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Cat Stark sculpture

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Hi all. For the past two weeks I've been working on a figure of Catelyn. I tried to make her in scale with the Dark Horse figures, because while those are great there is a tragic lack of Lady Stark in their lineup. I posted a picture of this in the Dark Horse thread while it was still in progress, so instead of hijacking that thread, I thought I would make a new one.



I've never really done a full person like this before, so while the dress could be better I'm very happy with how she turned out. I know the hands may not be accurate - I couldn't remember if both of her hands were cut, or if her fingers were bandaged.





She's made of Sculpey, with a wire and tin foil armature underneath. I want to mount her on a base, probably a nice circular wooden one that's stained and lacquered. The bases of the DH figures are scenic, but I really just like the idea of a classic wooden base for her.

Right now it's only her and DH Cersei that are sitting on my shelf, but I hope to have some other Starks join her soon :) I haven't decided whether I'll make them or just get the DH ones, though. I do like the Stark women most, so I think Sansa and Arya will join their mom soon. And a Brienne to guard them...and now I'm realizing that all my favorite characters are female. I guess Robb can follow Brienne, lol.

Well anyway, thanks for looking and listening :)

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