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How would you rate episode 602?


How would you rate episode 602?   

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8 out of 10

thank god. no dorne. 

its finally getting good and interesting coz of bran, flashbacks and bloodraven. but WTF lyanna is looking older and taller than Ned.

Euron killing Balon was ok coz i think its close to books.

but Ramsay killing Roose was infront of Torren karstark and Torrent was like very calm and very cool as if nothing hapened....bullsht.

tyrion daring to unchain dragons again didnt make any sense. why would he risk his life so blindly in such a cheap and stupid way?  i wanted to see him do it only after he meet some red preistess who convinces him that he is someone special. could have made much sense.

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I rarely rate episodes this low, but I'm disappointed in the writing. It seems they don't remember anything. Just a couple of examples: the R`hollor ritual should be a last kiss. A kind of burial rite. That thing in the show looked like nothing but a resurrection ritual and they even forgot the actual kiss. And what is the salt throne? Isn't it called the Seastone Chair? Also I think being that trusting was out of character for Roose.

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Well, I thought it was pretty terrible throughout. Upped it to a 4 because I enjoyed my ASoS-ish old wish to someday see Tyrion pet a dragon. Next stop, quidditch with dragons.

The Jon resurrection scene was unbearably stupid. Damn, I want to quit the show, but I know I won't. Aw, hell.

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it was a pretty meh episode, bringing back jon was disappointing to me. of course i somewhat knew it, but still...  its a 5.

i really cant understand why people giving 1s for the last one and rate this one 7-10. since i really like GoT, 5 is the lowest i would rate an episode, but this one deserved it. too much bla bla, too boring in a way. the only good thing, next episode will most likely be better.

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gave the episode an 8.

Jons return may have played out as it will in the books but it felt very undramatic. 

Plus the opening scene was a complete waste of time and was rather implausible.

The rest of it was good though I thought, including Tyrion for once. Winterfell good and a bit shocking, Iron Islands decent (if a little late)  

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I gave it a 4, basically because the scenes in the Wall are supposed to be the center of the episode and they were really weak. There's stall no justification about Jon's friends trench themselves with his body, the way Davos treats someone who freely admits that burned Shireen alive because of some failed intuition she had is completely under character, there's no justification about why he suddenly decides to ask Mel to revive Jon, and the resurrection of a main character should have had much more emotional impact. It was routinely filmed. Also, IMO they should have waited more time.

Besides that, I found that Bran, Arya and Tyrion were dealt with adequately, but no more. KL was OK (although I hate what they are trying to do with show-Cersei), and if we discount the absurdity of Roose's murder and everything that surrounded it (specially the new Lord Karstarl), Winterfell could pass.

I think that the main problem Im finding in this season so far is that they dispense very important moments (the deaths of Doran, Balon, and Roose, or Jon's resurrection) with very little gravitas. They have no proper build up and no proper aftermath. We are just shown the "shock" moment and then they move to the next scene. But there's no emotional investment.


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Jon's resurrection should have been some high profile cliched fantasy crap with angels singing from up above, smoke coming out of everyone's butts, Melisandre pouring bath salts all over the place (born amidst smoke and salt), dragons coming out of rocks and The Wall dramatically cracking or BR and Bran being awesome, joining forces to get him back, despite the lack of build-up....eff that, the way it happened in the show was lowkey and great. The growing desperation, the resignation, Jon alone with Ghost, Ghost sensing Jon coming back to life....

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Bran’s vision was okay. The actor, forgot his name, was really dull though. The scene with Meera left me indifferent as well. The Wildlings vs the Night’s Watch was...underwhelming? Everything about it felt so passive, bland, perfunctorily handled. Plot contrivances continue to annoy me: the man mocking Cersei in public, suddenly Robert Strong is just randomly there? Why and how?

Really tired of the exposition scenes on the show now, they’re just so...plain? Uninteresting? Repetitive? It just feels so depressingly dry. Characters hanging around, stating what they think and feel, or rambling on about the plot… it’s just...there’s no artistry to it.

Ramsay’s killing off Roose felt extremely contrived. Don’t know why a woman who has just given birth in a medievalist world is wandering around. Why does Davos seem okay with Melisandre? Why hasn’t he demanded answers about Shireen and Stannis? And why, why, is he so adamant about protecting Jon’s body?


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This was an excellent episode.

I am not one  who always needs  wild action scenes and  breathtaking fights though I love them from time to time. But I am not bored without them.

I enjoy subtleties just as much and there were a lot of it. Cersei-Tommen-Jaime-High Sparrow, now we know why they needed a good actor for Tommen. Sansa and Briennne, Sansa and Theon, Meera and Asha, sorry, Yara is Asha to me, I am not tone deaf.

A propos, the music was not as spectacular as in he first episode but just as good.

I loved it when Tyrion told the dragons that touching childhood story exactly like it was in the books. Tyrion is bitter now but he could really stop going at Varys, we got it, writers. Let him be bitter elsewhere. But Varys looking at Tyrion - let the forum burn :D

Arya desperately fighting where there was nothing, that was so Arya.

Now we all want to know if Jon is still the same nice guy. I would not like it if having been dead has no impact at all, if he can simply go on and have a complete and normal human life after that. Martin knows his philosophy, will he belittle death as ultimate challenge, as ultimate affront to mankind? 

What I did I not like was Roose getting killed, he should have continued to be the great villain he was and McElhatton was fantastic. Walda and her baby - that was to be expected, after Shireen my soul has turned to ice.

The man of my heart watched with me and despite loving the episode he would certainly give no more than 8 for a very trivial reason: the episode was too dark, for some parts we could not see much since we don't have a movie hall at home.

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It was infinitely better than the last episode, that's for sure... May not be entirely in order scene wise.



-Bran warging, and the introduction to Hodor (Willis), Ned/Benjen/Lyanna was interesting.

-Pointing out Meera was still alive... and is emo about it, seemed pointless.... but Leaf saying that Bran will be leaving the cave was interesting

-Tyrion/Dragon scene: Parts of it where good, but the writing is struggling heavily with these scenes. The concept of the dragons being intelligent, and not wanting to BBQ Tyrion was good... The execution was less so.... "Don't eat the help" was good, asking Varys of all people to punch him  if he ever has an idea like that again was not..... It really felt more like they had to force us to remember that the dragons even existed.... though I'd wager they may be trying to establish Tyrion as a dragonrider.

-Sansa/Theon: One of the better acted scenes in recent memory, surprisingly.... carried almost entirely by Alfie's ability to project the sheer desolation of Theon's life. Brianne or Pod not remembering the HOUND's name was mega cringe worthy, however.

-Jaime/High Sparrow..... Jaime not having a full guard compliment at this point is stupid... as was the High Sparrow doing the "surprise henchmen everywhere" bit that you typically only see in B-Movies. I still have yet to discern any reason the faith are a threat that can't/wouldn't have just been rounded up and executed... and the show has done a wretched job of explaining that.

-Tommen/Cersei scene.... Tommen can't die soon enough... Cersei is getting there.

-UnGregor murders random guy from bar..... Why was UnGregor in a bar to hear this.... How does no one notice a mammoth sized Kingsguard sneaking around murdering people on the street.... This was even stupider than Arya getting he face kicked in on a crowded street with no one noticing.

-Arya/Faceless men..... I'm thrilled they are apparently moving this along to something slightly less stupid than a Blind girl getting into a staff fighting match daily in the middle of a crowded street...... with no witnesses.

-Euron/Balon: I'm actually really upset this wasn't "Jaqen Haqar" (aka a faceless man, since he's the "face" of them) rather than Euron. The whole scene was apparently supposed to be Euron's big entrance as this tough guy, and well.... meh. I'd rather have had it been Jaqen, then show Euron paying him later.

-Roose: I haven't really liked the interpretation of Roose from the beginning.... He's supposed to be this highly intelligent, always kind of offputtingly creepy.... and more or less entirely emotionless sociopath is how I expected.... I've never once really gotten that from show Roose.

-Ramsey: Show Ramsey, on the other hand, is closer.... and I think he was doing well when he was torturing Theon..... but I think he would have -enjoyed- fat Walda and baby Bolton getting ripped apart more.

-The giant grabbing that dude by the leg and baseball bat smashing his head into Castle Black is like my favorite thing ever on this show. Surprised the Wildlings didn't just murder everyone and be done with it, however.

-I still don't get how Davos knew, or expected Mel to be able to raise the dead..... Or why in the world it was so critical for her to try and raise John, a guy Davos barely knows, over trying to find Stannis and raise him..... Or why exactly Davos is acting like Mel's BFF now.

-Am a little let down that was apparently Mel, and not Bran/Bloodraven raising him.... which I think would have made for a more interesting twist.... but I see nothing to suggest Bran is anywhere near ready to actually do anything but watch things previously DVR'd by the trees (also I'm very curious how he can view Dorne for the Tower of Joy scene next week..... since there are zero weirwoods down there)

EDIT: Also the deaths this week.... It almost feels like this is the new "Boob quota" that must be filled..... We killed 3 people today, but all 3 people where more or less afterthoughts to the entirety of the show and plotline.... "Oh remember that guy we haven't seen, heard about, or talked about for a while?.... WELL SHOCKER.... He dies!!"

Balon hasn't even been part of the show, even when he was part of the show.... Walda's entire career has been like 3 really small, awkward scenes.... She was barely a character.... And Roose has gotten significant screentime, with nearly no significant development as a character, outside of being Ramsey's dad. I'm not sure how people are supposed to really care about these characters dying, when they had about as much story significance as a random group of zombies on The Walking Dead.

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6 hours ago, Señor de la Tormenta said:

Its treating us as dumb people. Davos loved Stannis, but even more, he love shireen as a daughter. He didnt want to leave the camp cause he was afraid Mel was going to burn the girl, and Stannis to allow it. 

His character is written like something hit his head. He enters in Mels room going all "sorry my lady" ????? WTFFFF????

The show is losing any kind of sence. 

Wait ... how in seven hells is Davos going to know what happened when he left the camp? Mel sure as heck didn't tell him and everyone else who was there is dead.

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