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The Night Of (HBO)


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On ‎9‎/‎5‎/‎2016 at 8:30 AM, DaveSumm said:

The trouble is, the first episode sets it up as if we're going to immediately start chewing on all the events......except it then turns out that we're getting a thorough look at all the aspects of the criminal justice procedure. And it was good at that, but I was just eager to get to the court case and see how it was argued from all sides. On top of the Chandra writing mentioned, I thought Naz's sudden descent to model convict was a bit sharp. I did consider whether Freddie was intentionally sabotaging his case with the tattoos as he wanted the company in prison, but that didn't seem to go anywhere.

Did anyone notice how Stone's eczema died down precisely when he got the cat? (EDIT: more specifically, when the cat got out and slept in his bed.) I think the Chinese herbal remedy was a red herring, it suddenly got way worse when he got rid of the cat and cleaned and hoovered the apartment. I have no clue whether that's a thing or not, just an observation.

You can also talk about the cat being Naz or the trial. When the trial was going decent for him his eczema was mild or gone, but as soon as he felt pressure or stress it was triggered again. If you remember, Stone woke up wheezing before he even knew the cat was in the bed and he had to go to the hospital.

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