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Which Minor characters would be the most interesting subjects of D&E style stories?

Kenton Stark

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Lord Beric and his plight.

From being a good looking high lord with castle, engaged to a beautiful woman.

to being sent by Ned to hunt the Mountain including his leadership of BwB.

to his 7 deaths and how his mind, body, and soul change after each resurrection.

we could find out if the resurrections had to do with him, or Thoros.

if he eventually started to resent Ned, if his treatment of Arya in the cave had anything to do with said resentment, or just his changed mental state.

He is, IMO, by far the most interesting non POV character, or his story is just relatable. 

Dude, that would be so good. It would be really interesting to see the beginnings of the brotherhood. If that came out, I would definitely read it.

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It might be interesting to have a story told from Gerold Hightower's POV during Robert's Rebellion and it's prelude. It would be neat to have a glimpse into the King's guard order from the time that they very close to their peak. It would also be intriguing to  see what they think of Aerys, and if the other KG members had the same view on the conflict between the different vows. The one downside is that we already know so much about the rebellion that it could potentially seem like a regurgitation of the ASOIAF books. 

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Now I know which character would make a good D&E style story. Imagine a likeable character in the midst of hotbed of activity  who knew a lot of information about the important characters in Westeros. Yes, I am talking about BARRISTAN THE BOLD.

We would know more about the War of Ninepenny kings and we could witness Barry the badass cutting through the Golden Company and slaying Maelys Blackfyre.

We could see him in action in Duskendale and witness the transformation of Aerys II and what he thought about him.

We would know about Ashara Dayne and a lot of things about RR. Also the reason for him switching to Robert's side.

We could know what he thought of Robert and Jaime. Also how he felt when Joffery rejected him.

How he met Illyrio and his travels with Belwas across Essos.

If George want to retell recent history of Westeros through a POV it would be better through his eyes. 

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The tale of the duel between Ser Arthur Dayne and the Smiling Knight, told from the pov of Jaime Lannister.

Seriously, I would love to read a novella about the Kingswood Brotherhood and how they gained and lost the trust of the smallfolk.

Ullmer and his dornish princess(Elia?), Wenda the White Fawn, Simon Toyne, Big Belly Ben and so many others, deserve to have their story told.

This was my first thought when I saw the OP. This sounds like an interesting bunch with lots of backstory about themselves and lots of our other favorites.

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