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Upcoming Cover Art VII

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The Burning Horse by Paul Kearney.

The Burning White by Brent Weeks.

The Prisoner of Limnos by Lois McMaster Bujold (Subterranean Press).

The Lost Puzzler by Eyal Kless (US cover).

The Scent of Tears by Adrian Tchaikovsky.

Adornments of the Storm by Paul Meloy.

The Women's War by Jenna Glass.

Shadow of the Exile by Mitchell Hogan.

Storm Cursed by Patricia Briggs (US cover).

Lady Hotspur by Tessa Gratton.

Today I Am Carey by Martin L. Shoemaker.

Starport: A Graphic Novel by George R.R. Martin.

Atlas Alone by Emma Newman.

The City in the Middle of the Night by Charlie Jane Anders.

No Country for Old Gnomes by Delilah S. Dawson & Kevin Hearne.

Street Freaks by Terry Brooks (final cover art).

Edited by Jussi

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Edgedancer by Brandon Sanderson (UK cover)

THE GUTTER PRAYER by Gareth Hanrahan

Barren by Peter V. Brett

More Walls Broken by Tim Powers

THE BIRD KING by G. Willow Wilson

Covers of upcoming Golden Age Masterworks Editions (Gollancz)


FURY by Henry Kuttner

THE SANDS OF MARS by Arthur C. Clarke


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The War Within by Stephen R. Donaldson (US cover).

A Brightness Long Ago by Guy Gavriel Kay (US cover).

Skyward by Brandon Sanderon (UK cover).

Beneath the Twisted Trees by Bradley Beaulieu (UK cover).

Kellanved's Reach by Ian C. Esslemont.

Alliance Rising by C.J. Cherryh & Jane S. Fancher.

The Deepest Blue by Sarah Beth Durst.

Omega Canyon by Dan Simmons.

The Praxis by Walter Jon Williams (new edition).

The Sundering by Walter Jon Williams (new edition).

The Tesla Legacy by K.K. Pérez.

Triumphant by Jack Campbell.

How Long 'til Black Future Month? by N.K. Jemisin.

The Unbound Empire by Melissa Caruso.

Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J. Maas.

Black Leopard, Red Wolf by Marlon James.

Edited by Jussi

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