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2 hours ago, hallam said:


I think it is the theatre troupe she goes back with. 

Arya wouldn't be so careless but the Waif would think her so. And whats more, what happened to the other hit Arya was supposed to do? Shouldn't the Waif close the contract?

Maybe she will do it after she kills Arya. She could wear Arya's face then and get inside more easily. I just don't get it, Jaqen seemed to favor Arya, there must be something more into this. 

Anyway, the waif is pretty much dead now. If Arya survives she will kill the waif. 


Could Sansa's letter be to grandma Tyrell? 

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What if it's to Littlefinger... not asking him to bring his army north, but getting it to attack the Freys so the Northern hostages there can escape?

Or... perhaps... to Old Walder Frey, with the news of how Fat Walda was murdered by Ramsay Bolton (as was Roose Bolton who made the deal) and surely an actual murder is ten times worse than breaking a marriage contract, therefore the Freys have no business supporting the Boltons against the Starks any more, and since it's *his* keeping Northern lords prisoner that is now holding their families on the Bolton side, could he perhaps see his way to setting them free and suddenly Bolton has has no bargaining chips to keep the Northern lords on his side?

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I think that Arya probably runs into the Theater troupe. I really hope that the whole ambush is a set up to kill the Waif. To me, it was immediately obvious that the kindly old woman approaching Arya was the Waif with a new face, why wouldn't Arya have been suspicious as well?

I'm intrigued by the "note" that Margaery passed on to the Queen of Thorns. It's just a picture of the flower on the crest of House Tyrell, right?

What's its significance? Is it evidence that Margaery still has House Tyrell on her mind? Why not have a note with actual words on it instead of an easily misinterpreted sketch?I am glad that we got confirmation quickly that Margaery is not a religious zealot. Does anyone think that Tommen is faking his zeal?

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17 minutes ago, Raksha 2014 said:

Perhaps Margaery's drawing of the rose is an indication of her bond with her brother, the Knight of Flowers; that she is playing the Faithful Queen in order to protect and save Loras.  He's still a prisoner, as far as I know.

Of course it is. The rose is the sigil of their house, their words "growing strong." She's showing that she's still a loyal Tyrell no matter what kind of show she puts on. The rose is pretty smart. If someone finds it, it's just a flower. I love Marg.

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I think this was another filler episode. There are three episodes left and nothing has really happened this season (obviously apart from Jon Snow). With more and more characters/storylines being introduced 10 x 1 hour episodes are not long enough. 


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10 hours ago, Fisch said:

Thoughts while watching:

 - I was fine with the idea of the Hound being dead, in books and show. Frankly, I've never quite understood the affection some fans have for him. I found him a very interesting and effective character, but a lot of folks seem to cross the line from appreciating a good supporting role to loving Sandor. The man, complex as he was, was still quite the horrid human being in many respects. And I really don't understand the "SanSan" people. All that said - nothing wrong with the way his reintroduction was handled, and the dialogue wasn't bad (at least not in the first scene). But until I see what the final payoff is, this storyline isn't doing much for me. And it seems silly to build up Ian McShane's part so much if it's only going to last the one episode.

 - If Arya were going to die, we'd see it this episode. The show isn't that subtle.

 - If Lyanna Mormont was defiant enough to reaffirm her House allegiance to the Starks to Stannis, why does she need convincing? Why does Davos have to do the convincing for Jon and Sansa? Why does the North need to be reminded of their oaths instead of remembering? Why doesn't Sansa trust Jon about the damn knights of the Vale? Why was the storyline I have the most interest in given the worst dialogue and sloppiest directing of the episode?

 - Still don't care about KL.

 - I'm of two minds about Riverrun. On the one hand, they're actually adapting material from ADwD. On the other hand...

1. This makes Dorne last season all the more pointless.

2. They really neutered Jaime and his bargaining position with the Blackfish compared to the source; I'm not sure where this is going.

 - Look at us! We have a lesbian leading the Ironborn! Aren't we progressive (never mind the gratuitous nudity and objectifying of the woman Yara was after)? And look! She forces her c**kless brother to drink and prove himself a man! Isn't that empowering of her? We get feminism!*

Overall: a lot of set-up for the punchlines to come in later episodes. Pretty boring set-up too. Remember when the set-up was suspenseful and compelling? I do. I want that back.

* Lest this be misconstrued: it's the way the lesbianism was handled I find objectionable, not the fact that the character is a lesbian. Though I'm not sure why they re-worked a character who was straight in the books (so far as I remember).

Further thought: perhaps I'm underestimating the show, but I don't give a lot of credence right now to some of the theories floating around about Arya this episode - chiefly, the one where the Waif is her Fight Club. Based on past history, I'm inclined to take this at face value; she was strolling along, got stabbed, and is now running around and bleeding out. Again, could be underestimating things, but these guys always lean toward turning "foreshadowing" into spoon-feeding, hence my feeling that if they were going to go for something like Fight Club, they'd have made it more obvious before now.

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21 hours ago, WolfWarg said:

Should have read this first before I posted - my thoughts exactly  : ) Or almost exactly as I don't think she needs to heal as I believe she used pouches of blood.

Yes I wrote that before seeing the preview for the next episode, then thought oh, so she faked being wounded too. Nice. And thematically, although it seems more drawn out and elaborate, it fits. Arya has made a mess of being an assassin and can't beat the Waif in a straight fight. So she goes back to what she knows and sets up a running chase where she can use all her experience from chasing cats etc.

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I enjoyed this episode too. Lots of good setting-up, Lyanna Mormont is a total badass, and Dorne appears to have sunk into the sea. Other people have touched upon the most discussable moments of the episode, so let's try to find other angles to view this from:

First and foremost, I really liked the setting of the group of people (war refugees?) building a sept. Gives insight in Westerosi building technology (my own field of profession), their sense of community, and shows us that people are coming together to try to build a future in a war-ravaged country. I'd have liked the scene even without Sandor. Shame that the Brotherhood ruined their little project. Also, what was the stuff they had stuffed into the septon's mouth when he was hanged?

House Mormont may be small, and in a remote northern island, but they don't seem to be slacking off on technology. While the rest of Westeros has smoky halls with braziers and tiny, coloured windows, the Mormont hall is a technological marvel for its time. There's clearly a window behind Lyanna with glass panes more than a meter tall, and other clear-glass windows high upon the wall (and clear glass is a bit of an achievement in itself - "natural" glass is green or brown). They have a modern fireplace, rather than the hearths shown in the rest of Westeros. Not even the Red Keep itself showcases this level of architecture. While the rest of Westeros appears to be stuck in the equivalent of our 15th or 16th century, little Lyanna rules in an 18th or 19th century castle. I hope the soldiers from Bear Island carry muskets and flintlock pistols.

If Arya survives the stabbing and is ready for parkour in the next episode, I have to say the stabbings of this season have been fairly realistic on average. Areo Hotah (huge, muscular guy) and Roose Bolton (fairly fit, middle-aged man) both died within seconds of a single stab. With Arya getting a few stabs and twists in the guts without long-term damage, the average severity of stabbing should be just about realistic. This, by the way, shows why averages aren't always the best metric to measure things by.

The wildlings aren't as sly as Southerners, it's said. "When we say we will do something, we do it." None of the wildlings actually said they were going to fight for Jon. They gave him a handshake, though, so it seems they want to follow him, at least.

Speaking of glass again, was that a glass bottle Sandor drank water/ale from in the last scene, before he went to check on the aftermath of the suspiciously quiet massacre? If so, that's a bit of an anacronism. While glass blowing may be practised in Westeros, it'd be a craft comparable to jewellery. Making trinkets for the rich, rather than producing tools for the masses.

By the way, I think we're headed for a Cleganebowl, but not as part of Cersei's trial by combat. For once, that would be "wasting" the badassery of the Mountain. He should be able to show his strength once or twice, and get Cersei out of her current mess. Then the road would be open for Sandor to find and kill him.

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17 hours ago, AGS Martell said:

I think it's clear the person Sansa is writing to is LF, in order to get the Arryn army to support them. Ravens were already sent to other northern houses (like Manderly) and there is NO ONE else who'll support her.

As for Arya... How could she be so careless!? My guess is either the theatre troupe will aid her, or Jaqen. 

Syrio maybe? I'm betting the actress also though

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On 6/6/2016 at 11:42 PM, Smoke317 said:

I have been very hard on Sansa but with the way the show is portraying Jon, I don't blame her one bit for writing that letter to whoever the hell she wrote it to...  Where is Jon's fire?  Where's his leadership?  Taking command?  Like when he took over the watch during the battle for castle black...  Like when re recruited men for the raid on the mutineers?  Like when re rallied the wildlings at Hardhome?  Why not go around preaching about the WW's coming?  Why so fucking quiet?  Why Davos has to be the only one with any fucking sense or fire in his belly?  Jon's character has regressed and the shit is dumb. Now he doesn't even want to try to rally the Cerwyns or Manderlys...  Sansa please help this damn fool because he sure ain't coming across as the King in the North I expected him to be...

Agreed. He seems like he's still in a funk over that whole murdery/resurrection bit. 

Make Lyanna Queen of the North. She's got more fire than the whole lot of em.

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As far as Arya goes: the person stabbed or pretending to be stabbed is the actress. Arya's escaping Bravos while the actress is attracting all the attention.

OK.  This is fantasy, not fact. :)



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On 6/6/2016 at 3:02 AM, SerJeremiahLouistark said:

Agreed, that was pretty stupid.  The BwB don't slaughter innocent people.  

Well, I guess it depends on how you look at it.  In the books they killed random Freys who was pretty clear were too stupid to mastermind the Red Wedding, also LSH's behaviour towards not just Brienne but her companion.  Fair enouogh, she had Jaime's sword and Pod had been Tyrion's squire but it seems to me than any connection with certain families would end in this.  However, yes, these people were totally outside any possible political conflict so yes, they did go up a notch.  I guess the point I am making is that although the order was created by Ned in good faith and Dondarion and Thoros have some moral core I think that George was trying to show us how organisations that started of with "good intentions" can descend into utter senseless violence, but granted, the show has gone one step further.  Now the fact that this has been set up to trigger off Sandor makes me think more and more that Clegagnebowl is unlikely to happen... at least not for a while.

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On 6/6/2016 at 3:26 AM, Robb_Warged said:

I do think it is Blackfish.  Watch the episode 8 preview.  Brienne's delivering a letter to Blackfish

This could make sense actually although it would be interesting to see the dynamics if they end up having to rely on LF too...

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On 6/6/2016 at 3:36 AM, Robb_Warged said:

I don't disagree with you but she just barely cast this guy out of her life two episodes ago.  It was a strong moment for her character.  Now that's all completely nullified

Well, I don't think it nullifies it at all; in fact I think it simply shows how very intent she is in winning against Ramsay that she is prepared to compromise her principles to that degree

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