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Acrophobia #22 -- Words to votes

a free shadow

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Here is Acrophobia two and two and it equals one million votes, because words mean more to many in an election than numbers.

And yes, it is an ELECTION is Westeros!

None other than the king is being elected, because:

“Royalty is like dandelions. No matter how many heads you chopped off, the roots were still there underground, waiting to spring up again. It seems to be a chronic disease. It is as if even the most intelligent person had this little blank spot in their heads where someone had written: "Kings. What a good idea.”

The candidates are five, and each will need a rallying cry to get the voters on their side.

You are the singers who will write them all, and be repaid in gold and glory or in scorn :ninja:

The rules:

Whatever I think they are :ninja:

And you also must eat strawberries at the beginning of each round.

The other rules:


1. There will be 5 rounds. 

2. Each round will begin with a new character and a new acronym.

3. Entries must only contain words that begin with the letters the Acronym provided; therefore, you may not stick in a word like a, the, of, and, etc or &, @ to make your words make sense. But if you want to stick in "praise the host!" a few times in you sentence, it will always be accepted :ninja:

4. Deadlines for each round will be detailed as each round arrives depend on the whim of the host. It will always give 48 hours at the very least, but only in the universe of the host's choice. It will also adhere to the principle first proposed by the famed European scholar yomi, where the entries will still be accepted after the submission deadlines, but without giving the late entrants their point for submitting. This might mean that the results for any round can be revised even two million years after, if a new entry arrives and I choose so :ninja:

5. Entries are to be messaged to me through a network of moles or through a PM, if you are too backwards to use the first way. Title your message Acrophobia 22 - <your Board Name here> (or something interesting!) and keep all communication to the same messaging thread. You may edit/change your entry until the deadline, but it must be done by sending a new message.

6. When all submissions are in, they will be posted on the thread. Entries are to be anonymous, so do not reveal which is your entry. Revealed entries will be disqualified.

5. Players will then have time to vote for their favourite entries. All votes are public. Submit your votes in a comment on the game thread and make it clear which entry is first, which entry is second, and which entry is third, in your unqualified opinion.

You may not vote for your own entry. Although I would like you for trying. You may change your vote up until the voting window closes by editing your original voting post, but that would be especially looked down upon by me.

6. After submissions of one round are over, voting and the submissions for a new round will run simultaneously.

7. Points will be awarded as follows:


  • 1 point for a submission
  • 1 point for voting
  • 3 points for someone choosing your answer as their top choice
  • 2 points for someone choosing your answer as their second choice
  • 1 point for someone choosing your answer as their third choice and any additional places
  • 4 points for having the answer with the most 1st place votes

Points will be added across all the rounds and the player with the most points will be the winner.

8. You may join at any time, both during the submission and voting. 

Previous Acrophobia games and their winners.

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Acrophobia #12: Players // Paul Rudolph, posing as a shadow
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Acrophobia #14: Travelling Essos // a shadow, posing as Fragile Bird
Acrophobia #15: Dear Diary // a shadow, posing as Woofless
Acrophobia #16: Updated House Words // a shadow, posing as Lord Lyman
Acrophobia #17: Singular Protagonist Titles // Robin Hood, posing as a shadow
Acrophobia #18: The Grave Epitaph // a shadow, posing as Emmit

Acrophobia #18.5: Ravens from Mom // a shadow, posing as Dolorous Gabe

Acrophobia #19: Newspaper Headlines // a shadow, posing as Woofless

Acrophobia #20: Last Words // a shadow, posing as Julia H.

Acrophobia #21 Talking animals// a shadow, posing as Fragile Bird

Sign up! Election season opens on March 23th!

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2 hours ago, Fragile Bird said:

Wait....no letters have been posted yet, how can you have sent in an entry?

i can read minds of course.... :cool4:

i have gleaned the letters through a certain magical spell taught only to bayou boys... :devil:


i could have just combined my philia entry post with my phobia thread as a result of early onset dementia... :shocked:




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Is anyone else in the path of winter storm Selene?  I'm not expecting to lose power or internet (please, no, not my internet!), but I wanted to point out that possibility for those of us in the storm's path...you know, in case of delays in being able to meet the first deadline.

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Stay safe, Lady Blizzardborn!

I'm very far from winter storm Selene, yet I couldn't access the forum for abut a day, while apparently everyone else was able to visit with no problems. Now that I'm back here, I can't linger because I have to go to work. 

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Get your strawberries and release the krakens!

Because the first round is here and Balon Greyjoy is reaching for the title... once again :ninja:

His previous campaigning words "I like me" have proven to be unsuccessful.

You must come up with something that will :ninja:

The commission of thirty barrels of salted fish has been announced to the one who succeeds. With storage in the washing barrels of those who do not. 

And the letters are: BOFID.                   

The deadline neverdyingline is the the 28th of March, sometime when the krakens swallow the sun here. Or about 2 pm GMT.

If I am not here some days, you will do fine without me :ninja: Because I say so :pirate:

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I agree we need to knpw what he is running for. I am assuming its for King of the Seven Kingdoms unless told otherwise. It makes a difference because Balon has a tougher job running for that than for King og Iron Islands.

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