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16 minutes ago, NikkiG said:

Guess Sansa writes to Littlefinger when she releases she can't fairy tale her way into taking back the North. 

Yup. Difficult to see what else she could be up to.

6 minutes ago, The Bear said:

Oh of course the assassin couldn't kill Arya right. Of course.

The waif botched it. Didn't get Arya's face.

Methinks the waif is going to get the chop soon.

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1 minute ago, Ross2013 said:

So when did the BWB start slaughtering innocents.  I'll withhold judgment and see if we get explanation, like maybe Beric and Thoros are dead, or these guys aren't really BWB (I am assuming a LSH-free universe).

Always checks your assumptions.

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