other forum-related issues.

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