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How would you rate episode 602?


How would you rate episode 602?   

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Voted a 10 but it felt more like a 9.5 to me. Every single scene was great. I especially loved Bran and Jon scenes. Max Von Sydow is great as Blooraven. Lyanna, young Ned and Hodor talking was so good. Jon's rez scene had me at the edge of my seat the entire team. Brought great tension with amazing build up. Will he wake up? Will Mel fail? Is it too soon? Camera interchanging between Ghost and Jon tore me apart. There were a couple of shots of Jon that they could rez him right there but they dragged it all the way. Then BOOM! Jon is back! 

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I think it only rated a 6. People who rate it so highly confuse me - if this was a 9 or 10, then what are you going to rate it when a truly great episode emerges? The episodes have really only been set-up so far and have been nothing special. yes, I liked that Ramsey killed Roose, Tyrion interacting with the dragons and that Jon is back, but none of that was done especially well. It's been pretty by the numbers and balanced out by some pretty mediocre writing and awkward choices. I expect there will be some Hardhome-like bad-assery at some point, but we ain't there yet.

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10 hours ago, of man and wolf said:

Good episode and very entertaining. Sorry, anyone rating it a 1 is a joke of a troll at this point. Not happy unless they can critique the hell out of something.


Watch....this show will get less than the usual posts simply because it wasnt bad, and we know people much prefer to complain then praise.


9/10. Deduct a point for Olly not getting to die this episode.

You do realise what this post was saying?

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8. It really did better than the first episode. Never a dull moment, except maybe for Sansa and friends.

First of all I enjoyed the shit out of Robert Strong crashing the head of that peasant and guarding Cersei.

Loved the wildlings storming Castle Black and Wun Wun crashing one of the brothers against the wall.

I really liked the Pyke bit with Balon, Yara and Euron. Balon went out well enough. I liked Euron, but since most of his dialogue was pretty much entirely based on the quotes from the books, Pilou's acting seemed a bit over the top. Also, I'm still wondering why they wouldn't give him the eyepatch. They cut off Jaime's hand and Nikolai was forced to act with the golden hand since season 3, so covering an eye shouldn't be that much of a problem for Asbaek.

I have mixed feelings about Roose. I don't think he'll die anytime soon in the books, but even if he is gonna die I'm sure he wouldn't bite the dust in such a dumb way.

Jon's resurrection was fine. Nothing fancy, no pyre, or life kiss, just him being back. Which begs the question about potential repercussions since Mel's seems fine enough.

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I would give it a 5. Average and in no way close to the quality that the show represented back in seasons 1-3, but an improvement over the terrible episode 6.1 at least. 

What I liked: Jaime's confrontation with the High Sparrow is reminiscent of the great, tension filled dialogues from the show's early days. I'm hoping that this season they take Jaime towards his book development instead of sidetracking him further. Bran's scene was also surprisingly great, although his character used to bore me. It was a good nostalgia trip - for Bran of his home and for us, viewers, of the times when the show was better. 

What I didn't like: Roose's assassination (if you can call it that) by Ramsay continues the trend set by Doran's death where a supposedly smart character gets vanquished by an impulsive and stupid character in a move that he should have seen coming from a mile away. I suppose D&D don't really know how to write smart characters because they aren't terribly smart themselves, evidently. As such, the Bolton arc was a complete disappointment and surprised no one.

Tyrion's handling of the dragons was predictably meh. Speaking of which, why doesn't Tyrion take Missandei with him after establishing that the dragons never harmed her? It would have helped his cause to have a friendly face with him, but I guess his plot armor sufficed. Also, what is up with the Merenese being ok with being governed by two foreigners who came to the city, I dunno, a week ago? I get it, it pleases the viewers to see Tyrion in a position of ruling again and he is far better suited to it than Daenerys, but from a logical standpoint, it makes no sense. Remember when this show was both entertaining AND made sense?

And last but no least, speaking of sense, what the hell is up with Davos suddenly being all mushy with Melisandre, as well as being, like, the most vocal Jon Snow supporter? What the hell happened there? Davos spent the past four seasons being thoroughly suspicious of Melisandre and seeing her magic as evil, why is he suddenly speaking as though she opened his eyes to miracles? And why does he believe that ressurection by that magic would be anything but bad to Jon? Furthermore, why does he care about Jon at all? It might have worked if the show spent some time establishing his relationship with Jon, but it didn't. Stannis was the one who Davos was loyal to, but we don't even see him grieve for his lost king. The loss of Stannis should represent the loss of Davos' entire world, he should be in the same sorry state Melisandre is in, but there he is, acting all optimistic and suddenly being best buddies with both Melisandre and Jon. What gives? Is a little consistency too much to ask? Then again, these are the same writers who made Jaime rape his sister next to his son's corpse, and made Stannis give the order to burn his daughter, so... guess I'm not too surprised. 

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5/10 a great improvement from the bs that was episode 1. Overall very uneven. Some good moments, but plenty of horse shit around.

- Brandon&Brynden: so far so good. Max von Sydow never disappoints. Great return of Bran after a season. Good acting on his part. Good WF scene. However, the Meera bit was just too long. The whole scene with Bran and Hodor outside the cave was redundant.

- Bolton: the whole sequence should be thrown to the dogs. Another surgical cut of the storylines D&D are not interested in. Badly written, no character motivations, no logic in anyone's actions. D&D made mass slaughter boring. 

- Sansa&Brienne&sidekicks: again bordering redundant. Badly written. Continuity errors - Brienne mentioned Arya was with a man. Brienne knows who that man was. Pod knows him. Sansa knows him. So, why not say - the Hound. Is it that difficult to rewind to that episode and check? Apparently it is. Shouldn't be for the kind of money they are earning. 

- KL: so bad I will not even bother to write a word. Why did we need a tavern scene? And the subsequent murder? To drive home Robert Strong is strong? To learn he is psychic? Good lord, stop writing nonsense!

- Dragons: stupid scene in the pyramid. Excellent dragon scene.

- Iron Islands: Finally! Good meeting of brothers. D&D finally used some text from the books and the show rapidly improved. Hint? Balon's funeral was underwhelming. Is this how a nation says goodbye to its king?

- Braavos: just horrible. Repetitive. Redundant. Stupid. Non-sensical.

- The Wall: The fact that Olie the evil eyed is in prison was worth the watch. Why was this kid ever introduced? Resurrection of JS was well done imho. It left us wondering if it was Mel or Ghost. As it should.

Note to show worshipers: Everything I've written is dealing with the show and show alone. Had I compared the show with the books, it would have been a solid 1 per episode. 

Edited by Modesty Lannister
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The beginning was quite boring/annoying. But after 20 minutes it picked up. Death death death, characters are falling like flies, but at least it was eventful. In fact I was considering rating it 7/10 like the first episode, but the good parts in this episode were better than the good parts of the previous episode, so it kinda deserves to be rated a bit higher. Ideally, it would be 7.5 but I went with the 8/10. 

Great stuff: 

Varys and Tyrion, Tyrion and the dragons. I am overly happy that Tyrion's downward spiral from the books was omitted. His connection with the dragons was amazing, the highlight of the entire episode. 

Carice Van Houten killed it, the acting was absolutely superb. 

The Wildling arrival was quite cool, I'm glad that Tormund is a badass especially that the show had fucked Mance up so bad. 

Hodor's background story was nice and I even had a monentary flash about him being the knight of the laughing tree. oh well. 

One less Greyjoy is always a plus, even though "how" they got rid of him was not my favorite things. 

Iwan Rheon killed it too, and there was of course a queer satisfaction to having my heart broken over Roose and Walda and the babe. It was good to see monster Ramsay, it was kind of bothering me that I love the guy when he was such a monster in the books. 

Mediocre/average stuff: 

Cersei scenes, I'm completely lost at Cersei. I find it impossible to relate to her. 

Jaime and Tommen was meh, mostly because Tommen is terrible, actor and character both. But I do appreciate that they reflected on Trystane's death, even though this confirms that King's Landing is totally out of control. This happens when you kill Tywin. 

Theon and Sansa did nothing for me, but Brienne was surprisingly decent. I'm still missing the Stannis is dead confirmation. 

Jaime and the High Sparrow. Jaime was good, but I am too sick of the whole High Sparrow storyline. Why is this person still alive and how is it possible that nobody can do anything about him? This is game of thrones for fook's sake, somebody go and assassinate him in his sleep. 

Arya is so boring. She was boring in the books too. 

What I didn't like/Poor stuff: 

FrankenGregor fillers. Yes, the guy is a strong merciless zombie, we get it. 

Tommen is a disaster. 

Meera is a waste of screen time. 

Greyjoy crap. I would have liked to hear at least one mention of Euron Greyjoy before he shows up. Balon and Asha were boring and repetitive, Aeron is a boring creep (and God save us, there will be a kingsmoot... what a joy). I was happy to finally be rid of Balon, but his death scene was meh. 

About that flashback. I will try to watch my language and just say this. Lyanna Stark had dark hair and was younger than Ned. 

Stuff I'm not sure about: 

Davos giving Mel a pep talk. I mean I kinda like Davos and I love Mel this season, but what about Shireen? 

Jon Snow's resurrection. While Mel was chanting, I did two things: obsessively stare at Jon's eyes and Mel's ruby (a proof that shit is working). Then she shook her head and I was like, yeah, that's kinda right, after all she is weakened, not sure of her faith, Tormund wants to burn Jon so he might as well pull a Daenerys and walk out of the pyre next episode and that even works for the episode structure, Jon comes back at the beginning of episode 3. But then, dude gasps for air and his eyes fling open. And I burst out laughing. And I'm still not sure if that was a This is ridiculous LoL or an Oh thank god, the tension is finally over LoL or an Oh thank god this stupid annoying brat is alive LoL. 


Where's Sam? Where's Bronn? Where's Qyburn? Where's Loras? Where's the Mace Tyrell and the crown debt? Where is that fooking Littlefinger? Where's Gendry?



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This episode was a huge step up from last week in my opinion.  I was hoping to see Thorne and Olly die, but Im guessing they leave that for Jon.

I am quite sure Tyrion will ride Viserion. I love that they brought back the story he told to Jon on their way to the wall about Tyrions obsession with dragons and asking his uncle for one. 

What alot of people are complaining about, from what I see, is that the dragons went back to their dungeon after Tyrion took the collars off, but what people are missing I think is that they literally couldn't eat anymore because the collars were choking them. They were so tight that the food couldn't pass through their throats, and Tyrion made it possible for them to eat again.

Jamie is going to come back with an army and wreck the Sparrows. Euron is going to be fun. Asha will take Victarions story. This season should be pretty great. This episode restored my faith in D&D.

I like the nod to Jon being in Ghost (which Im sure we will hear about int the books) 


I voted 8.  Hardhome was a 10. 



So pumped that they used Georges dialogue. 

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8/10. I was worried about this episode/season because the beginning was pretty questionable, but it really got much better and gladly a lot of things are actually happening as opposed to just setting up future events.

Things I liked:

1) Ramsay offing Roose. Perhaps it's not going to happen in the books, but it felt like something that was bound to happen. Roose has been known to make questionable choices that almost seem intentionally disastrous by nature, so him keeping around Ramsay isn't a surprise. And Ramsay reacting that way is pretty in-character knowing his life was in jeopardy.

2) Final scene. It's hard not to like some confirmation of Jon's resurrection and I was sitting in suspense despite being 99% sure he would be revived. I liked the parallel's between Melissandre and Thoros' lack of faith and the Lord of Light answering their call.

3) Tyrion freeing the dragons. I would've expected to dislike this because it's so different than the reality of what happened, but it was a pretty decent plot device that allows them to skip the Quentyn Martell idiocy. It's good to establish Tyrion's love for dragons as GRRM has made several references of it, and there is foreshadowing of Tyrion even being a dragon rider. The fact that Tyrion easily took off the collar bolts was a bit ridiculous but it's a small thing I can suspend belief for.

4) Theon's admissions of guilt, particularly for betraying Robb, and declaration that he can't face Jon or be forgiven for his actions. Sansa's reaction was a bit odd to me, given that Theon's actions directly influenced Robb and his mother's demise, so I'm not sure forgiving someone should be that easy. I would've liked to see more of a conflicted but still cold response from her.

5) Jaime versus the High Sparrow was a nice scene. I also liked Tommen and Cersei's exchange...Cersei is about to go off and it sets up the Lannisters vs. Faith conflict quite nicely.

6) Euron. I just loved this scene despite it not being confirmed canon. Euron delivered his lines well and should be a great character.

Things I disliked:

1) The wildling coup seemed a bit rushed and anti climatic. There was virtually no setup for it. I like not being spoonfed a plot but I think one scene of Edd meeting Tormund would've been better.

2) Bran's visions were cool but I can't help but feel there could've been a more compelling vision to him before the TOJ one next week. Bloodraven is also not creepy or intriguing enough. He just seems like an old professor.

3) Some of the dialogue is not clever still. Tyrion is much more witty than having to make a no dick joke every chance. Asha's words after Balon's death were cheesy. There's some good writing but just some corny and bad stuff mixed in which throws me off.

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Wow, back to the board after almost a year. How's everyone doing?


I'd rate the episode 7.5/10. Ramsay outsmarting Roose was unbelievable, but as I've seen much worse from him I've gotten....used to it? I don't know. I'm also effy about the Karstark support thingy, but will give it a chance to see how it plays out.


Pros: Everything else related to the North- Sansa and Theon, Davos and Mel desperately trying to revive Jon, then the moment for which we've been waiting for 5 years itself. I'm kinda worried that it might have been firemagic that revived him, so he may lose parts of himself like Beric.


Tyrion telling his childhood story was heartwarming.


Arya was satisfactory. Balon's finally out. I'm surprised they've managed to make Euron even more cheesy.


Special mention to the flashback scene involving Lyanna, Ned, Hodor and Benjen. Seriously, it felt so good to know Bran won't always be stuck to a tree.

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This is a 10 for the following reasons:

1. Wun Wun was wonderful.

2. A + J = T :)

3. Jaime's douchiness is back. I really missed him the last two seasons.

4. Ramsay reached a new level of evilness.

5. Bran is back.

6. Balon is finally dead.

7. And last but not least: We can finally lay the stupid "Is Jon dead?"-discussions to rest.

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Was so much better than the previous ep, it felt like a 10.  Last night, I found myself excusing a certain level of less-than impressive dialogue, or continuity of details.  I thought the episode was fast-paced and included a very good amount of content.  It was enjoyable and I hope they keep the quality coming and don't revert back to the utter shit that was the season premiere.

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Le Good:

+ Bran and Bloodraven. The latter's appearance in the show is a downgrade from the books, but the acting makes it okay. Probably the most interesting scene in the entire episode for me; really dig the look into the past and the minor Hodor reveal was pretty neat.

+ Davos

+ This episode officially rekt all the zealots who were adamant that Jon Snow was 110% for sure not coming back this season (or ever). It's really a joyous moment, but I fear the the rise in salt-level may not be a good thing in the long run. RIP all the posts that were wasted on such useless threads.

+ Scumbag Ollie is finally in prison. Long may he rot there.

Le Bad:

- Brienne was in the episode

- Lack of subtlety in regards to killing important people

Le Meh:

+/- Tyrion and the Dragons. Dunno how I feel about this scene. The dragons looked really cool and Tyrion's reaction was great, but something felt off and I dunno what.

+/- Jaime. While it's nice to see him trying to be a badass again, I still think his lack of character progression when compared to the book is a big let-down. He's wasted in KL, but I suppose it can't be helped since that atrocious Dorne storyline took a dump on him.

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Docking one point for Varys of all characters becoming Tyrion's comedy sidekick, and one for Davos becoming an atheist as well as a big fan of Mel's magic all of a sudden. 

Liked what I saw a lot otherwise, albeit I do think Euron's first scene wasn't that amazing and the ritual to ressurect Jon lacked some flash. I'm not expecting colums of light or pillars of fire, but it seem bringing someone back is as simple as combing their hand and rubbing their belly. Uh.

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I would give it an 8 out of 10. 

So much detail packed in to it, I liked all the Kings Landing parts, especially the conversation between Jamie and the HS - excellent dialog and acting.

I pure loved the flashback through Bran. That's the most excited I've been over this show for a long time. 

Loved the tension in the bringing back of Jon, although I confess I was far more worried about Ghost, I really thought for one horrid moment that he was going to die so Jon could live.

The part where Ramsay asked to hold his baby brother creeped the hell out of me, although even I didn't think he'd feed the baby and Fat Walda to his dogs.

My one big complaint is the death of Roose. Not the fact that Ramsay killed him (I could fully see that happening) but just how it all happened. Roose would never let himself be that vulnerable, not when he knows what Ramsay is. It was just too far out of character, it felt disjointed. But for Ramsay to react immediately like that I can see it, and I thought Iwan Rheon acted it really well. From his reaction initially I thought maybe it was Roose that had stabbed him. 

Really enjoyable over all, going to tune in again for its 9pm showing. 

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