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Olenna Tyrell & Littlefinger vs High Sparrow

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Greetings everyone.

In season 5 E7, when Olenna Tyrell goes to parley with High Sparrow, and she is a remarkable player, she tries to get him in a direct/open, no BS conversation,
he doesn't go for it. Then she tries with bribe n' treat, to no avail. Obviously, at that point, he has a leverage (so he plays dumb).

Then Little-Finger gets back, they meet at wracked brothel, and once again make the alliance (after some tough exchange).
The next thing we know, High Sparrow snatches Cersei.

What it is in your opinion, that got them to reach to High Sparrow?
What Little-Finger and Olenna Tyrell used to get to him?

Surely it could be that HS just used the opportune moment, but why? At that point his "cooperation" with Cersei was beneficial for both.
For Cercai - to get rid of her enemies, and for him - a chance to break more high-profile figures and produce more following and/or benefit in some other way.

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