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Will we ever hear the Other/White Walker language?

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I think this depend so much on how Benioff and Weiss want to make the Others. They're obviously (in the series) magic non-dead humans. By what I can deduce from the books, they could be aliens as well. Icy  force-field predator-like armors, elegant, quiet beings of white cold...

Take this quote from Martin:


    The Others are not dead. They are strange, beautiful… think, oh… the Sidhe made of ice, something like that… a different sort of life… inhuman, elegant, dangerous.

By that I think that they are enough non-human to have a language that has nothing to with the language that the series' white walkers can have. I think there is here a breaking point, in the definition of what the TV series' white walkers and ASOIAF' Others are. By that distinction I would say that, yes, there will be dialogue(s) involving a white walker an a human but no, there won't (probably) be a dialogue like that in the books. (Can R'Hllor speak with a worm?)

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On ‎6‎/‎4‎/‎2016 at 2:25 PM, A Ghost of Someone said:

I actually would not be surprised before the tv series is done, someone verbally interacts with them. 

Yeah, this. On some level.

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On 9/8/2016 at 1:37 AM, Jaehaerys Stark said:

I imagine there will be some sort of dialogue between Bran and the Night's King at the least.  Perhaps during one of Bran's visions in which he and the NK will converse.  Now that we know the NK can see and touch Bran in his visions, there is an unspoken understanding in that regard. Therefore, next time they cross paths, I think that's where we may hear the NK speak.  I imagine it will be in the common tongue, for the sake of the show.  I just don't see the show ending before we get some sort of explanation for what the WW goals truly are and why...

Yes, this. I think they may just stare at each other and communicate telepathically. But they have to explain why the Others want to attack, and more importantly, why NOW. It's probably the greatest mystery of the whole series, and if they end the show without addressing it, it will be a massive letdown.

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