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TYCHO NESTORIS - The Man and His Mission

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Very good original post - thanks!

And interesting answers as well.


I may add another, more "boring" point of view about Tycho's  or the IB's intentions.

After all the Bravoosi are merchants, and the IB is - sure, a bank.
Both are interested in commerce, and we all know that commerce runs best in stable circumstances, and war or invading ice-zombies are the opposite!

Maybe we must not look for a secret, hidden agenda, maybe ist's just the economy...

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I have something of an off the wall idea because I could not shake the idea that the IB so flippantly allowed Stannis to sign in blood. Of course, maybe it is one of those things where the loan papers are really just a symbolic gesture. There isn't really a court to litigate whether the loan docs were executed properly. But assuming the paperwork is not just a formality, then the IB is acting like it doesn't matter if the papers are signed, as discussed in this forum already. 

What if the IB doesn't care if Stannis is alive? What if the person it really is backing is Mel? And what if it is not just Mel but a partnership of Mel and Euron? I know this seems crazy and Mel and Euron may just be pawns in a greater plan by the IB to have FAgeon and/or Dany sit the Iron Throne. But look what we have if we assume there is at least a loose affiliation between the IB and the FM/HofB&W:

1. We are lead to believe an FM killed Balon.

2. Euron most likely would have hired the FM during his exile in 297 when he is supposedly pirating off Essos. During this time, it is very possible he met Mel, though their initial alliance is not necessary for this theory to work.

3. Euron shows up in 299 after Balon's death. Mel shows up in Dragonstone in early 299 as well, apparently at her own choosing according to GRRM.

4. Damphairs vision of Euron and the dark shadow woman (Mel). This would be something of fire and ice.

5. An FM is apparently in the Citadel attempting to acquire some information possibly "The Death of Dragons". In addition, an FM killed Pate which seemed to deviate from the FM code of not killing indiscriminately. It doesn't make sense to me that someone paid for Pate's death since the FM is now posing as Pate to accomplish a further end.

6. Militarily, whoever opposes the Iron Throne is going to need a Navy. The Ironborn are the only formidable navy remaining that is not loyal to the Iron Throne.

7. Tycho pays the ransom for Asha and several other Ironborn.

8. No funds are actually given to Stannis rather Stannis and Tycho agree to the loan terms and Justin Massey is to escort Tycho to Braavos and use the funds there. Possibly, Tycho was on a fact finding mission to assess Stannis' chances. Not to mention, the only people that really know the terms of the loan are Stannis, Justin, and Tycho. If Justin never returns to Westeros but an army of sell swords do and if Stannis dies prior, Mel could claim the lord of light sent them as an indication that she is powerful. (Probably too much of a stretch but still).

This is obviously a rather wild theory requiring a lot of assumptions but I wanted to share. I do not know the full end game here but all these factors just seem too perfect to just be a coincidence.



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I hadn't payed attention to Stannis' signing his contract in blood. I now works if it works as foreshadowing and/or a comment on Stannis' character ie that he resorts to violence in a situation that could be dealt otherwise and furthermore compromises his position thus.

Also, is it just me or does Tycho bear an uncanny resemblance to Vargo Hoat?

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