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His Dark Materials Series

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I'm surprised at how young she must have been in "Logan" if she's only just turned 13.

While it could be problematic if she appears too old to be playing a young child by the end of it, we have to remember that TV audiences are used to older people playing kids. Another important factor is that with almist a year between seasons the regular viewer has time to accept the change. It's only really going to be noticeable for those binge watching box sets once it's done. She's not going to age much within a given season.

It is a pitfall with a long form adaptation but I think it's more important to get a good actor and not have to recast.

But this does need a regular schedule and not a BBC "we'll do another season when we get around to it" that they tend to go for. Even their biggest show "Dr who" has a random release with over a year between seasons at times. 

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