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50 minutes ago, OtherFromAnotherMother said:

You're the best @The Map Guy! I have a hard time finding anything you write that I can agree with, but I am enjoying the search! 

Seven blessings to you!

Thanks. Love you too. And thanks for the original name again...awesome name...Theoryguard. Wish I could talk about it more, I would have explained where the apostrophe in R'hllor came from.

It's okay that you don't agree. I came in this forum in August 2018 swimming against the current with a serious consideration R+L=J&M over R+L=J.
The only hole that R+L=J&M had at the time was Meera's green eyes that were given to her since 2000 ASOS. But I fought on anyways, even discovered new things along the way.

The Rhaegar Ruby Map Theory pressed me to keep going with R+L=J&M before GRRM saved my theory in FaB.

Only three months ago in 2018 FaB (18 years since ASOS!!), GRRM introduced us to Princess Alyssa Targaryen with one purple eye and one green. That was enough to close all the holes in R+L=J&M. In fact, R+L=J&M may even explain why a young Lyanna Stark died (she gave birth twice!). R+L=J&M can even predict a little of the future in ASOIAF if you can decipher all the foreshadowing.

Best believe, if Princess Alyssa Targaryen was mentioned in 2000 ASOS with her one green eye, someone besides me would have researched for R+L=J&M a long long long long long time ago.

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23 hours ago, The Map Guy said:

Howdy 40K Skeletons!

40K skeletons & programming robots ... are you making an army of Terminators? If you do please don't forget to program the remote's easy-access shutdown button, we don't want a Judgment Day now do we? Well, it would be nice to see Arnold back in action again.

And wow o wow to your wild theories. I do agree with some bits of it. Well maybe just two.

On the 1st read of Bran's ADWD chapters, its just a gang on a hard journey to see an old man with special powers.
On the re-read of Bran's ADWD chapters, its about Bran being dumb. The POV chapters are from the perspective of a child being lured into a trap.

THINK ABOUT IT. How would Bran tapping into the weirwood net help the humans against the Others? If Bran discovers R+L=J from weirwood net, how does that help Jon fight against the Others? The humans are already ready. We have Daenerys controlling THREE DRAGONS. Westeros will learn about the importance of dragonglass real soon, and they have an abundance at Dragonstone. Seriously, what can Broodraven and Bran do as good guys to help the cause, while being surrounded by wights? Nothing. Its because Bran's ADWD plot is about the gang being deceived by a bad guy.

Bloodraven wants the gang for several reasons, so with the help of Coldhands they staged a incredibly tough, cold, starving journey to his cave.
Just before they get inside, they were attacked by wights ... but that was the part of the deception.

Once inside, they are given a false sense of security with the wights having a siege outside, but cannot enter. They are given warm meals everyday, but they do not know that the food is supplied by Craster (Bloodraven's son) with the help of the Others & wights. They are unaware that they are hostages.

I'm not sure if you were around when I posted "Top Secret Theory". But I believe GRRM is basing Bloodraven on a certain villain from a movie because he was "hooded" when he was younger, and now he has a "yellowed skull." In this movie, this villain teamed up with another villain who may be the inspiration of the Others. Together, the villains & their minions lured the good guys of the movie into a trap by disguising themselves as ....... chefs!

So I think the evidence that Bloodraven & Craster (serving the Others) are bad guys is the secret ingredient in the stew they make for Bran, Meera, Jojen & Hodor ... its the onions that do not belong in the sunless cave that is besieged by wights. Thus, GRRM created Davos, our onion smuggler, to foreshadow this clue, this "secret" ingredient.

Also, the big deal about Craster being Bloodraven's son is that Gilly's baby has kings-blood. After the baby-swap, guess whose death will pay for Jon's revived life in TWOW?

I think Bloodraven is programming Bran to develop greenseer powers and it takes a lot of mental energy. Afterwards, Bloodraven will warg into Bran's younger body, a body that can re-warg and green-see. This is all foreshadowed in the ADWD Prologue with Varamyr-A.

Oh yea, my core theories involves Meera being a big deal in ADOS.

If Skynet is running on Windows it will crash before it ever launches a nuke, have no fear! :D Also, I would test it first because I am not an idiot programmer/Hollywood writer who doesn't understand how code works. And no, I am not working on military robots at the moment. I used to program robots for big pharma companies and now I replace factory workers with robot workers, more or less. ;) 

Here is I think the most important line in the entire series so far, from ACOK - BRAN V:


Meera thought so too, later that night when she and Jojen met Bran in his room to play a three-sided game of tiles, but her brother shook his head. "The things I see in green dreams can't be changed."

That made his sister angry. "Why would the gods send a warning if we can't heed it and change what's to come?"

"I don't know," Jojen said sadly.

Jojen is an idiot. Obviously, if "gods" are sending visions to you, they want to manipulate you. There is no other reasonable explanation. But the Old Gods have convinced this poor, tragic boy Jojen to go on a suicide mission and probably lead his sister to her death as well. This is the last we hear of Jojen Reed in ADWD:


Jojen had even taken to climbing up to the cave's mouth when the day was bright. He would stand there for hours, looking out over the forest, wrapped in furs yet shivering all the same.

"He wants to go home," Meera told Bran. "He will not even try and fight his fate. He says the greendreams do not lie."

You are wrong Jojen. Run. Run! You aren't that far from the Wall. You could seriously go for it and you might make it. Steal a torch to burn the wights if you want, and RUN! Tragedy... :( 

You sort of got it backwards Map Guy. It isn't that they don't realize they are being held hostage. They think they are hostages of the wights, when really they are being held by the COTF/Old Gods, but actually they are not really hostages at all. They could just leave.

To summarize, the Old Gods crippled Bran, killed his family, destroyed WF, lured him to the Nightfort via Jojen, guided Sam to the Nightfort to let them through the Black Gate, and then led them in circles north of the Wall for days and days to make them think they had traveled far north.


"He said, aye. He said he would take us to this three-eyed crow too. That river we crossed this morning is the same one we crossed four days ago, I swear. We're going in circles."

"Rivers turn and twist," Bran said uncertainly, "and where there's lakes and hills, you need to go around."

"There's been too much going around," Meera insisted, "and too many secrets. I don't like it. I don't like him. And I don't trust him. Those hands of his are bad enough. He hides his face, and will not speak a name. Who is he? What is he? Anyone can put on a black cloak. Anyone, or any thing. He does not eat, he never drinks, he does not seem to feel the cold."

I'm going out on a limb and saying Meera is correct. That river was the same one they crossed 4 days previously. Coldhands is being sneaky and taking them in giant circles.

I don't think there is any need to "smuggle" food, if the onions are even being actively grown and not just stored like the dried fruit and stuff. I think the Old Gods/BR/COTF have control over the wights. And even if not, they have fire, which is a super effective weapon against them. Anyways, maybe the onions are from Craster's or maybe some other random spot. I don't think it is meant to be important, but there is an Onion Knight in the story so it is good to investigate anything onion-related I think. 

While the baby does have "king's blood" there is also Shireen, who I think is a much more likely culprit to be burned as a sacrifice because everyone actually knows she has king's blood, while no one knows that Craster was BR's son.

I think the Varamyr POV is just foreshadowing for Jon going into Ghost. I highly doubt that Bran will have his mind/body taken over by BR. Bran is the main character. The story ends when he dies more or less.

OK, I also looked through your posts very briefly. Here are my main thoughts off the top of my head: Yes, I did in fact point out that observation about Howland Reed's visit to Harrenhal being the catalyst for the entire story and how that implies it wasn't accidental at all - in the very first section of this giant theory :D. I think it is possible that Lyanna gave birth to twins and one was Meera, and this idea has been around a long time. Your explanation of her green eyes I think is a good one. It is like BR being albino. Your point about Meera telling a story in which her mother gets dialogue is also a pretty substantial piece of evidence in favor of the theory I think. I personally subscribe to R+L=Dany, Brandon+Ashara=Jon, baby swap ;).

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