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Winds of Winter Betting


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1. Name a character who Arya will kill (excluding the one from sample chapter)

2. Will one or more of the dragons get killed?

3. Will Bran leave the cave?

4. Who is the hooded man?

5. Name a sandsnake that will die, if any.

6. Who will be the faith's champion in the trial by combat against Cersei?

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- In the Battle of Ice, Stannis lead the Frey army to an ambush, while Manderly betrays the Freys, ally himself with Stannis and help him to take Winterfell using a stratagem. In the battle, the Northerners rebel and show what "The North Remembers" means

- Davos will show up with Rickon alongside a army and fleet from Skagos, including a cavalry regiment made by men mounting unicorns. Rickon will become the new Lord of Winterfell.

- Roose and Ramsay will be captured and sacrificed to the Red God.


- Dorne will ally with Aegon, thanks to Elia trickery. They will defeat the Tyrell and kill Mace, later they will take King's Landing where Aegon will be crowned to the public acclaim.

- Tommen and Myrcella will be murderer, by order of Jon Connington that will commit some other atrocities in name of Aegon.

- A Greyscale epidemy will ravage Westeros in some point.


- In the Battle of Meeren, Meeren forces led by Barristan, the Ironborn led by Victarion and the mercenaries led by Tyrion defeat the Yunkait forces.

- She will unite the Khalasar under her command using Drogon, will return to Meeren with the Dothraki, smash the reinforces send by the Ghiscari and destroy their cities.

 - Eventually Dany will go west and take Lys.

- She will go to Westeros and face Aegon.


She will go rogue, return to Westeros and kill Walder Frey, starting a grim succession in the Twins.

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Who is the Valonqar?

Who will have the most POV-chapters?

At what page (+/-10) will Jon be resurrected?

Will we see Rickon again?

Will we find out, what happened to Benjen? and/or: What happened to Benjen?

Will we find out, what happened to Stonesnake? and/or: What happened to Stonesnake?

Is A + J = T?

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How does Jon come back?  He Wargs Ghost.  He is resurrected by Melisandre, who then dies.

Who wrote the Pink Letter?  Ramsay, based on false information.

Who is the Hooded Man?  Septon Chayle

Who killed Little Walder?  Big Walder

Who wins the Battle of Ice?  Stannis, with Manderly help

Who of the following is currently alive?  Benjen Stark, Ashara Dayne, Tyrek Lannister, Myrcella, Jojen, Ser Hyle, Podrick.  All of them

Is Jeyne Westerling or Jeyne Poole pregnant?  Jeyne Poole

Who becomes pregnant?  Brienne, Arya, Daenerys

Who does Sansa marry?  She uses her marriage to Tyrion to avoid marrying

[Why] does Arya leave the FM?  Where does she go?  She decides to become Arya again after meeting Jeyne Poole.  She goes to the Riverlands to rejoin Nymeria.

Who wins the Battle for Meereen?  The slavers.  Tyrion, Barristan, et al are forced to run aboard the Greyjoy fleet

What page does Daenerys arrive in Westeros (+/- 50) 750

Is Aegon real?  He dies and we never find out.

Who fights for the Faith against Robert Strong?  Lancel.  He loses.

Who is the Younger Queen?  Margaery.  Cerei made it so.

Who is the valonqar?  Cersei is still alive at end of TWOW

Who rules Winterfell at the end of TWOW?  Sansa

Who sits the Iron Throne at the end of TWOW?  Tommen (barely)

Where are the Others at the end of TWOW?  Winterfell

Who has the most POV chapters?  Daenerys

Which POVs die during TWOW?  Jaime, Theon, Victarion, Jon Connington, Melisandre, Barristan.

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Arya will return to Westeros before the end of WoW

Stannis will survive the encounter with the Freys and Manderlys

The Boltons will lose WinterFell

Aegon will take Storm's End

Jon Connington will die from his greyscale. He will infect someone else. (Aegon?)

Ser Robert Strong will go on a rampage and his helmet will be knocked off revealing his true self. Cersei will recieve blame.

Jon will survive. He will leave the Night's Watch and go south.

Davos will find Rickon.

Dany is going to gain back her rule over the Dothraki and use them to go to Assahai.


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I want to know...

Where are all the Valyrian Swords

Why is Truth considered a Westerosi Sword

Who will wield the Valyrian Swords

What is Dawn really made of

Who will wield Dawn

What happened to ancestral Ice

What/Who were Nights King and his corpse queen

Will Old Nan tell anymore stories

Drives me frickin nuts.   I see the set up for a sort of reenactment of The Long Night.    I've settled on my Last Hero.  To go along with my PTWP and AA candidates.   It amounts to very little with the information at hand.   


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