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How would you rate episode 602?


How would you rate episode 602?   

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So many shortcuts. So many contrived plots. I will never believe the wildlings took over Castle Black and only two people died. 

But I guess that's what the book is for.

Euron must be more important to the plot than I thought if the show wrote him back in. Look how they treated Aegon!

I really enjoyed this episode on the level on pure entertainment. Bran's visions, Tyrion taming the dragons, Euron's return, Ramsay's coup. And of course the moment we were all waiting for. This ball is rolling.

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7 - Much better.

The story drove forward and there was nothing catastrophic in it. I'm glad they didn't drag the the Jon Snow thing out for too long. I'm interested to see how things play out from here.

My favorite scene had to be with Jaime and the High Sparrow.  That had some of the crisp and believable dialogue we were used to seeing in the early seasons.

I will miss Roose Bolton. He was a scene stealer.

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Bran's visions were good. I hope they are setting us up for more. 

I liked Arya's scene. That was solid. 

I was glad to see Thorne get his at last. 

That was it.

It was farrrrr better than last week's episode, that is for sure. 


I thought it was full of plot holes, but I am getting used to that and trying to focus on what's good and just gloss over the rest. 

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1 hour ago, of man and wolf said:

Good episode and very entertaining. Sorry, anyone rating it a 1 is a joke of a troll at this point. Not happy unless they can critique the hell out of something.


Watch....this show will get less than the usual posts simply because it wasnt bad, and we know people much prefer to complain then praise.


9/10. Deduct a point for Olly not getting to die this episode.

I completely agree, some people are way past pleasing no matter what the show does, complaining is far more fashionable than praising I'm afraid. 

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I enjoyed the plot of this episode and I was distracted by plot holes like last week.  I also love Gemma Whelan's portrayal of Yara (Asha) Greyjoy and so was thrilled to see her return.  I'll be a book snob though about one thing: Varys.  Varys in the books is badass and I think the show reflected this in the first season.  Now he's been reduced to Tyrion's sidekick.  Varys' is a major player in the Game of Thrones, Tyrion is not.  The comedy duo is cringeworthy to watch.

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It was alright, much better than last week's, but as far as I am concerned the show really hasn't recovered from the mess that was the previous season and doesn't look to be on track for it any time. Tossed out too much of GRRM's plot in the hopes of finishing the show quickly, and now they're scrambling to cobble something together that makes sense. 

Disappointed Roose got done in so easily by Ramsay.

Why is the Karstark lord saying Rob executed his father? The reason old man Karstark was so hell bent on revenge was because he lost all his sons to the Lannisters.  

Super special Tyrion does it again. I knew it wasn't going to happen, but a part of me was really hoping he'd end up borrowing a page from Quentyn's cook book.

UnGregor smooshing the peasant was funny but made no sense. Yara not knowing about the Kingsmoot was dumb, Jon's resurrection felt a bit too low key, would have liked some creepyness or off factor to it, but at least they didn't drag it out.

Worst of all Olly got to live after taking a swipe at the wildlings, would have loved to see the little shyte get his. But now that Jon's back he'll probably be forgiven in a stereotypical TV moment of goodness by Jon and they'll go on to be super best friends.

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7.5, typical high quality production values the show has become known for.

Roose, looks like quick sudden deaths are in vogue this season, and fathers are in short supply.

Balon has had the most drawn out death of any of them.

The Good, well they are not drawing much out, canon fodder falling left and right.

Ramsey was being very Ramsey.

Sansa and Theon had a good scene together

I am not sure if I like Davos not questioning Mel, but part of me feels he knows it was tragic, and is waiting for her to talk. I don't recall if she told him last season what he did. I don't think she did, things have been a little crazy sense he got back and he appears to be waiting or looking for the right moment. So not as bothered as some are, if they fail to address it later I will be, but circumstances require him to survive to that moment.

Jon's up, not very dramatic, we all knew it was coming, though I was mildly disappointed, where was the last kiss? Oh well.

This is the most Ghost we have seen in years.

Dragons, always like seeing the dragons. Got them off the chains, cute story, they had to address that issue at some point.

Bran's Vision, Willis spoke, looks like the death of Lyanna effected him, a sensitive boy, who appears to be more tied to her story than first thought.

Guy going splat on the wall.

I really want the High Sparrow to die, every time I see him, I just want him dead. So I feel the actor is doing a fine job.

No Dorne, oh god thank you for small favors.

The Bad.

Tyrions dick jokes, it's not that I mind a good dick joke, it's just that his suck.

Greyworm with hair, going soft worm.

UnGregor, WTS, how did even know, and how did anyone not notice that?

Kings Landing as a whole.

Euron, not buying him as Euron. He can't sell Euron's lines, he needs to be a total cheese ball, ego maniac, with Charisma and a touch of weasel.

The Greyjoy's as a whole outside of Theon. How do you get one of the best, most diverse, and most charismatic actors on the show to play Theon, and then give me snooze fest with Euron and Yara is it?

Leaf morph, what was I looking at? Kind of felt like I was watching legend for a second. Though looks to be a improvement over previous Leaf.

The Quick sudden deaths. Doran and Hotah were pretty bad, Trys made me laugh, but Roose was a pretty well established character on the show. Martell and Boltons parallel in those scenes of course, and Doran, Hotah and Trys were hardly established on the show, but Roose? Lacks the creativity of Martin's deaths. Know you look at Walda's death that's based off actions that Ramsey has done in the books. Brutal, but creative.

Jon's resurrection, yes it's in the good and the bad. Not drawn out which is good, not all that interesting either. Were was the last kiss, good we get a little magic in the scene? Did they not want her to kiss him because she is now really old naked lady? Old Naked Lady that Stannis had sex with... a lot? That's age discrimination.

The highlight of the show.

Next weeks preview,

"And so it begins"

"no and now it ends"

So 7.5 I enjoyed it for the most part, it had it's moments good and bad.

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I loved it.  I love the books, but other ser Barristan's death and some small complaints, the show is slowly taking over my loyaly. The Wun Wun scene was a great omage  to the one in the book when he did eqctly that. Trion releasing the dragons was far more moving than some punk getting bbq'd, and the resurrection was perfect. 

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3 hours ago, Fez said:


And not just 'cause I'm fucking hyped about what's happening next week. My only complaint would be that they should've cut that random guy talking and then getting killed by UnGregor and replaced it by extending out the final scene more. Other than that, every note hit right for me. Great scenes all the way through.

My thoughts exactly.

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+ for weirnet 

- for dialogue writing. What's that? A Tyrion scene, gotta make sure he drinks wine and points out Varys has no cock. Oh look, exposition by Tyrion as to how that's sort of his thing? Okay. 

- for Ramsey. I prefer my super-villains to cackle at least.

+ for Greyjoys existing. 

- for Balon death

+ for ackowledging there is a character named Rickon. (wow when we finally get to his story the opening intro reeel is going to be "two years ago, on a Game of Thrones...")

+ for use of CGI to show dragons and direwolves

+ for Tormund and Wun-Wun

- for worst defended castle in all history ever. Sure, kill your LC because you're convinced he let your enemy roam the lands south of your castle and then NO ONE is guarding the south side of the castle? This is the kind of logic that makes you end up with an extinct Martel bloodline. 

- for cliche star player (mel) feeling down on self and luck requiring heart-felt "no strings" pep talk from old white guy to spur her getting back in the game

+++ for clever use of episode title: tying together a motif present in nearly every scene. 


Notes: The show had more source material to pull from for this episode, and as a result it was way better than E1. Troubling still, however, is how when they clearly have to write their own scene it's bad and borderline cliche (either to itself [tyrion] or over used tropes [sulky mel]).

I bet Davos and Mel really bond over this unJon experience...that is until she just has to tell him she might of had a little girl he was fond of burned alive. Wammy.

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