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Bakker XLIV: The Goddess of Negative Theology

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15 hours ago, kuenjato said:

that spoiler thread haunts, anchored as it is at the top of the page.

I imagine it'll be at the second thread by the time us twelvers get it (well, really, amazon is telling me the 18th:angry2:)

Yes... and I'm thinking a second thread is being generous.  I figure it will at the very least be in the late second thread before I can safely get to it, if not well into the third.  :crying: 

14 hours ago, Callan S. said:

So madness, will it be a relief once most have read the book that you can spill your guts on the matter instead of being tight lipped?


4 hours ago, Madness said:

I think my personal interaction with the fandom is corrupted forever.

But that's ok :).

You read it before the TGO/TUC split though didn't you?  So you still must suffer the burden of the heart.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.