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Discussing Sansa XXI: Parting ways...


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Book Jon made his own decision to join the Night's Watch because he was a bastard. His new Night's Watchmen are his new brothers, that's how I think of how he relates to them more than to the Starks. He doesn't think he'll ever see them again.

Show Jon is somewhat similar, his 'brothers' murdered him. He isn't going to play nice with them anymore.

At this point in the show, reading too much into it is a mistake for me, at least. Theon needed to get back to home base, Sansa needed to not hear anymore about her sister, but it had gotten to the point that the show couldn't possibly fail to address it, so they invented dialogue that actually only danced around the issues, which are:

1. Sansa had to find out something about Arya since Brienne had seen her.

2. Sansa could not find out who Arya was with or that Brienne was the result of that man's 'death.'

3. Sansa and Theon, despite her wishing to do herself what Ramsay did to him in S05, now needed some 'juicy' parting material to act, as he did, so we have their 'tearjerk' (not for me, mind you) moment.

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