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[possible book spoilers] Arya's next move


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I think it won’t be long before Arya’s story progresses and she either

a.)    Is tasked by the FM to kill someone

b.)    Grabs needle and goes off on her own to shorten her kill list

c.)     Hears news of a stark (or maybe gendry) and goes to find them


Her show kill list is down to


Walder Frey

The mountain (if UnGregor counts)


Ilyn Payne

*Thoros of Myr

*Beric Dondarrion

*Removed from list in season 5 but not dead

My guess is either she goes to Westeros to off Walder Frey (maybe with the help of Nymeria and the wolf pack) or she goes to Westeros after somehow hearing word of Rickon being held by Ramsay (if he is the “gift”). She might try to go save him and kill Ramsay before the battle happens. It would be sweet if she doubled as the ghost of winterfell and started secretly killing Boltons before the battle ;)


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Well we know that Arya will get her sight back, she'll be with an acting troupe that is portraying events that happened to her family in Westeros, and she'll do parkour while running from the Waif who has a knife and escapes through the water. I believe she'll likely hear something about Jon/Sansa/Rickon and Ramsey - The Others that sets her off to escape the HoBaW. She'll grab Needle before gets on a boat. But the question is: Will she kill the Waif? Will she meet up with Dany and that's how she crosses the Narrow Sea? Or just stowaway on a random ship? According to filming rumors Arya will be in the Riverlands by the end of this season where hopefully she'll reunite with Nymeria and her wolf pack and end the season by killing Walder Frey. Maybe she'll come across Gendry too, which would be interesting. This is my guess on where they are taking Arya this season. As for the final episodes: she's important in the end game: how I don't know. Most likely something to do with Jon.

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