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TWOW humble opinion discussion

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1. Rosamund, im pretty sure she will be "myrcella" for a long time in TWOW again and will die, so that cersei thinks her daughter is dead

2. Maybe, but im not sure

3. The old Karstark will be sacrificed in theons name, theon is too usefull for stannis

4. Mel will perform the last kiss on him

5. i don't know, likely stannis or mance

6. on the Starks side, she disliked Ned but she is a northener after all

7. He will be killed in some way by sansa, but i doubt the shou thing will happen

8. not very much, he will wait and whatch his investments

9. i think he will like her personally but not as a ruler

10. steeling books (maybe when euron makes trouble there)

11. the head of an arch maester, or a book about dragons

12. they will

13. fAegon x Margaery, Sansa x Harry (maybe)

14. Most likely fAegon, but Aegon would be more interesting tbh

15. noone

16. i would love it when sansa somehow gets her hands on Lady forlorn, but i doubt it

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1. Did Myrcella or Rosamund get their ear chopped off?   Myrcella

2. Will Euron take old town or high garden?  Old Town seems the most likey, but could be neither.

3. Will theon be sacrificed or  called to a kings moot?  Neither in my opinion.

4. How will Mel resurrect Jon? Will the wildings take castle black when they find out that their boy Jon is "dead"? Will the wildings fear Mel.  I think the wildings will some how do it not mel, i think everyone fears mel in some way

5. Who wrote the Pink Letter?   I think mance wrote it.

6. Whose side is Barbrey Dustin on?  The starks

7. Will littlefinger be killed off? I think Nestor Royce found Sansas shoe.  I think so, most likely by someone from the vale

8. Tycho Bravossi guy, what in the heck is he gonna do next?  Return to braavos

9. Will Tyrion like Dany? Will Dany like Tyrion if so to what degree 1-10? 1 is dragon food 10 being hand of the queen.  Tyrion will be very cautious of her, and probably intend to just use her for his own ends until he comes to believe in her. I think dany will like tyrion straight away

10. What will Sam do at old town (he doesn't have time to become a maester imo).  My guess is not alot, he will get mixed up with pates scheme tho

11. Speaking of old town what is faceless pate trying to get his hands on.  Wants to find how to kill dragons

12. Will the sand snakes in KL make it out alive (I'm worried about ms tyene lady nim should do very well.)  Also who from Dorne make it all the way alive?  All the sand snakes in kings landing will be killed in my opinion, one from dorne to survive trystan

13. Who will Faegon marry? Who will Sansa marry?  Aegon/faegon no idea, sansa no one

14. Aegon or Faegon?  Aegon.  The evidence given to jon con that it was really aegon must of been concrete for him to believe it, and i dont think he would dishonor hes friends memory by supporting a pretender, also from tv show spoiler if anyone hasnt seen it


In the tv show they gave certain character arcs to other characters ie greyscale from jon con to jorah, i think they did the same with the name aegon ( makes no sense jon also being an aegon)

15. Who is riding the other 2 dragons?  Aegon and no one

16. Which Valyrian weapons end up in different hands? (Caggo? I think, the corpse killer will not have that VS arakh by the end of the series).  I think ice will be reforged and called lightbringer

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