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22 minutes ago, briantw said:

Basically how it's going to be in the books too, although obviously it'll be Victarion instead there.

Based on the trailer, I think they'll cut Victarion and have Yara doing his part. Whether she does it on Euron's behalf or to get the Iron Islands back from Euron, we'll see.

6 minutes ago, Raksha 2014 said:

Waste of Alexander Siddig and the Alcazar scenery.  And who the heck is going to rule Dorne now?  Ellaria?  Obara (as Oberyn's oldest child?)

The logical answer is: civil war. Oberyn eldest daughter should be next in line, but she's a bastard, so we should see several pretenders raising in arms. Buuuut... D&D can just say: Oberyn eldest inherits because Dorne and that's it.

5 minutes ago, briantw said:

Well did you really expect them to resolve that in week one?

Yes? :(

Ok, I hoped.

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