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Neil Gaiman to help GRRM finish WINDS?


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(preface - I know christiandaily.com is a crappy site, but there are multiple sites reporting this rumor, just used this link cause I had it pulled up).

I thought this was interesting.  It's being rumored at quite a few places, and fans have even spotted Neil in Sante Fe recently.  I'm not sure where the rumor originated from, however.

What is everyone's take on this?  I find it incredibly hard to believe that GRRM would park his pride and ask another author to help him out (even one as well-established as Gaiman), but also a part of me thinks it may be a good idea, especially if GRRM is struggling with writers block (which a few rumors indicate).  I highly, highly doubt GRRM would ever admit to any of this (as it would be very humbling to him), but thought it was interesting.

If Neil is indeed helping GRRM out, I wonder to what capacity?  Would it be something as simple as plot-structuring?  Or maybe helping GRRM edit his work as he writes it?  I highly doubt he's doing any sort of "writing" on the book, so I'd be curious on what capacity Neil is helping out with, if any.



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