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How would you rate episode 602?


How would you rate episode 602?   

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And not just 'cause I'm fucking hyped about what's happening next week. My only complaint would be that they should've cut that random guy talking and then getting killed by UnGregor and replaced it by extending out the final scene more. Other than that, every note hit right for me. Great scenes all the way through.

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I cant give it more than a 1. Seriousy.

Its treating us as dumb people. Davos loved Stannis, but even more, he love shireen as a daughter. He didnt want to leave the camp cause he was afraid Mel was going to burn the girl, and Stannis to allow it. 


His character is written like something hit his head. He enters in Mels room going all "sorry my lady" ????? WTFFFF????


The show is losing any kind of sence. 


Roose death, a character built for several season is lost as a great scene for shock value. On the other hand, balon falling from the bridge was so obvius it was also spoiled.


Kings landing scenes were ok... but you cant just ignore you are being treated as dumb by the writters.


Even Dallas has more well developed characters. 

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10, although it would have been a 10.5 if Brienne had described for Sansa who Arya had been with when she last saw her. So much happened in that episode, and based on the preview, I can't wait for next week and more of younger Ned Stark! Oh and Ramsay SNOW is a sick shit - can he just die?

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SOOOO much better than last week. (Thank the gods for no Dorne) I'd give it a 7 or 8. Ramsey was definitely the weakest part of the episode, but I really enjoyed having my boy Bran back on screen, his scenes were handled well. Jon's resurrection was a bit cliche but I don't mind. Sansa and Theon's scenes were nice, and I liked the reintroduction of the Iron Islands. Pretty solid episode and it gives me some hope this season won't be a complete disaster. 

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Wow that was a full episode, a lot to digest in that one. I'm going with a 7 for now but I'll definitely need a rewatch.

What I liked:

 - Jamie's confrontation with the High Sparrow. I felt like that was the first time since the first episode of season 4 that we got the real Jamie. I could see that exact scene playing out in the books no problem. Excellent from Nikolaj.

 - Euron's return. I've been nervous about him, but the scene played really well (though I don't think it would've meant much to the Unsullied). Great start, looking forward to seeing where it goes.

 - Ramsay. They've made a mis-step here and there with him, but I actually think him killing his father in cold blood when his place as heir is threatened is pretty spot on. He rules through fear and fear alone, it's the only thing he understands, so it's not unreasonable that he would think he can control everyone his father did through that fear. Sad to see Roose go though.

What I wasn't wild about:

 - That scene with Robert Strong and the peasant. Ugh. Just ugh. What did that scene prove? What did it offer? Why was Strong even there? So far he is very un-menacing, and that kind of stuff doesn't help. Ugh, just ugh.

 - The dialogue. Some of it is so bad. SO BAD. They really need to go back and study Martin's prose.

What I am very undecided about:

 - Bran's visions. There was an interesting amount of focus on Hodor, more than I expected there ever would be. I haven't decided whether this was a good choice or not, but I'm not sure the Unsullied would've got the significance of Lyanna's appearance within it all.

 - Tyrion and the dragons. It kind of all came to nothing. What did that scene prove? Is it more evidence that Tyrion may be a Targaryen after all? I don't know what to think about that scene.

 - Jon's resurrection. I don't even know where to begin. Why does Davos want Jon resurrected? Why does Mel agree to try? How does she do it? We know that only death can pay for life, so HOW??? Was it his King's Blood? Is Ghost about to drop dead? Really, I need some explanation.

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