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So, the great HBO, Harington, D/D trolling of 2016 finally comes to an end... Next time, please make sure you don't have behind the scenes leaks online... It wasn't surprising...

The show is also unhinged when it comes to shocking deaths. But, at least, no Dorne tonight.

Arya's plot is still not moving... Her scenes should have been condensed to one episode. Brienne refering to Hound as "the man" was a bit annoying. KL stuff, OK-ish. 

Tyrion was good... This was a nice episode for him.


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I am 

a. Glad that Jon is back, but not convinced he is gone/not just glamoured by Mel... I think UnJon is too cheap and I am prayyyying that GRRM can do better.... 

b. Loved the flashbacks with bran and hope it is setting up more of Lyanna's backstory or at least setting up TOJ. Looking forward to that. Hopefully they get it right. 

c. Loved Arya. Looking forward to her development. 

d. Loved that the wildlings came to Jon's aid to defend his honor and Thorne finally got his. 

I'm wondering what the effect Jon's second coming will have on Mel and the wildlings. Is he removed from the NW now? 

I could care less about the rest of the show/characters at this point tbh. 

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1 minute ago, chandl34 said:

Anyone else surprised Mel didn't have to get naked to do her thing?

Have to say I am. I was half-expecting she would sex-ssurect him. But her boobs were not as they once were.

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1 minute ago, Raksha 2014 said:

Nice to see so much of Ghost.  It will be fun to see nekkid Jon walk out to his own funeral - that's what the preview suggested.

So Mel had to lose her faith in order to be able to revive Jon?  Interesting.

I don't think Jon much cares that he’s nekkid: being alive is probably completely overwhelming.


It has been. So. long.

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1 minute ago, Steelborn said:

I was so certain they'd sacrifice Olly. 

"Only death can pay for life"  So I'm thinking that was what Shireen's death was for. I wonder if we'll ever know that someday.

Oh really? Just whom did Thoros sacrifice that Beric might live again?

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