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where are all stannis kings men at the moment

henry phillips

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Still a succession crisis is exactly what's looming.   Prior to that we may see what happens to an appointment if the only heir left is a female.  I think that part of the political part of this tale is to determine merit as opposed to inheritance of a title.   No one knows how this will all come down, but I wouldn't be surprised to see all Cersei's children die to find her as the only one who can sit the throne, for a little while at least.   That's when I expect the bastards will come into play as a means to topple her and rally support for the former rulers of the Stormlands.   Little Finger has Mya Stone and hasn't acknowledged her at all.   Edric Storm may very well be in Lys (or not) with access to talk.  I have no doubt he could be summoned back to Westeros if required.  Who knows--even as unlikely as it seems now, Brienne may still have the chance to tell Gendry who he resembles and the purpose for the Gold Cloaks looking for him when he was with Yoren may all come to light.  

In that the Baratheons were only established shortly after the conquest of Aegon I'm not so sure the line needs to continue.   I think Stannis' story tells it all perfectly. 

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