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The War Thread (in AGoT)

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For still readers: SPOILERS from Bran VI (Chapter 53) to the final
I just wanted to create a thread about the beginning of War of the Five Kings, as all of those threads 2 pages down are archived. So if any moderator wants, just feel free to merge it or point out some better way to express this topic.
As we know the War which is the most important feature of the 2nd book started here in AGoT grand finale. 
There are only two POVs from which we can analyse the start of this conflict - House Lannister and House Stark. Other 3 commanders took a chance then, but I doubt they would risk a lonely conflict with powerful LaQnnister House.
Lannister POV
1)At first I need to pinpoint The Mountain raids at riverlands after his departure from KL. I wonder if even the intial attacks were supported or invented by Tywin? We know that continuing attacks were cuz of Tywin as a bait for Edmure Tully to disperse his army around Riverrun and that allowing Jaime army to have more easy battles at Golden Tooth and siege to Riverrun. 
2)What would happen if Tyrion was not captured by Lady Catelyn? Its certain that it was a perfect excuse for Lord Tywin to start a War against Riverland because Catelyn 'Tully' Stark has captured him, but what would have Tywin done if this wasnt the case? Would he march few weeks later or stay at Casterly Rock?
3)When the huge Lannister army divided in 2 seperate parts? Was it the initial plan or did he make this decision after. When he heard about Robb calling his banners or when after Robb going south ?
4)The situation after The Trident camping: What was the plan of Tywin? I think he thought they will battle somewhere around Twins or he expected Frey to stay neutral. Then he would crash Northern army, hold Riverrun and then what? To the Neck or back to the West?
Stark POV
1)First we need to analyse why and when Starks would have gone into a War. Excluding Eddard imprisonment there was a strong need of that after Jaime assault on Ned. While re-reading I felt that the pressure for the battle against Lannister has been rising since this moment (intention was even more obvious after Jaime's departure from KL). Do you think their march was possible without Ned imprisonment?
2)What is the goal of their march? Beat Tywin somewhere in midlands and then what? Siege the KL is crazy imo, more they could think that Joffrey and Cersei will give up in exchange for Ned and North independence?
3)The 'Trick' about seperating the army was a too much great idea for a 15yo biy I think, but I dont think its mentioned that somebody else has advised him in this...As I dont like Catelyn too much, I have to give her a credit for a Frey agreement which was quite easy with her being a daughter of his liege lord. About the battle of Green Fork: There is a significant mistake that Roose Bolton have few cavalry riders. That could be a first mistake Robb did in his decision-making. 
4)Decision of making Bolton of Dreadfort a second commander was the best possible imo. Any thoughts on that?

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