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[Spoilers] Criticize without repercussion


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On Monday, May 02, 2016 at 0:30 PM, Ser Quork said:

Dull, plodding, lack of tension, poor d that's just for sthreaBlount.

Back at the Wall:

Davos asking Mel to resurrect Jon Kingsguardense whatsoever.  They have no established relationship.  Tormund or Edd don't say he’s necessary to bind forces against the Others – nothing!  Asking her to resurrect Stannis would make more sense.

And why doesn’t she do the ritual Thoros told her about?  The kiss and the words – we saw it and heard it.  Why is she doing something completely different?

And where is the salt and smoke?

Ghost! :wub:

Jon wakes.  No suspense at all.

No bewbs this ep, so that’s a plus.


Urrrrgh...I finally watched it as well and I don't even know why I bother at all anymore. It won't get better ever...

Basically I could just quote EVERYTHING Ser Quork wrote.It's perfect.

Oh joy, Bran is back...who cut his hair? And why does the three-eyed raven look completely different from before? I don't mean because it's a new actor...it's just some whole new look...he was busy for 1season getting a makeover.

Oooh, and the cave including the entrance got some home improvement as well...they even have a door now.

The vision was nice...but was it really THAT important.? Old Nan looks way too young and Lyanna way too old. Why is she the eldest Stark child now? And where is Brandon Stark?....he is the heir of Winterfell, he would surely be practicing along with his siblings.

WHAAAT???? HODOR's name is WALDER!!!! NOT WYLIS!!! Can't they even get that bit right? Would it be too overwhelming for showviewers? Is Hodor a secret Manderly? Or did D&D think...mmmh, those book freaks love House Manderly (and its pies), let's give them someone who bears at least one of the Manderly's first names....so we can say "look, that's in the books"!?!? And he seems to be older than Eddard....isn't he in his twenties in the books now?

Finally....some wildlings....they still exist...though in the show there is only one wildling we actually know by name.The rest simply doesn't matter, does it!? Does Tormund Giantmember kiss Sleeping Beauty awake now?

What's up with that Robert Strong rubbish? Why does he punish people for gossiping? Does he even understand that? Isn't he supposed to be some brainless, submissive creature...like a Golem? Yeah, humble Cersei, ehm Carol fumbles around with some loose thread....that's really important, right?! THAT must be shown.

Oooh...Tommen and Jaime mourn in a sept again and have the father-son-pep talk (I hoped for: "Tommen, I am your father!" "Really? That's awesome - somehow I always knew!"). Soooo, Larry knows about Carol's Walk of Shame....does he know why she was punished? Does he care? Does he know his precious other half cheated on him? He doesn't seem angry about it....

That "my balls are bigger than yours" talk with the High Septon is utter tripe! Is ButchLancel part of the holy killer commando? Would he do Larry any harm?

More necessary scenes: Cersei/Carol is caressing Myrcella's necklace. That's, like, mega-important and totally, like, empowering, y'all...and some guards deny her to leave.

By the way: who is in the Kingsguard right now - besides Jaime and Robert Strong? ( and I truly believe, had Book-Jaime been in Kings Landing when Strong was anointed into the Kingsguard he would have prevented it) I mean: Cersei' s fiance Loras was never in the Guards, Swann, Oakheart & Blount have never been mentioned, PedoTrant is dead and the Kettleblacks don't exist....I'm just wondering.

Haha...funny cock jokes.Again. And drink jokes. Of course. Tyrion is sooooo versatile in the show. And the wise and knowing GreyWorm has to add his 2cents as well.Naturally. Do they "fuse" Tyrion with Quentyn?

Well, Arya's still blind. I hate that they leave out her ability to warg completely.

Oooh, more joy: Boltonfell.  The Boltons have all the important northern houses on their side. All three of them.Of course.Umber, Karstark, Manderly.You don't need anything else. Besides, are there other houses?

That grinning maester surely will be killed as well...he was already afraid of 11year old Ramsay Rambo.He will probably be given to the dogs as well.Who needs maesters anyway? And who needs a Nights Watch? Or a Stark at Winterfell? Fiddlesticks! Rubbish!

Roose dies nicely.Though I hope in the books it will be done by Manderly. Nooooo, not Walda! Why Walda? She's somewhat cute. Run Walda run! Don't give Ramsay your baby! Ooooh, so that's where the hounds went!!!

The way Walda & Baby Bolton were killed was awfully cruel again...as if we don't already know how nuts Ramsay Rambo is.

Yeah.Girltalk. Why does Berserker Brienne never use the name "the Hound" or Clegane - why does she keep talking about "the man"?!?! Awesome, more girltalk ....between the newly empowered (again) Sansa &the surprisingly healthy/fit Theon.He's already completely detached from Ramsay- Reek no more. Just what we need : More hugs! And of course they stole horses from Bolton' s guards (those 6 not-so-good-men).

Yes, Theon goes home...without proper clothing in the cold, snowy winter, alone amidst a war, without being wanted back on Pyke.

Finally....poor Balon dies. Euron is all wrong.Too young. Not Euron enough. Just a baby kraken.

And now: Davos. Hey, Melony...no hard feelings for being responsible for the tragic end of House Baratheon... we're all good..but...mmmh, could you do some of your creepy magic and revive someone for me?

WHY would Davos do such a thing? He isn't fond of Melly (&should hate her for killing Shireen) and abhors her dark magic....and he hardly knows Jon at all.So WHY?! 

Melony: oh no Davos, don't look at me.I am awful. I am unworthy! But...ok. And so.....some soapy-scruby-healing...it must be Wondersoap! Thoros doesn't need the dead to be naked, soaped up, freshly coiffed and shaved.Instead of the kiss of life we get some chest-rubbing. 

I laughed out loud when Jon woke up(what a surprise.I would have never guessed). He really is KellyC.'s male counterpart.Both Targaryens, both deadpan.

Here is something positive about the episode at last: there was no Dorne.No Sandsnakes.No Faullaria. 

But ....out of interest: is winter only coming to Winterfell and the Wall? No other parts of Westeros seem to be affected....especially not Kings Landing. It's really quite summery there though it should be snowing heavily.









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You can't just stab your lord in the middle of the day in his castle right after his son is born and not have your head end up on a spike. Remember, this isn't a coup it's an impulsive assassination. Where's Roose's guards or his loyal entourage? There would be so many questions.

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53 minutes ago, Oakenfist said:

You can't just stab your lord in the middle of the day in his castle right after his son is born and not have your head end up on a spike. Remember, this isn't a coup it's an impulsive assassination. Where's Roose's guards or his loyal entourage? There would be so many questions.


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2 hours ago, AstronautMargaery said:

I've noticed while I was reading comments on Jon Snow's ressurection made by show fans, they're just rooting for their favourite character. They couldn't care less if it doesn't make sense (Davos' pep talk) . They want Tyrion, Dany and Jon to win and that's all and the TV Show is giving them that. It's not about THE game of thrones, it's about the character they like "surviving" the odds and not being killed by the genius-mad GRRM (not D&D).

It's okay to like a character, but what makes me sad is the fact that the TV show became devoid of content, just to be about the supposed underdogs winning in the end because they were improved to the public like them.

Most of the viewers are not even interested in the stories and the depth of the characters, they are consumed by hating other characters and glorifying their beloved ones, they spent 5 years of the show searching for secret targaryens, it made laugh when someone wrote in this forum that the best scene in this episode was Wun Wun smashing the door, man it was so insightful

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4 hours ago, Linivh said:

Hello, all. I haven't signed into this forum in over ten years. In some kind of meta-irony, the travesty of Jon's resurrection has brought me back.

Forgive me, as it's been a while since I read the books. But was that not the most pointless, poorly written, possibly story-destroying way they could have handled it?

What is the point of Jon's resurrection? Obviously, in the show, it was handled as little more than another "Whoa, cool! Shock value, LOL!" moment.

But in the books, there are very specific plot-relevant reasons we expect Jon's resurrection, right? Specifically, because 1) being resurrected under the right circumstances would make him fulfill some of the prophecies like Azor Ahai, and 2) dying would absolve him of his oath to the Night's Watch, thus freeing him from the story role of "Lord Snow" to become Jon Stark/Targaryen/whatever.

I realize, on the show, we didn't get the nuance of all the prophecies, but I feel like those circumstances fulfilled hardly any of the prerequisites for Jon to be Azor Ahai, et cetera. Wasn't there supposed to be "smoke and salt", at a minimum?

And since Jon was never given the Night's Watch burial--"And now his watch is ended"--and no new Lord Commander has been chosen, he's just going to go right back to the same role he had before, right?

All this is ignoring the obviously illogical decision to make Davos obsessed with bringing Jon back to life (WTF!? Why would magic-hating Davos even come up with that idea, much less go along with it, and be buddy-buddy with Mel?). Ignoring all the illogical crap surrounding the actual resurrection, the very resurrection itself appears to serve no purpose whatsoever. Honestly, what the hell was the point of it at all?

This show was awesome in Season 1. I even have fond memories of Season 2 (Blackwater), but even there they were making changes and creative decisions that led us to the boring cheese-fest we have today. Ever since the Red Wedding it's been really downhill. Granted, those haven't been the best sections of the books either, but all the problems from AFFC and DwD have been amplified by the show rather than remedied.

Really frustrated. I might become a regular again just for these threads!

Welcome back, and it was nice to hear from you!

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So Ghost really is Sam's dog Rover. Just a fluffy pet. Same as Nymeria.

The horror, if they had actually broken up the monotony of the waif beating the crap out of Arya, and had Arya skinchange a cat. They've already done this with Orell and the eagle. What makes Orell more special than Arya. Five seasons later, still doesn't remember Nymeria.

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I dislike show Ramsay, and this episode didn't make it better. Yeah, we are so supposed to hate him, but I just find him so unappealing as a villain.  I was expecting Ramsay to kill Roose, so this was no suprise, but I still think that Roose was the much more interesting Bolton character. I can't wait for Ramsay to finally bite the dust, as he was introduced earlier than in the books he had too much screentime.

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Roose can join the Ranks of Prince Doran and Stannis the Mannis in the league of bullshit ways to die. 


D&D seem to have an unnerving obsession with Ramsey.  I appreciate Iwan Rheon's acting.  He really gets a creepy voice down pat.  But they've done little to make me care about the character besides making him Joffrey 2.0. 


Also, once Sansa and Theon went missing, why didn't Ramsey just send Sir Twenty of House Goodmen to get her back?  Brienne and Pod wouldn't have stood a chance.  Books vs show aside atleast keep your show versions of the characters consistent and have them make decisions that make sense.


On a side note, Ramsey killing Walda prolly won't help keep the alliance Roose forged with House Frey intact.  Shouldn't be too big of a deal though, not like there's an impending battle in the snow coming or the entire north Ramsey has to try to hold together.

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9 hours ago, Oakenfist said:

You can't just stab your lord in the middle of the day in his castle right after his son is born and not have your head end up on a spike. Remember, this isn't a coup it's an impulsive assassination. Where's Roose's guards or his loyal entourage? There would be so many questions.


"Creatively it made sense to us because we wanted it to happen. "

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Here's my thoughts:


When they first introduced "Wylis" I thought it was a young Wylis manderly that has come to Winterfell to train with Starks. So they would establish a northern lord who likes Starks, hence to plan a betrayal to Boltons later on. I thought it was a clever inclusion. Until Bran called him Hodor... Lol.

Tyrion, second coming of Jesus (peace be upon him); did what Quentyn does in the books. Except more than half the watchers of show are unsullied; so we will have no burnings. Of course he is so awesome even dragons adore him. He will probably get to ride them later on.

Ramsay stabbing Roose in the heart. Like... lol. Euron just coming and murdering Balon... It seems as if being the lord of a major house means nothing at all. You can literally just walk to a king and stab him in the chest. The whole sense of security is crumbled. D&d once again show their obvious superiority in the knowledge of history.


Ok, as far as Boltons and their total betrayal count go; first we have Starks. Then, the crown. Then, the Vale. Then, own kin. And finally then Freys, who seem to be the new main family of Riverlands. Next is probably the Night's watch. At this point, if Ramsay even makes to the end of this Season I will call bullshit. You can only go so far in betrayal and still hope to survive. Boltons have betrayed every major house except dorne and reach. Against Stormlands and Iron Islands they fought normally. That's more than half of Westeros! Ramsay is an idiot of course, so not that this doesn't make sense. But if he somehow survives that...

I don't think any northern lord who is in their right mind would try to follow a guy like that. Even karstarks...


The other bits of the episode are no better of course. But they are boring. Boring to watch. boring to discuss. The whole episode was boring. Jon resurrected? Meh...

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19 hours ago, messem said:

I was in the "we haven't seen Stannis' dead on screen he might be alive" camp. Since S6E1 I'm not anymore. Roose and Ramsey specifically mentioned Stannis being dead. That's that.

I'm still in that camp, but not holding my breath anymore. The two main reasons for me is that

1) The Boltons being notorious for flaying people or any house normally displaying fallen enemies heads on their walls. Make no comment on this. It never confirmed they had a body. A simple line from Ramsey like "Stannis's head on our wall should convince those who want  to challenge us."

2) There has been zero reason for Brienne to mention him and  she hasn't had a lot of screen time, but the only one who can confirm it hasn't.

At the end  of last season I was 50/50. Now I am 90/10. Not hopeful or expecting, but just that slight possibility.

My complaint that I don't think has been mentioned is a little nitpick considering the whole situation being a mess,  but Walda being dumb enough to walk into a kennel filled with bloodthirsty dogs expecting Roose to be in there. Why would he be the kennel? She says "Lord Bolton called for us" The messenger would have told her where he is... well where Ramsey was. She's apprenhensive to let Ramsey hold the baby, but follows him in?

When Ramsey meets her at first there are plenty of people around. It's daytime. Now, they do walk away and there could be less people, but surely someone is within earshot to hear a woman and baby screaming as they are attacked. She's near the entrance. I don't know how long it takes a group of dogs to eat someone, but she's a big lady. Someone could easily spot her if they walk past.  I suppose Ramsey would just kill them as well.

I really dislike this attempt at making Ramsey some major villain. Roose might have been a backstabber, but you could understand why people would follow him. The Red Wedding was a dick move, but a smart one. Ramsey is just a dumb psycho and everyone around him should realize that they'd be better off with him dead. The show can redeem itself if his demise is  brought around by his own stupidity and betrayed, but I think Jon is gonna kill him and now that I think about it... Perhaps he will get Sansa back and that's what tempts Jon to march on Winterfell. It seems inevitable that he is gonna go or send people to the NW. There is no way Jon will die and Sansa being taken seems like the  only real possibility that would make something happen.



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If you think about it: Robb is the one who beheaded Rickard Karstark. Roose is the one who stabbed Robb. Ramsay is the one who stabbed Roose.

If you were Rickard's child. Which would you be more inclined to follow? Ramsay or Roose?

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47 minutes ago, David Selig said:

You got to wonder why Jon even bothered to join the NW. Noble bastards seem to have no problems with prejudice in the world of the show. Ellaria Sand and Ramsay Snow openly murdered two Lords Paramount to gain power and nobody objected.

Because he is a "weak man", only empowered Ellaria and opportunistic Ramsay are visionary enough to recognise this, oh and Euron two eyes

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So Ramsay Bolton's position in the North is completely untenable now surely?

Red Wedding brought Bolton, Lannister and Frey together. Marrying "Joffrey's murderer" Sansa destroyed any potential Lannister support. Frey / Bolton alliance was sealed with Roose marrying Fat Walda, who Ramsay just fed to the hounds along with Walder's great grandson. Some northern houses were surely loyal to Roose as their liege lord, and not the known psychopath bastard Ramsay, so that has probably lost support too. And knowing Ramsay's reputation, Roose loyalists might question the "poison" explanation by looking at the large stab wound in Roose's torso. Or the fact that Roose's wife and newborn son mysteriously disappeared that day.

But not to worry, at least Ramsay still has Sansa to placate the Northern houses!.. oh wait no he lost her didn't he. So how the fuck in D&D's warped logic minds does Ramsay still have a leg to stand on? they've given him Karstark support by having him murder the very person who killed Rickard Karstark's killed... eh okay.


This is all so utterly moronic it hurts! not to worry though, i'm sure Ramsay will somehow get ahold of Rickon Stark to cover over these ginormous holes and give him some much needed leverage. Reasons.


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Fantastic episode.  I don't know how they will end it in ~20 more episodes, it feels like more than ever there are more characters and storylines still being introduced.

My one gripe this episode was Walda Frey.  Roose gets a 2 sec death and next we spend 5 min on a character we hardly ever see, simply for maximum shock factor.

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On 5/2/2016 at 2:23 AM, Low Sparrow said:

Why does Davos care so much about Jon Snow? Shouldn't he care more for the missing  guy who gave him land and title? Or the missing guy's daughter, who taught Davos to read? Or, really anyone other than Snow, who he's only had superficial indirect conversations with?



I know i'm a little late to the game on this thread, but THIS^^^ All. the. this.  I've been biting my tongue bloody trying not to groan or cry out every time Davos goes on the warpath for Jon. Why does he care so much? Why does he care so little for the fates of Stannis or Shireen? It makes zero sense. 

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