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[spoilers] What You Liked/The Positivity Thread


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In the interests of being balanced (as there is the Criticise without repercussion already) and to give a platform to those who don't wish to discuss the episode but wish to give praise where praise is due. This thread is not intended as a place to discuss the episode, as there will be plenty of other threads available for that :) 

Please respect the intent of this thread. That includes not delivering backhanded criticism (e.g. "The end credits")

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I really loved how they referred to Bran's going into the Weirwood memories as being beneath the sea.. and if you stay too long you drown. And how Jon gasps for breath as though he's been drowning.

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There was a couple things about this episode I liked.

For one...no Dorne.

I loved the scene with Tyrion and the Dragons, especially how the Dragon (forgot which one), lowered it's neck so Tyrion could unchain it.  It brought a new layer to the Dragons.  And got to love the line "Please don't eat the help!"

Wun Wun smashing the archer was great, as well as (un)Robert smashing the drunks head.

I liked how they opened the Brienne scene with Sansa asking how Arya was.  It was nice to see some sort of Stark-connection and that Sansa was still wondering how her sister was doing.

It was nice to see Bran again, and it got me curious about Hodor.  I always felt like there was more to him then meets the eye, and the fact they actually gave him a *little* backstory shows me that just maybe...there is.

I also enjoyed how we can start to see the "bigger picture" on how things are going to come together.  Barring anything major, it seems to me as if Theon, Sansa, and Brienne are going to make their way to the Wall (still iffy on Theon though), and reunite with Jon.  Jon is going to lead the battle with the Wildlings against Ramsey, who will attack the wall (the big battle scene that's being rumored for episode 8).  And chances are, The Others will involve themselves in this conflict, which will kick off the final 13 episodes of the series (that is also being rumored).

Overall, good episode.  

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Weird, Overall I liked the episode but the only story I had no objections to was Jaime and High Sparrow.

So, to answer you question: Jaime and High Sparrow. Two major cunts power playing.

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Lyanna riding in and annoying Ned and Benjen. Seeing Old Nan less old and Hodor young. And while I do like that Hodor's name is Walder in the books (you know, because of the Frey connection there), I don't mind the change to Wylis.

Wun Wun! Olly being an idiot was great. Poor Alliser though.

The High Sparrow looking slightly crazy talking with Jaime towards the end of their conversation.

Ramsay... snapping... for the lack of a better word. Even he looked shocked at what he did. It shocked me, despite noticing the dagger he keeps on his back as he went to hug Roose. Fat Walda and just how she acts around Ramsay. I'm going to miss Roose though :( The new Lord Karstark... interests me...

"Punch me in the face".

Tommen wanting to be strong like Cersei worries me. But at the same time it delights me. He will never be a Joffrey, but he can't be passive like book-Tommen purely because he's so much older here. And I also like the fact that he isn't completely blind to Cersei's doings, even though he's wrong about her murdering Trystane.

Dejected Melisandre. Davos asking her for help (even though it seems a bit OOC - he HAS seen her do those things after all) and being the one to get her to try. I think it fits his persona of plain kindness to not kick his enemy when they're down.

I was expecting the resurrection to be a far more bombastic event (I have a penchant for those) so it makes me quite happy when something is done more low-key but still kind of epic, and feels right. The best part was probably everyone leaving, mainly because of the anticipation of seeing how people react to Jon next time they see him (but also partly because I can now be silly and imagine Jon stumbling out the room asking where his clothes are, or someone coming in to pick him up for the burning and he's just sitting there, greeting them with a "Yo." until the next episode comes out.)

ETA: What Sevas said about the dragons intelligence bringing a new layer to them. I tried to write something about it but I couldn't get it to sound right.

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The flashback scene. I was so excited to see young Ned, Ben, and even Lyanna for the first time. And that bit about Hodor/Willas was so curious... Loved Bran's quote here: "I am home."

I equally liked Tyrion's interaction with the dragons. I was nervous the whole time although I knew they couldn't just kill him off there and then. So looking forward to what'll happen with the dragons next.

Euron was awesome too. He was such a badass in that scene with Balon, muttering epic oneliners and standing surefooted on that swaying bridge while Balon was clutching on the ropes for his life. I was also happy to see Yara and Aeron again!

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Oh, also one more thing: the very classic "kiss and stab", just like Joab did Amasa three thousand years ago (or so it is written). The story goes: Joab is about to be replaced, and then... “How are you, my cousin?” Joab said and took him by the beard with his right hand as though to kiss him. Amasa didn’t notice the dagger in his left hand, and Joab stabbed him in the stomach with it so that his insides gushed out onto the ground. Joab did not need to strike again, and Amasa soon died. Gotta love the classics.

How do you think, guys, a deliberate biblical reference, or a coincidence?

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Wun-Wun!  I actually sofa cheered :D

Ghost.  I liked how quiet and still he was, then suddenly begin to stir, just when Jon took that huge gasp of air.  The connection between them is strong.

Tyrion and the dragons.  I noticed and liked how the dragon tilted its head so that Tyrion could remove the collar. 

Flashback.  Cannot wait for more.




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Best episode since Hardhome.  So many things I liked about it, but I'll name my top three.

1. Jon's sudden gasp for breath.

2. The Winterfell flashback.

3. Tyrion setting the dragons free.

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2 hours ago, the tower of albion said:

Did Tormund deliver the line "I thought he was the man to lead us through the long night?" I can't recall.

No he did not! I expected him to deliver it when he saw Jon's body for the first time. I wonder when/who it will be used about in the future.

As for the original point of this threat I thoroughly enjoyed most aspects of the episode. 

Loved Bran's flashback and introducing Lyanna properly to the audience as well as adding further mystery of Hodor. 

Thought the scene between Jaime and the HS was fantastic, great acting from the two and just a lot of emotion and aggression. 

Edd's line to Ser Alliser "The only traitors are those who stabbed our Lord Commander" (or something along those lines)

"Don't eat the help!" 

As for the resurrection scene I loved Melisandre's lack of confidence/desperation for it to occur. The soft 'please' and emotion on Carice's face was a nice touch.

I thoroughly enjoyed the full hour in truth. A lot better than last week's episode. 

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Tormund is probably talking about Mance Rayder. It's just another line used to mislead on the trailer, like the "do you like games little man?" Ramsay says. The trailer shows Tyrion, but he's speaking to Rickon, that's for sure.

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- The North was done brilliant as always. Not only the ending (worse ever secret after R+L=J), but the entire events there.

- Bran's flashback. We all know where it is leading.

- Tyrion the (almost) dragonrider.

- Euron's appearance.

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This was the best episode from season 5 until now. The only exception was Hardhome.

I found myself enjoying the entire episode. Not a single bad scene in my opinion. Sure, maybe some could have been better, but none of them was bad.

The flashback was wonderful. Like Bran, I, too, wanted to stay a little longer in it. Seeing Benjen, Ned, Lyanna, Hodor as kids and Old Nan a bit younger gave me a bittersweet feeling. I really loved the scene entirely and even more seeing Bran hungry for home. Not to mention Lyanna was on her horse and it fit her character so well. 

Sad Meera was expected. I am happy to see her again on screen.

KL was good. I particularly liked Jaime and the High Sparrow and their exchange of words. It's been a while since I've seen a glimpse of a lion in Jaime. This scene showed the lion in him.

Sansa's scene was short, but it was great that she found out about Arya being alive. I am curious if she'll find out who 'the man' with Arya was. I think things start to look good for Sansa as she knows Bran, Rickon and Arya live and she's now heading to the Wall. Theon fearing Jon's wrath makes sense. He knows he did bad things and Jon was always distant from him.

I liked returning to Pike. Looking forward to see what happens next.

Seeing the dragons, Ghost and Wun Wun in one episode was great.

I also enjoyed seeing Mel losing faith and the desperation in her eyes and voice when she said 'please'. Davos going to Melisandre is kind of ok. He doesn't know what exactly happened to Shireen (yet) and I think that the recent events that happened at the Wall are more pressing for him at the moment. His life was in danger, Jon was dead, wildings arrived etc. What Davos knows for certain is that Melisandre can do magic and I think that's enough to feed his hopes that she can bring back Jon.

The arrival of the wildings was pretty entertaining. 

Jon's revival was short and to the point in my opinion. 

All in all it was a good episode that gives me high hopes for what is to come.

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