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[No Spoilers] EP602 Discussion


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Non-spoiler discussion of the show goes here, for those who've not read the books or those who have but are happy to not actually reference them at all in discussion, taking each episode as it comes.

This topic should open automatically when the show begins airing.

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Hi to all!! I see everybody is off somewhere else. I am not a book reader so I will put my thoughts and predictions here. I guess we are all now in the same bucket, but still.

I didnt want to talk about the show before I saw couple of episodes, so I have some kind of idea and thoughts about what I like, what I dont like and where I think it might be going. So we are counting three down seven more to go. After this three episodes I have little clearer picture of what is going on and what (I think) will happen. Still missing some pieces... but that will come.

So where to start...hm... HE IS ALIVE!! JON IS ALIVE!! YESSS!! I have jumped, danced and sang about it. Even if I was so certain that he will be back, by the end of a second episode I was saying my goodbyes. When Mell said "Please", in my mind I was screaming "please, please, please". Almost praying. And when he opened his eyes in the last second and took a breath. I was as surprised and happy as everyone else. Afterwards I was thinking it was Easter Sunday (Monday when I am watching it), but non the less we celebrated Eater. Connection... So now that he is alive, after the initial shock, lets talk about Jon. Personally I think that his resurrection was perfect. No fire, no dreams, no visions, no Bran just a ritual and a belief (our). I will not go in to it right now cause it is a different story, but for me this was a conformation that he is NOT Rhaegars son, he is not a Dragon, he is a Direwolf and I am glad. I know most (maybe all now) do not agree with me but I dont really care, I do but I dont. For me he is a STARK no matter what. So... there is nothing after death according to Jon, and this cognition changes him. I thought (I wanted) that he will stay the same, beautiful pure Jon, but knowing that you can be murdered by those whom you call your brothers is irreversible, I thought that he might  forgive them... but no, he has changed. The boy is killed and the man is born. And this man now knows that he is not Lord Commander, he is Jon Stark and he knows Winter is Coming. He didnt leave when his father was killed, he didnt leave when his brother was killed, he is gone now. F*** the Night Watch, f*** your oath, the only reason that Night Watch was there at all is to first stand the Watch for the long night and the Whit Walkers. Jon had seen them, saw what they can do, wanted to save all the living for the upcoming war, but they killed him. F*** you! Die Olly! His watch has ended but his war is just beginning. I think he will meet Sansa before he leaves. And that he will receive the letter from Ramsy, stating he is Lord of Winterfell now and that he has his brother. I think that Sansa will tell him every thing that had happened, and I will cry in that moment. So my predictions is that Jon will go with Tormund and the wildlings towards Witerfell. Sansa will go with Davos trying to find the Northern Hoses who will back them up. And Briane will go to Riverlands to help the Tullies. I think Mel will go with Jon, he need her or she needs him.

So next... Brans visions. Love them so! I like how Bran is learning "everything". He needs to learn Everything before he can leave the f****** tree, bring it on. But faster please!! Three episodes and we had only two visions, it is little. I know it was to much asking for the whole Tower of Joy but hell, I wanted more. Give me more!! Ok, obviously I do not like that we have so little Brans visions. But I will wait (these are the pieces I am missing but hell they wont give us everything at the beginning). I loved seeing badass Kingsguard Sir Arthur Dayne, Sword of the Morning, killing one by one. That was so easy for him. I would have been afraid for Ned but I knew he is going to survive. Killing Arthur Dayne like that was blasphemy, you had to live with that Ned. I love how they showed Brans disappointment. He is better then my father. Much better. Yea!! But he has heard this story thousand times, and he knows his father had beaten him. Did he? Love that!! Perfect! Ned is human as every one else. Things that happened inside of Tower of Joy had changed him forever. I can not wait to see it! Like Bran! Who is there?! And we go to ...

Dany... Oh Dany. My first thought when I saw the great Dothraki city was OMG it will be easy for Drogon to burn you all. On a plate, in one stroke. Easy! But maybe there is something more that will happen here. I think Dany too needs a lesson or two. I actually liked the scene when the "first" widow (I do not know her name) told her, you are no better then us. Dany starts always with I am Daenerys bla bla bla, no you are not. You were one of us, we saw you become one of us, you ate the horse hart, you wanted your Khal to conquer the world with you by his side, but he didnt. We all wanted our Khals to conquer the world, but they didnt. Dany needs to learn how to lead and conquer. She needs to show the Dothraki people that she is their leader, they have to follow her but not be afraid of her or her dragon. She needs to be strong. And when she shows them she is strong they will follow her. Then Drogon can come and burn that place to the ground. Cant wait to see how it play out. If only Daario and Jorah come and save her, and Drogon comes and burns them it would be stupid, she didnt learn anything. So I think that she needs to show strength and power, no fear and learn some politics.

Varys... I love him. I think this was the first time we saw him do his business (correct me if I am wrong). He is smart, no doubt about it, he knows what to say, when to say it. Information is Power. I love how he plays the game. He knows! He is so good! Once he has you, he has you always. So he goes to tell Tyrion. Love how Tyrion is trying to be funny with Grey Worm and Misandei, but they do not get it. Priceless! I liked the way they showed that Tyrion and Varys have a great roll to play with Dany. She had no advisors on politics. I mean Grey Worm would just go and fight, but who will stay to protect Meereen. Douh! And Misandei would just like to tell them to F*** them selfs. Ok we can do that, that would be nice, but we have to talk first. We are not staying here for long, just waiting for Dany to come back and we are off to Westeros, so lets try and buy some time. Talk a bit, see what they want, maybe we can give them something. And before we leave we burn the place up, we have two Dragons. Go Tyrion!!!

Cersi! You would think that after so many lessons she would learn something. NO! She is back to her old crazy self! Stop worrying about what people think about you, they hate you and they are laughing at you, get used to it. And try a little harder to teach your son not to trust the High Sparrow. Come on! That was stupid! I think that even Qyburn looked at her like REALLY when she said I want to know everything, and everyone who is laughing at their queen. You are not a queen! Loved when Olenna Tyrell told her. You are not married to the king, I know it is confusing for your family. Funny! Margaery is the Queen! She wants to take the power back. But she will not. And I hate Jamie when he is around her. I do not like him from the beginning but around her I hate him. Like a little puppy! And Tommen, sweet little innocent baby. I am so sorry that she is his mother. I am so sorry that he will die, I still do not know how. Maybe Cersi kills him, because she doesnt want Margaery to be queen. And Jamie than kills her. I dont know but shit will happen in Kings Landing that is for sure. I think Margaery will confess and take the Faith, just so she can get rid of Cersi but it will backfire some how. Wait and see.

Arya... YESSS! She is not blind anymore. I loved every second of Arya scene, every. She really became No One.  I am happy and sad at the same time. Loved how she remembered her life, this is who she was and what she had. And now she is noone! I am happy that she became what she wanted, but I am sad that she has a price to pay. She will no longer be Arya Stark. She has the list of three names, and I am betting all my money that she will kill them (dont know for Cersi dough) by her self. She had become noone and her first mission is to kill all of the people from Aryas list. This is how you honor Arya. Well make it count. So these are the people that will die Cersi, Mountain and Wolder Frey. I think Walder Frey will be the first to go. And I cant wait.

And for the end Ramsy. Psycho!!! Have you seen his eyes at the end of that scene! I cant even imagine what is he thinking. Why did they bring Rickonn to Ramsy? Now I hate the Umbers and the Karstarks. And they killed Shaggydog. Bastards! OMG Jon can not come quicker and go kill them one by one.

Ok. Thats it for now. I think I went a little crazy there but I had to get it out of my sistem.


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On 10.5.2016 at 3:33 PM, ma_liky said:



On 10.5.2016 at 3:33 PM, ma_liky said:

Hi to all!! I see everybody is off somewhere else. I am not a book reader so I will put my thoughts and predictions here. I guess we are all now in the same bucket, but still.I didnt want to talk about the show before I saw couple of episodes, so I have some kind of idea and thoughts about what I like, what I dont like and where I think it might be going. So we are counting three down seven more to go. After this three episodes I have little clearer picture of what is going on and what (I think) will happen. Still missing some pieces... but that will come.

Hey ma_liky - nice to read you and hope to read your thoughts on the next episode again too! I admire you for having a clear picture of what is going to happen, because most of the time I have no clue. (I was certain that Jon would live though, and relieved I was right.)

Bran's visions. I quite enjoy them too, nice way of sheding light on past stories. What he will see in the tower? I think Lyanna is in the tower. And she's having a baby by the mad king (likely she was raped) and this baby is Jon Snow - so Jon is not only Stark but also Targaryan. Eddard kept it a secret to save his life.

This is why Jon is going live and will play a major role but I have no idea what it will be. I think his goal will be to save his siblings, and save whomever he can save from the Whitewalkers, not sure he will be interested at all in power such as trying to conquer Winterfell, if so, not for himself.

I'm not sure Jon will actually meet Sansa, so far they have always avoided such encounters (Arya and Sansa were so close one time). I agree with you Melisandre might go with Jon, not entirely sure. I think that Brianne will stay with Sansa, she vowed an oath, I don't think she'ss depart.

Rickonn and Osha at Ramsey, oh dear, I hope they are saved soon I can't see much more of his sick torturing. My hope is that Theon is returning and killing Ramsey or at least free the two and sacrifice himself, you know last episode Theon said he's going home, that will be Winterfell, not the Iron Isalnds right?

You think Noone formerly known as Arya's fisrt mission will be to kill all of the people from Aryas list? I would kind of bet against it. Isn't the whole point of her time in the House of Black and White to detach her from her personality? Why should she no basically do what Arya wanted to do? I'd think it is more likely if she gets a mission that is separate from her desires. For example she gets the mission to kill the Sand Snakes. Or the Hisgh Sparrow? Or Ramsey. Or even a member of her own family? Possibilities are endless. ;)

OK, that's it for now.



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