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How would you rate episode 601?


How would rate episode 601?  

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Gave it a 3 because I did like the stuff at the wall. Other than that, the Sand Snakes just got on a whole new level of garbage. They killed Doran, the only redeeming quality of Dorne. What a complete waste of Alexander Siddig. How the actual fuck did Obara and the other one teleport from Dorne to Trystane? And thank you D&D for that ending scene I really needed to see full frontal old hag. 

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14 minutes ago, Princess of Dragonflies said:

Anti-climatic... I needed more, the episode needed more. That whole Dorne thing... I don't know. I'm flummoxed, perhaps, I was expecting too much and this is my fault? :( 

No, no. It's not your fault. I expected some improvement as well with Dorne, especially focusing more on Doran and Aero instead of Sand Snakes. But sadly with killing the redeeming actors, i don't know anymore. No longer expecting anything from Dorne.

Aside from it, the episode is decent, so i gave it a 7.

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2. I did not watch too many spoiler/teaser clips and I was still able to predict much of what happened.

My husband, a complete book unsullied and he did quit watching in S5, even he yelled out "How can you not recognize the only blonde girl in the land", to the Dothraki Khals.

And what was up with the jealous Dothraki wives??? Jealous much? Is this part of the women on top theme for this season?

And Thorne was so polite to Davos. No doors kicking in, or demands, or anger at all. He even agreed to the mutton!

Dorne. How nice of all the hand ringing evil doers to explain their villainous plan as they dispose of the good guys. Literally the good guys. The only two tolerable aspects of that disaster.

Arya street fighter. Kick Ass!

Here come the Emmy's.

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I gave it a 6 based on expectations.

I did not expect them to resurrect Jon Snow so soon and they didn't. They introduced most of the characters and the fallout from the last season without much action.  I actually enjoyed the Dorne scenes. I thought they would drag ass like they did last season. A spear through the head? Thumbs up! I am happy Brienne found Sansa. I liked the interaction between Tyrion and Varys. I liked the conversation between Dany and the Khal. The stuff at the Wall was clunky and the ending was not what I wanted from a GoT season premiere but hopefully it will actually mean something. 

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I gave it an 8. Typical episode one setup.

Complaints are:

Dorne - Less awkward overall, but more wtf in terms of the plot twist... and somehow anticlimactic. Also, still just don't but these actresses as badass, which is unfortunate. They just come off as soft.

Inconsistencies - Sansa needs lessons on courtesies? Really? I get that she's shellshockef but that was just off-putting. Sand snakes teleported and pulled off a double-secret assassination? Did they sleep with Ramsay and get an invincibility STD or what?

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It was a nothing.

The plot didn't drive forward much but what happened to the snappy dialog we used to get? The dialog was so meh. There won't be a single clip from this episode I'll ever feel compelled to go back and watch.

There wasn't anything too horrible..Oh wait! WTF is going on with Dorne. So they called a quick audible on the Dornish storyline, fine. They choose to have the Sand Snakes murder their own cousin? What? I'm sure Oberyn would have been so proud. :bang:On a serious note are the Snakes supposed to be funny? Because they are a joke.

Essos is still dull even with Tyrion and Varys there. Arya's is cool, but not interesting enough to carry a storyline on her own.

I was so excited for this, I feel pretty let down tonight.

D&D spears to the dome are no substitute for good dialog and a well thought out story.

"Hey Dave, why don't we get rid of the best character in Dorne?" "Great idea Dan. Let's do it in Episode 1, everyone will be shocked.":hat: We're so clever

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While I actually enjoyed how Trystane died, I feel it was another mistake killing him off if they were committed to killing Doran already. I mean come on, they killed his girlfriend and his father. I was hoping for him joining up with Jaime and Cersei and fking shit up in anger.

Gave episode a 7, since it seems to be mostly playing setup for episode 2. Promo showed that we will be seeing Bran next episode, so fingers crossed for the Tower of Joy scene.

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The episode felt to safe.  It felt like just catching up with all of the plotlines but we already had the lengthy scenes from last time so it would've been better if we actually made a bit more progress in this episode.

It is sad when the arguably most interesting things that happened this episode was Melisandre getting ready for bed and the events of Dorne.  Dorne, land of unmet potential, backstab edition.  Why couldn't we have actually seen Hotah fight so we can understand why he is captain of the guard or seen how well Trystane could hold his own against Nym?  Would have added something interesting in an episode where every scene seemed unnecessarily drawn out.

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The Northern/Wall plots look like they'll carry the mail for season 6. So far so good for those plot lines. A-ok for me on that front. 

Didn't really get enough screen time for KL/Mereen/Dany/Arya for my liking, but what was there was pretty solid.

And dorne...ugh. My only hope is D&D rushed to their conclusion so that dorne could be effectively ignored going forward. Still a ham-fisted way to do it. But if we get more Sand Snakes...god help us all. 


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