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I wonder who slaughtered all those people? IF it was the BWB they're going extremely off-book.

My hope was that they'd be bringing in LS because I couldn't see any other reasonable way to set up Jaime v Brienne, but they seem to have worked out where they're going with that so I no longer think LS is imminent.

I feel ripped off when AGOT is so short. 45 including previouslys and credits is not good enough. They could have fit in at one other 10 minute scene or two 5 minute scenes.

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I liked the episode but why did they have to make Arya so stupid! She's a smart girl why did t she have Needle on her? Why did she trust the 'old lady'? Man my heart broke when she got stabbed. Arya better kill the Waif and escape on that boat next episode. 

The Hound!! Oh my god! I kind of want Ary and the Hound to reunite now...


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Just now, direwoofwoof said:

Loved seeing Sandor risen from the dead and with a mission!

It seemed like an entire episode dedicated to the Hound's return. Ian Mcshane all for one episode but he did do a fantastic job.

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1 minute ago, Joseph Weaver said:

Ok seriously, whats up with the hound and the blackfish? 

Is the blackfish going to take on a stoneheart type role?

Does this confirm the clegane bowl?


After Blackfish talks to Brienne, maybe he abandons Riverrun to go join up with Sansa.  That would seem like a better option than hanging out in Riverrun waiting to die.

As for the Hound, it seems like he has a return engagement with the BWB, so not sure when he will ever get to KL.


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That was way too short. Anyway, I thought Arya was prepared to fight the waif, but by juding her reaction she wasn't even expecting the FM would hunt her... they really want to drag this plot...

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11 minutes ago, Pandean said:

That was underwhelming and too short by half




Arya's scene with the boat guys

Lyanna Mormont being hardcore as fuck


Everything else

Haha I agree! I did like Lady Tyrrell giving Cersei crap thoughh. Half expected Cersei to start a cat fight with her.

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3 minutes ago, Ser Catspaw said:

I'm thinking maybe it wasn't the BWB that murdered those people, but that maybe we were shown a red herring?

That is a good point.  Although it would be unlike D&D to attempt anything clever.  Usually, things are what they seem.

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23 minutes ago, NikkiG said:

Guess Sansa writes to Littlefinger when she releases she can't fairy tale her way into taking back the North. 

I assumed she's writing the Cerwyns, but it could be Littlefinger.

The Hound is Back! AWOOOOOOO!!! a-erm, sorry...^_^.

Fuck...Arya. I hope she gets help Asap. The Waif needs to fucking die.

Jaime and Blackfish was right from the books, I loved the 'bored from the siege' line. Blackfish is so badass.

Ian Mcshane was good as Meribald/Elder Brother...they hanged him for the spoilers, methinks.:P

Jon And Sansa, I knew they would have some hard sells, Lyanna Mormont was awesome and Bear Island was beautiful.

Better than last week episode, still stoked over the Hound returning, I wonder if he's going to go midieval on some rogue Brotherhood ass.

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