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The Marquis de Leech

Your most-read authors

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On Sunday, June 19, 2016 at 10:49 PM, Iskaral Pust said:

Without doing a precise count: Pratchett, Cornwell, Christie, Blyton, Dixon, O'Brien, Forester would be authors with the most novels.  If we add graphic novels, then Goscinny & Uderzo and Herge would be on the list too.  Tolkien, Wingrove, Erikson, Jordan, Abercrombie, Stephenson, possibly GRRM, would start to catch up on page count.  I'm probably overlooking many worthy authors. 

How can I be the only one who mentioned Franklin W Dixon?  We were all seven once. 

Given this forum, I would have expected Victor Appleton.  

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I've read everything Nelson DeMille has ever written...  I just love the way he tells a story...  More than most in his genre, he tends not to make me roll my eyes as a Iear.... whereas, say, Clive Cussler makes me want to drink battery acid whenever he writes himself into his own stories... #WhatAHack .... DeMille's protagonists are all complete assholes, who you wind up loving despite their faults... plus he's a NYer... so there's that...

I've also read a shit ton of Stephen King --who is a genius, who doesn;t always appeal to me-- and Neil Gaiman ---who might be my favorite writer insofar as the way he paints a picture, and how utterly insane he is...

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