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Podcasts and Organizing them

Lily Valley

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31 minutes ago, LongRider said:

128: The Trauma of Caste (w/Thenmozhi Soundararajan) this one?  This was truly a great episode, and I learned so much from it.  The podcast goes to some interesting places.

Yes, thats the one. And i have some members of my family that own a bikram yoga studio, im curious to know if they know about all of that history

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I've gotten way too addicted to Podcasts since the start of the pandemic, to the point where I barely listen to music anymore.

Hardcore History, Carlin is a very good storyteller, though I haven't listened to it in a couple of years

QAnon Anonymous, comedy show dedicated to following the various QAnon conspiracies, but has also branched out to other conspiracies and cults

Blowback, podcast about various points in history that have led to Blowback in the current day. 1st season was about the Iraq War, second about Cuba, and the current is about the Korean War

Behind the Bastards, a podcats about the worst bastards through out history

It Could Happen Here, I actually don't really actively listen to this one all that much, but it's a podcast run by Robert Evans, who also does Behind the Bastards about, as they say, "things falling apart and how we can put them back together." Lots of local and current politics, usually with a more anarchist bent. I usually put it on while I'm doing house work or cooking or generally not paying much attention.

Chapo Trap House, comedy podcast about politics. The hosts can be funny but they can also be really insufferable sometimes.

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An Unexpected Podcast: Talkin' Rings of Power

On Being with Krista Tippett

Pints with Aquinas, Matt Fradd


I have more but these are the ones that I do like to listen to. I have several on poetry and A Course in Miracles but I do not especially pay attention to those.


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Been pretty obsessed with Table Manners with Jessie Ware and Lennie Ware (UK singer and her mother). Can't say I'm too familiar with Jessie's music but the podcast is strangely comfort g and addictive. Its sort of a celebrity interview but they cook a meal for their guest, and discuss their background, the foods they grew up with, food memories etc. The guests range from avid foodies to junk food fresh from the freezer, it makes for an easy comforting listen

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I just recently started listening to a 'horror fiction' podcast called Talking Scared and it is brilliant. 

The host has a PhD in gothic literature and interviews a different author of horror (predominantly about one recent release of theirs) each episode. There is a lot of discussion about what influenced the author to write that story, what the context was, what bigger themes they were exploring. It's actually quite a literary podcast. If you like writing and listening to writers talk about how they write it's fascinating in that respect, even if you're not a fan of horror.

One thing it demonstrates really well in practically every single episode is that i) horror is an incredibly broad church and ii) you can't always (or ever) stick books into one narrow category/genre and be satisfied with that single label. There are so many different types of story which get labelled as horror, from lit fic to YA to crime thriller. Personally, I read more horror than any other genre and I have done so for the past 5-10 years. I think that horror speaks to me than fantasy now (both books and film/TV) and this is due both to its very broad scope and because I think it is the best vehicle for exploring wtf it means to be human.

I highly recommend the podcast. It might become expensive as you will want to buy most of the books that are discussed on there. I am currently reading what might be my book of the year thanks to this podcast.

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