I was listening to Radio westeros today on their latest episode about prophecies .. They came up with this theory Daenerys mother Rhaella as Quaithe . And personally someone who believes quaithe is sarella sand...I like this one better .. It will add to nice emotional angle and mother daughter bonding .. It gives dany some happiness if she get to see her mother and they knew each other and I guess they can disappear after the war with reminding dragons to far side of the world . If you are seeing this yolkboy and lady Gwen ...that was some nice one and you got me excited particularly at the mention of quaithe having teary eyes when she first met dany ...and your thougts on marwyn at dragonstone and possibly delivered dany was also made me look forwaed more  to the meeting of him and dany ... I think the chances of marwyn one is more possible than rhaella as quaithe ...but i still like it and wish it comes  true .. Did you guys heard this one ...what do you think of this ..is there a possiblity that Rhaella may survived and wanted to help dany so went to asshai to learn things about prophecies