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How would you rate episode 602?


How would you rate episode 602?   

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I didn't like the Mereen stuff at all. Meeren is the new Dorne to be honest. Not even Varis & Tyrion can save it. And I didn't like the part with the wildlings breaking through the gates "just in time". Didn't feel like Game of Thrones but like any tv show from the 80's (like you know "the A-team"). But I liked the rest of the episode. FrankenMountain is cool, the scene in the Sept was pretty strong and well played, Ramsey plotting against his father is adding well to the story and weirwood network flashbacks is pretty cool, too. I gave 8 points. 

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On its own, its even worse. 

Books I like to reread. Watch episodes of the "show" 2nd time? What for? 

No story, no characters, just mad jumping from A to C, with B left somewhere in the air. And if one had not read books, he won't even know there was B

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I gave this an 8 - way better than last week. The absence of Sand Snakes improves any episode. 

Davos probably doesn't know the full story of Shireen's death yet, but even so his devotion to Jon and sudden trust in Mel is a bit odd. I think they could've made better use of Edd here - maybe a conversation about Hardhome and what Edd knows is coming, driving Davos to look for any way to get Jon back. 

The resurrection was a bit anticlimactic. I got the feeling they couldn't be bothered trying to find a way to make it tense, surprising or even atmospheric, because there was an attitude of 'well, everyone knows it's coming so get him up already and move along' (similar to my gripes about all of episode 1).

Loved the flashback to Winterfell in happier times...and the Hodor/Willas story looks interesting. Ned saying the same thing to Benjen that Jon later says to Olly was nice.

I liked Jaime and the HS, Sansa/Brienne/Theon, happy enough with Roose/Ramsay and poor Walda and Baby Bolton - the look of despair on her face when the truth hits her was touching, Tyrion and the dragons, Yara and the Iron Islands. 


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On 02/05/2016 at 5:27 AM, Mr Smith said:

 - Jon's resurrection. I don't even know where to begin. Why does Davos want Jon resurrected? Why does Mel agree to try? How does she do it? We know that only death can pay for life, so HOW??? Was it his King's Blood? Is Ghost about to drop dead? Really, I need some explanation.

Regarding HOW Jon was resurrected, I don't see any problem with this. The precedent was clearly set. If Thoros of Myr, a Red Priest of R'hllor, can reanimate Beric Dondarrion by saying the prayers over him, and in the book also Lady Stoneheart, then a Red Priestess of R'hllor doing so with Jon is well within the established parameters of the Ice and Fire universe. I think this is probably why GRRM introduced the whole Beric Dondarrion story in the first place - he was setting up the fact that Priests of R'hllor can reanimate people when it is what the Fire God wants. Given that we all think that Jon is going to be Azor Ahai - the chosen one of the Fire God R'hllor - and that he will be the key to the Ice vs. Fire battle at the centre of the whole epic, then this fits perfectly.

You are right that we quite often hear that 'only death can pay for life'. This was from Mirri Maz Durr right? And maybe the House of Black and White also? However, I don't think we ever got it in the Thoros of Myr bit, but maybe something along these lines will have to happen?

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On 5/3/2016 at 4:06 PM, dbunting said:

Umm... math much? lol...yes I am kidding

BTW, what happened to Janos Slynt? Will they reintroduce him soon so new Jon can have his block moment and let everyone know the boy is dead and the man is born?

Jon lopped Janos Slynt's head off last season.  It was nearly identical to what happened in the book.

9,000 plus one thru ten, doesn't matter what combination, divided by something equals way more than 10, but with 10 being the maximum, we have a 10/10, ladies and gentlemen.

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This was some pretty weak tea. I have been reading people's reactions to this season and I have waited until now to watch. I guess I've been kind of afraid of what I'd see. It's not as bad as I had feared, but it also not very good. I can see the dick jokes wearing thin. They already annoy me. The dragon sequence was the best part, but now I'm wondering if I saw that tonight or last night. The Bolton sequence was silly. Horrifying, but silly. All the family killing is silly as hell. Also, it is probably just my little pet peeve, but Aeron is the youngest of the sons of Quellon. In the books he is in his mid thirties. Euron is in his late 40 to early 50's. Maybe that priest wasn't Aeron? Well, I'll have to see how the rest of this goes.

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1 hour ago, bent branch said:

I can see the dick jokes wearing thin. They already annoy me.

:lmao: And your only on the second episode...brace yourself my friend, you'll be worn right through soon enough.

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