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[Poll] How would you rate episode 603?


How would you rate episode 603?  

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17 minutes ago, ummester said:

I think you are going to have to give the show 10/10 - because I can explain it. The Lannisters are snowed into the south, otherwise they would have given Ramsay Tommen by now.

What, by the half an inch of snow that the show portrayed? Great reason to burn your daughter by the way Stannis. And if someone can explain how Sansa and Reek survived their jump into about a two foot drift, I might raise my vote to 1.5

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3 hours ago, JonSnow4President said:

 I only hate Olly with a passion because of the hamfisted use of him in every goddamn wall scene, and Jon only caring about Olly.  Last words?  Not Ghost, who he has a spiritual connection with.  Not Arya, his special sister.  Not traitor, not something related to the watch or honor.  Not "the cold." Not blessed silence.  Olly.  His first thoughts after coming back?  Olly.  The one that seems to haunt him?  Olly.  THANK GOD Olly is gone

Oh, yes, yes, a thousand times yes. Worst marginalization of ARYA as the driving force in Jon Snow's death and resurrection - some damn random Wilding boy named Olly. Bloody good riddance. 

3 hours ago, JonSnow4President said:

Yeah, no one cares that Qyburn has literally made a zombie into a Kingsguard

No, they don't. And so there's no confusion among viewers, he's still Ser Gregor. Oh, goody goody. Jaime and Cersei and Gregor, just hangin' out, doin' the rounds at King's Landing. 

Arya, beaten and bruised and just got her sight back because either she's still lying or Jaqen is. I feel for her. Certainly no respect for her as a person there at the House of Black & White. Ready for her to realize this instead of want to be nobody.

ToJ was ho hum. Young Ned could have been a lot better with dialogue delivery.

Jon was kind of boring. I wanted more, not just a slap dash, walk off lame ending.

They really aren't making any sense with Winterfell and the culling of the Starks and their direwolves. So, regretfully, we have another wolf down on the show. I'm sure it's because they've not put much of a priority on learning how to do CGI direwolves as opposed to CGI dragons. 

At Winterfell, I would have backed the new Umber over Karstark or Ramsay ANY DAY. But somehow the other two are in charge and Umber gave up his prizes to pip squeak Ramsay. Just doesn't make any sense.



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Vote: 5/10



  • Arya - steady enough character progression this season, I feel like they're finally building her character arc up nicely now. In previous seasons, she started to just look like a wimpy kid. Not the silent killer she was born to be!
  • Dany - this is likely to be a rare view but I'm actually interested in learning more about dothraki culture. Hopefully the lack of progression in her story will be made up for when we know more about the widowed khaleesi's... who knows, maybe she has something to learn from them. If not, it's just another pointless waste of time.
  • Jon / NW - This one was both positive and negative. Finally we saw all the traitors hanged. And any screentime with Kit for me is a good time.


  • Jaime - why is he just following Cersei around all season??? Doesn't he have a life of his own? Isn't that the whole point of his relationship with Brienne? He can finally relate to and have an amicable relationship with someone he's not actually related to! They've just pissed this all down the drain.
  • Bran / TOJ - Yeah, major disappointment. To spread this scene over two or more episodes is just a killjoy. There was a sword fight and a "what's in the tower?".... Then nothing. Why bother?
  • Fucking Rickon & Osha! Why the fuck would the Umbers give Rickon & Osha to Ramsay?? The guy has won 1.... ONE... battle so far and suddenly the Umbers feel they need to give him the Stark boy. DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE DEAD DIREWOLF. What happens to the direwolves is extremely symbolic. I hope that's  a fake shaggywolf head or this will be the last season I ever watch. Just because GRRM is taking his time, does NOT give D & D the right to shit all over this story.
  • And on the direwolf note, why they haven't shown Arya and Jon warging yet?

I was really, really disappointed with the way they re-introduced Osha and Rickon this season. Gods be good and grant us a decent episode next week!

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30 minutes ago, ummester said:

I think you are going to have to give the show 10/10 - because I can explain it. The Lannisters are snowed into the south, otherwise they would have given Ramsay Tommen by now.

If Littlefinger could give Sansa away from the Vale, the Lannisters have no excuse!

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58 minutes ago, Dragon in the North said:

Oathbreaker? His lord commander gave him permission to go to the Citadel to become a maester, thus strengthening the Watch. He's no more of an oathbreaker than Yoren.

Yeah, I'm going South to protect Gilly and the baby.  

Jon: "Okay" 

Technically, you're right.  He has approval.  But they don't care at all about the flirting with the precipice of Sam's vows. 

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And gents, if you take one of these forlorn single mothers under your manly wing, you, too will be revered by her, like Sam by Gilly, as a true father to her children sired by some alpha male.

At least, that's what the propagandists would have you believe.  YMMV.

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I gave it a 3 purely by judging it against the previous episodes of the show.  If I judge it against the books there is no rating system that satisfies.

I only continue to watch this drivel because I got so many people into it, my coworkers, friends even my wife and now they all want to talk to me about it.

It gets a 3 because they moved Arya's story forward, even though it's sloppy as shit.  That's one of the best arcs in the books and these guys have butchered it.

Also because we got a glimpse at the TOJ.  I actually think they handled the reveal the right way.  Jon is in limbo right now.  Giving the viewer R+L=J would have been messy and poorly timed.  That needs to come at a time when Jon does some heroic shit but of course the morons that run this crap will handle it alot like they did his resurrection, ham-fisted and forced

I truly hope the Umber's have an ulterior motive behind giving up Rickon, but I don't give Tweetle D&D any credit for having that kind of subtlety or logic.  I'm sure it's just another Northerner giving over their liege lord to the biggest assclowns in the north.

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I gave it a 3.  I don't feel good about doing that that but the scenes they made me care about was the Jon scenes.  

The Tower of Joy really was disappointing.  Awful dialogue and there's no reason for it when they could have just used the good dialogue was given to them.  I don't see how viewers who haven't read the books would know who Ned was fighting or why.  No mention that they were the Kingsguard.  No mention that their King had just been killed by Jaime.  No mention that Ned was looking for them to bend the knee.  No mention of why Ned's sister is in a tower.  Why would any viewer who hasn't read the books care about this fight?  

I'm bored of Dany being with the Dothraki and saying titles to everyone she meets.

There was actually a long part where Tyrion and Grey Worm just stare at each other.  Guess the writers had writers block for that.

Ramsay getting his hands on another Stark and getting Osha to rape.  Barf.  

I'm tired of seeing Arya get beat up for a season and 3 episodes.  Although the end was nice where she gets her sight back.  

Seeing Sam has the same effect on me as if I saw Dorne.  

A scene where the Small Council rejects Cersei.  Didn't we see that last season?  This isn't doing anything for me. I want Jaime to be fighting with Cersei.  I was his character to be developing.  Instead they just wasted and ruined him ever since Season 3.

Even the Jon scenes could have been better if they were longer and given more time to breathe.  

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And also, It's one thing to ignorantly lash out at a poster such as myself, but I'm not sure you realize what an ass you make yourself look like by calling Sweetsunray a troll. Maybe you should try reading at least 1 of her 5000 or so posts before making such a ludicrous comment. I would assert that she is one of the most inteligent, influential, and respected posters on these forums. I'm sorry, but you've managed to completely discredit yourself with this one ridiculous post alone. 

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Watched it again, bumping it up from 7 to 8. Big steps forward in Jon and Arya's story-arcs, and that's enough for an "above average" rating. I liked the Tower of Joy and I'm glad they're not forcing it all into one episode. It's too big for that. I liked Tyrion and the call-back to the drinking game with Shae and Bronn ::sniff:: Loved seeing Varys's rational and effective interrogation technique. Loved the empathy combined with reality check by the Dosh Khaleen priestess, and I'm really hopeful that good things will happen when Dany gets her audience with all of the khals.

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I give it a 5 as in very average. That is mostly because I hated the 2 ep before.

I get the feeling they are doing 2 things this season, and only 2 things

1. They are pretty much burning away/blowing up in storyline that is not directly involved in the story they want to tell. Some of this is because like GRRM, they had too many storyline going and the rest because they have backed their selves in to a corner w/ some of the characters being completely in the wrong place to do anything w/ the main story from the book.

2. I think they are stalling, until GRRM gets the next book out. Why else would they go back and add the Iron Is. storylines back in, after dropped them the last couple seasons.

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14 hours ago, marsyao said:

you forget about the nonsense about Jon quitting NW and the nost disturbing of all, since when the Lord command was appointed instead of being elected?

Maybe the electoral process only applies when a dead NW commander is being replaced rather than a living one selecting a replacement?

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We are approaching mid-season and they decide to have an episode of more or less pure filler.

The worst bits:

1) Arya's blinding now confirmed to be a pointless development that leads to no real change in the character.

2) Sam and Gilly: so incredibly boring.

3) Qyburn, Jamie and Cersei hanging out.

4) Young Ned, and I don't believe that's the way Arthur Dayne is gonna die in the books; no freaking way.

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10 hours ago, RhaeBee said:

It was a little boring from time to time, but the good scenes made up for it. I would put it somewhere between 6 and 7, but I'm generous and extremely grateful for every little step we take to progress in the story. That's something I haven't experienced in 5 years, so 7/10. 

Wall: Jon failed to sell me his return. There was no :o , no :wub: , no :(, no nothing. I kinda liked his reunion with Edd and Tormund though. 

Sea: Sam and Gilly were mildly funny, but rather boring. Of course this was a necessary appearance to introduce Hornhill and Oldtown. That baby should be 3 years old at least though. 

Meereen: Tyrion trying to have a conversation was also mildly funny, but rather boring. Varys and this random woman was completely wtf. Who the F is she? How did they find her? What's with the harpies then? How will they get back at Astapor and Yunkaii? May I suggest using the dragons? That scene was so random. 

KL: the little birds are really cute. I was slightly worried that the sweets may have been poisoned, but they seemed to be fine and Cersei seems to be in need of them. Nice to see Qyburn around. 

There is still a small council functioning in King's Landing? I wouldn't have thought. Where was Kevan all this time? Good to see Mace, so what's with the crown debt? Good to see Olenna too. I assume this storyline hasn't yet caught up with the end of adwd yet and the Tyrell-Lannister alliance is yet to be broken for good. I also assume they introduced the little birds in order to prepare Kevan's end, which was nice. Everybody shits their pants from FrankenGregor, I can't wait to see him smashing the high sparrow's head like a melon. If we are at the high sparrow, his scene with Tommen was quite unnecessary. We don't need anybody to narrate Cersei's character (or Tywin's), nor do we need further proof that Tommen has is a complete idiot without any balls. 

What I did like about KL was Jaime who totally slayed whatever he did this episode and how the small council scene tied in with a previous small council scene when Tyrion and Cersei pulled chairs to sit at the table with Tywin. 

What else was there...? 

Vaes Dothrak: it wasn't too action or tension packed, but the dialogue was on point. Daenerys did everything Daenerys does (list her titles and threaten with revenge) as usual, and it didn't work as usual. That's kinda what Daenerys has been doing for the past 4books/5seasons. But, sooner or later the time is bound to come when she finally realizes that diplomacy and words are no use in westeros/Essos/anywhere and embrace her Targaryen side and burn the shit out of everybody. What the high priestess said to her was absolutely beautiful and on point. 

Winterfell: I like this Umber person. He has an attitude. The scene was a tad bit too long, but the dialogue had good parts. Rickon was the gift, how predictable. Ramsay actually knows that Rickon exists though? Wait, anybody actually knows Rickon exists? Well isn't that unfortunate? If this isn't a trick or a plot, it's very very very poorly done (where and how did they come by Osha and Rickon? How did they kill a grown direwolf? Why are they giving them to Ramsay? What was their problem with Roose?). But I'm still inclined to think it's a trick, because Rickon didn't seem too agitated over Shaggy Dog's head being tossed around or maybe it's just Art Parkinson being a horrible actor. That wouldn't be a surprise either. 

Wall2: oh yes, Jon passed the sentence and swung the sword like a boss. Nicely done. Edd has the watch, that happened too. But where the fuck is he going now??????? 

And now the quality part: 

Bravos was flawless. Great editing, good acting, great use of the scene. A beautifully embedded subtle reminder that Rickon exists,  that there was a Hound left to die and Arya even got her eye back so nobody could complain that the scene was a filler. I really loved  that scene. 

ToJ, zoooooomg, that was great. Arthur Dayne was flawless. The best actor and the best character portrayal for a two minute scene. Young Ned actor was not very good, he was like a little bitch brat. But oh my god, Arthur Dayne's death was mindblowing. And we even heard Lyanna scream. I loved that Arthur Dayne was double wielding, it made him the ultimate swordsman. 

The Meereen woman is from Season 5 episode 4. The prostitute complicit in the murder of the Unsullied. (I still have not had a chance to watch the episode but, spoilers abound and all that :P 

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Man this is getting to be great. Based on most of these ratings and rants I should be able to come here on a Monday soon without the site crashing all day long from all of the traffic. I mean, all of you who hate every scene and the drivel and horrible adaptation and want to claw your eyes out, eventually I assume you will just stop watching and then the traffic here will clear up!

You can predict 90% of the comments in advance. Last week, OMG all they are doing is beating Arya, the book was so much better because they were training her, this week it shows more of the training, and OMG, that was too quick or she should be more hurt.

TOJ, anyone with common sense knew that no matter how they did this scene they would have most of the people hating it. Not because the scene is great, but because people have built up that scene in their heads to god like standards and there was no way to live up to it.

I look forward to all the people leaving this part of the site soon! Reminds me of all the Howard Stern movie, the scene where the ratings come in. People who hated it tuned in longer than fans, just to see what happened next. Just like the people here who bitch about 90% of a show they say they hate, but keep watching.

Does it have flaws, hell yes, but so did the books and every other thing in the history of the world.

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Always love a good laugh at this forum once a week. The so called 'fans' voting their favorite show 1 out of 10 thinking they are cool giving it the lowest score ever. I think the only episode to be below a 6 should be unbowed, unbent unbroken which was very poor, but if you are giving any of the others below this then I think you should stop watching as the show really isn;t for you.

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