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Top 3 Best Scenes

The Arthur Smith

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Like the question stated, what are the 3 best scenes for you guys in this episode?



  1. Balon and Euron scene. That scene look amazing with the storm and the atmosphere. But definitely Euron's introduction and the conversation. It's nice to see Balon's talk outside of his dickery. I think Balon's actor done a great job delivering the lines. But also gotta love Euron's dialogue. Do i need to explain it? "I am the Drowned God. From Old Town to Qarth, when men see my sails, they pray."
  2. Bran and Winterfell vision scene. It's so heartwarming to see a peaceful scene once for every while, and seeing Bran's smile melt my heart. Lyanna's introduction was nice, and Hodor's scene was great.
  3. Brienne, Sansa, and Theon's scene. For some reason, i really like this moment due to the lack of action (i know, weird of me). It's just Brienne revealing Arya's whereabouts to Sansa, which i'm glad now that Sansa knows her sister is also alive and this can lead for Brienne to go back to Riverlands. And Sansa's talk with Theon is nice as well.
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1 hour ago, Attitude said:

Brans vision

Wun wun smashing the traitor

Tyrion with the dragons



1 hour ago, Heartofwinter said:

Bran's vision

Jaime with High Sparrow


Brans vision, tyrion and the dragons, Jamie and the high sparrow.

Wun wun gets a honorable mention :wub:

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25 minutes ago, Mish Windage said:

Archer On The Wall

Don't Eat the Help

Give My Regards To Baby Brother


runners up


Yeah Mom Would Kill Him (I should ask her advice)

Brother, Come See My Dogs

:bowdown:  i can not improve on any of these words


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1. Winterfell, whole


2. The second dragon offers his neck chain for Tyrion to undo.  Tyrion does so, and beats a retreat.

Tyrion: (to Varys) The next time I have an idea like that, punch me in the face.


3. Sansa: How did she (Arya) look?

Brienne: She looked good.  She wasn't exactly dressed like a lady.

Sansa: She wouldn't be.

4. and, of course, that thing with Jon

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