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[Poll] How would you rate episode 605?


How would you rate episode 605?  

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2 hours ago, Modesty Lannister said:

Points off for yet another Littlefinger's teleportation and yet another fight between Arya and waif. Way too repetitive. Pointless at this stage. As for LF, why not put him in each scene of a show. That would at least be funny. Omnipresent due to D&D teleport.

Littlefinger not teleporting. I think what people miss is that Gendry is rowing people all over the place. Killing Tristane in the harbor at Kings Landing, Balish getting around to all corners of the known universe -- pretty much any time someone crosses an absurd amount of time and often under the cover of stealth we have to assume that it is Gendry rowboating them around.

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10/10 I thought it was an outstanding episode. I was pleasantly stunned to learn the secret of the Children/Others. I thought Emilia Clarke nailed her scene with Ser Jorah. 

Bran's mistake and the consequences matches well with other events of the books , especially the deaths of Bloodraven, Summer, and poor Hodor. People are complaining that the showrunners killed Summer and Hodor for a cheap shock...well what the Hell do you think constantly happens in the books? Characters make mistakes and they quite often face ghastly, shocking consequences.  Sansa twice betrayed her family and lost her wolf and then her father. Robb bedded a girl while betrothed to another and that led to his death, his mothers, his wolfs, and the fall of his House. Cersei was hoisted by her own petard and had to take a walk of shame through the city. 

GRRM has long talked about what he hated about comic books...there was never any real lasting damage. The Human Torch shot fire at people but never really burned anyone. Wonder Man died but then he comes back to life a few issues later. The whole reason he created and then killed Ned Stark was to completely avert those comic book tropes. His books have bad stuff happen to the main characters, lasting stuff. Main characters, greatly loved characters, have died. While a few characters have pulled a Wonder Man, it seems they have not come back wholly who they were.

Honestly, if you are one of those that is mad at the show for doing this, you probably shouldn't read the last few books. GRRM has called the ending "bittersweet". If he's saying that, I suspect that there is going to be a VERY high death count among the main characters. 

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4 out of 10.  I've been enjoying the season so far even though it hasn't been perfect but this episode was very poorly written and left me wondering exactly how much D&D consult GRRM in regard to plot twists.

Sansa comes face to face with the man who handed her over to a psychopath and she walks away without killing him?

Dany sends Jorah off on his own to find a cure for his greyscale when he would probably have a better chance of finding a cure with her help?

Euron is more concerned with getting drowned and crowned than stopping Yara and Theon from getting away even though he sees them as the biggest threats to his plans and wants them dead?  Surely, first you kill or at least imprison your rivals, then go on with the ceremonies?

The utterly pointless Braavos scenes with a gratuitous close up of some guy's junk?

And to top it off, a gazillion strong army of the dead are besieging the cave but there is no one on the other side of the door so that Bran and Meera can disappear into the snowdrift???  How stupid are we supposed to believe the Night's King and his lieutenants are?

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Forget this shitty Kingsmoot and Weak Ironborn plot thats nothing more than serving Deadpan instead of making her Euron's ultimate Thrall. Im going to go watch Black Sails.

Makes me wonder why they bothered with Aeron over Victarion when hes a non entity.

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9 hours ago, Cz-99 said:


The episode avoids a 'certified wank' seal, and instead gets a surprising 8/10.


This, By the way love the expression 'certified wank' seal

I thought the general tone of the play in braavos, with it's over the top acting, lionising of Joffrey, tits and farting could have been a self parody of most of Pycelles scenes in game of thrones


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3 hours ago, cyberdirectorfreedom said:


But I have an issue with that whole situation in the courtyard; so many people were there, hearing Willas (what was wrong with 'Walder', by the way?) shouting "hold the door", eventually degrading it into 'Hodor'. Old Nan was there too. So, why doesn't anyone know the story of the whole 'Hodor' thing? All I could think during that was this moment from the books:

No one knew where "Hodor" had come from, she said, but when he started saying it, they started calling him by it. It was the only word he had.

I know, the show is not the books, but that's just such a little thing that didn't need to be changed. No one knew, except for Old Nan herself and a courtyard full of people. Sure.

The creation of the White Walkers was interesting enough, but I have a few questions; was that Obsidian that they shoved in him to turn him into a White Walker? If so, why would they be weak to it? But the other question, why is Leaf so strong? The rib cage of a human is very, very strong; but Leaf can just push that dagger through him like he's made of butter.

Everything about the attack at the Cave struck me as strange; I always disliked the Skeleton Wights, for one thing. The fireball rocks looked absurd, the Wights were the least physically powerful things I've ever seen, Meera cutting that one down like it was nothing, for instance. Yet, the can push their way through the rock and into the cave? I don't see why Summer had to stay back; that brought them like half a second extra time. I also don't see why Leaf had to sacrifice herself; if she'd just thrown the fireball stone thing she would've had the same effect. But the biggest issue is that Bran and not-Bloodraven were asleep during it. Why? In the books, Bran hears Jojen calling him back when he's in Summer; he heard Meera calling him eventually in this episode, but why-oh-why did he decide that Warging Hodor in the past and present would be a good idea? He could've just woken up, surely. Unless it was all the Three Eyed 'Raven's' idea; he certainly knew that he was about to die, so he obviously knew what was happening outside the tree dream.

I thought the play was quite amusing; but then there's "no-one" standing there with a completely disapproving look on her face. She doesn't even try to hide her emotions. Why she thinks that the Faceless Men will ever buy her act is beyond me.

I agree with the consensus about the Kingsmoot. Euron didn't strike me as particularly charismatic; but not only that, he also admitted to killing the man who was not only the King of all of the people standing there, but his own brother. I guess the whole Kinslaying thing being a horrible, horrible crime and sin in all cultures and religions has simply gone out the window. "No man is so accursed" and all that. Yara would've been completely within her rights to call for his execution before being Queen. The man murdered their King, his own brother, and nobody cares. Completely absurd.

The Sansa and Jon parts were nice, I suppose; though Littlefinger's appearance was rather unnecessary, if you ask me. But they weren't nice enough to offset any of the rest of the episode, which I simply didn't like.

So, there you are. 1 out of 10.

I think people may have known that his expression started off as Hold the Door , but he was only saying that for a very little while before it turned into hodor, and since that is all he's said since it would be easy to forget. but the point is, no-one knew why he started saying hold the door either, even with the word "the" in the middle it makes no sense.

I agree that the White walker origin scene was a bit weak, and the skeleton wights are dumb as well, if they can run around like that, then how can an arrow kill them? As for the hand grenade, perhaps, giving the benefit of the doubt, she needed to be touching it to fill it with go bang juice

I thought that the casting was good for Euron, but it isn't the actor's fault they decided to give him cock jokes, and two eyes. he looks a lot like he could be Alfie Allen's uncle, there's enough similarities in their features (He looks nothing like Keith though, so maybe not), but his lines were not very convincing and he didn't have all the drama of the hornblowing.

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1 hour ago, fabrik1980 said:

Question to everybody giving every episode 1s: Have any of you ever seen Birdemic: Shock and Terror? THAT is a 1. Yes, yes, opinions differ, yadda yadda. I guess in all your opinions production values are taken for granted and don't factor into ratings anymore.

Imagine The Godfather having shaky camera or bad audio throughout. Would it still be a 10/10 movie? In the same vein nothing deserves a 1/10 when it at least has good cinematography, sound, editing, etc. The production values alone make it a 5/10 by default. The writing and acting determines whether it's higher than that, but it shouldn't drop any lower.

Bottom line: You give it a 1/10, your opinion has no value to me. Go watch Birdemic or some Ed Wood movies if you want to know what "bad" means.

Depends how much value an individual puts in production values. You're entitled to feel that production values can give something 5/10 by default. Personally, I think 5 is an awful lot of credit for something mostly technical and easy to achieve with considerable financial backing. Just take a look at Michael Bay or Zach Snyder movies. Fine production values but utterly dreadful movies as a general rule. By your rule of ratings these films are already half-decent before you even get into what they're about. I cannot agree with such an approach.

By the way, cinematography is not necessarily linked to production values. For example, Breaking Bad had much lower production values than GoT, yet its cinematography was infinitely superior.

That said, I think a 1 rating for any episode this season is harsh. But then, a 10 rating this season so far seems equally OTT to me, perhaps even more so.

To me the story takes precedence over everything else. For the most part the storytelling is woeful in GoT.

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We had a rollercoaster of emotions. From Sansa being awesome, to Dany/Jorah cute moment, to Theon and Yara stealing the ships, to Tormund flirting with Brienne and Ed '' I'm not Lord Comm... Shit, close the bloody gate '' and finally crying so much because HOLD THE DOOR. 

Best episode so far. Love it. 

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4/10 everything that wasn't Hodor was pretty much ridiculous. 

It felt like I was watching a different show.

Littlefinger is a joke, he orbs between the north and the vale like a bloody white lighter, he has no connection to the crown, to the Boltons, to Dorne,to Daenerys, to Jon and the good North, he is a big fat nobody who may or may not have influence over the little boy who poses as the lord of the Vale. Why exactly did she not have him killed on the spot? 

The kingsmoot. I hate the ironborn so bad there are no words for it. Euron looks ridiculous, like a fatter version of Theon, one of the worst castings. And for god's sake the dude is elected King and the next minute half his fleet is stolen and nobody says shit? The king who lost the north, the king who lost his fleet? Make me a thousand ships, from what, dude, you live on a fooking rock. 

Daenerys... Was Emilia Clarke hungover in that scene? Was that even her? everything was off. Where is she going with the Dothraki? Where the fuck is Drogon? 

And Tyrion, for fuck's sake WHY does Meereen need a red priestess? Because a spy master, the supposedly smartest man alive, a translator of 19 languages and an army commander aren't enough to figure out how to sell the peace they made? How the fucking fuck will a red priestess serve Daenerys's cause? 

And Bravos, oh my god, how much more boring can that shit get? Wtf is this #tbt theme? It passed one time, but another bloody play? It was a repetition inception. A repetinception. And Arya will take the rest of the season to make up her mind and kill them all. 

And what the hell is Sansa doing lying to Jon? That was all the off-screen brutalities at Ramsay's hands did? Make her a cocky player who thinks she is smarter than everybody else? Because that sounds a whole lot like another character prototype that we have a whole lot of as it is. The dress and the cloak was nice though. And Tormund is awesome. 

And then... Bran... I can't even begin to describe how I feel about that. If I had to rate just that cave bit without Hodor and the rest of the episode, it would be a clean 1/10. What is this? What the fuck is this? 

Hodor's story was beautiful though. That half a minute was 10/10 and definintely among the most touching scenes of the show. 

And one more thing. Rickard Stark in a flashback? Will we see him burn? If yes, fine, if not, waste of time. And let me just say, Brandon Stark is mentioned half a hundered times in season one and he's even mentioned in season two. I don't usually talk shit about the show, but is it physically painful to be consistent to oneself in writing? 

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As a reader, a 6. As an only show watcher, probably would have been a 8.

The best episode from the season until now. And the best since since season 4.

What I liked

-Bran's storyline. Hodor sacrificing. Made me feel very sad. I cried. SOmething difficult in this show.

-JORAH and Dany. It was perfect!!!!!!:wub:(except for one thing)

-Meera being a HEROINE.

-Dany and JORAH. Dany: Jorah the Andal, I command you....No WORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Kingsmoot: Theon and Asha Yara together again.Theon's invented speech is perfect.

-The theatre group. It was sad. Maisie does a great job.

What I didn't like

-Kingsmoot: book version is much better. Why does Euron say he killed Balon? Kinglaying it's the normal thing: Dorne, Bolton, Lord Commander, Iron ISlands....

-The theatre group: I prefer Mercy version. But still not bad.

-Summer sarificing, it was not epic enough

-Jorah and Danny: why does Jorah have Tyrion in his mind??? Why???? It's a perfect moment



Sansa and Jon

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3 hours ago, RattleSnake said:

8.5-9 from me.

It was a great episode in my point of view. The best one since Hardhome, though this one struck an emotional chord in me.

Every scene beyond the wall was amazing. They also confirmed two things for me. Years ago my bf asked what Hodor means and as I was scrolling down through fb an imagine about men holding doors for women came up and I jokingly said 'hey, maybe it means hold the door'. Then I actually googled it to see if there are any discussions about it and I came across quite a few. The second thing is I always thought the children of the forest created the white walkers. I was not sure how, but I had this gut feeling.

Arya's scenes were wonderful and somewhat sad. You could see the pain in her eyes as she watched the play. 

Sansa  has every right to be cold towards Littlefinger. Why did she hide her meeting with LF from Jon? We will see how this plays out. I liked that they plan to gather an army. Looking forward to see this. Tormund making eyes at Brienne and her saying 'that man with the red beard' were some little bits of comic relief.

Dany had a toughing scene with Jorah and I think it's the best acting so far from Emilia.

Meereen was more interesting this week than it has been in a while. Still not perfect, but a lot better than cock jokes.

The Ironborn scenes were ok. It was nice to see Theon all cleaned up. Alfie is an amazing actor.

My favorite part was what happened beyond the wall. Seeing everyone sacrifice themselves so that Bran can escape was very sad. I had tears in my eyes as I heard Summer's cries of pain. All throughout the Hodor scene I kept my mouth wide open. It was beyond sad and very tragic.

The shots of the scenery were awesome too.



Wow very good,  you may be a candidate to become a Red Priestess lol.

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So far in GoT: 6x1: 6/10 / 6x2: 8/10 / 6x3: 5/10 / 6x4: 9/10 --> average: 7/10

Episode 5: 10/10 --> altogether: 7,6/10

Gigantic, titanic and gargantuan!

Okay i admit the Kingsmoot was boring and the actor of Euron Greyjoy is lame (-1), while his "Let´s murder them!" was very rousing.

And i´m still not sure how Arya can deliver something to the greater storyline apart from showing her pimples and the ugly hairstyle (-1)

But the stuff that happened up north was just ....see above...of course it was GRRM stuff but you also didn´t critisize Peter Jackson for showing off Tolkiens work (HOld the DOoR---> just woow i never would´ve thought this). (+100).

If the season keeps on presenting us with episodes like 604 and 605 this will be the best season of all six.

Any notions?




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I loved this episode except for the death of Summer. I feel that when a Direwolf dies, it should be a huge moment. The 2 direwolf deaths this season felt like a letdown. Shaggydog just being thrown at Ramsay's feet.... lame. Summer saving Bran... good. Summer dying moments before the big Hodor death, immediately making you forget about the wolf... not so good. Summer should be the one pulling Bran in the snow, not the girl. I am also interested in how they escape the Walkers in a freaking blizzard! I don't like Sansa lying to Jon Snow so early in their reunion. I loved the theatre scene with Arya having to relive the "death" of her father all over again. I enjoyed the acto who played Euron. He resembles Theon so much I wouldn't be surprised if you told me they were related in real life. it really feels like we are getting somewhere instead of just dragging the story along. 

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I thought this was the first good episode of the entire season, were the good overweighed the bad. Here's some random ramblings for me to share:

Lady Sansa lets her emotions get the best of her, she could have added the Vale army to North's cause and perhaps the North together with Vale could have placed Boltons under submission with minimal casualties, and even with a bigger army you'd think Jon Snow with some espionage northerners could sneak into Winterfell, as Jon definitely knows Winterfell better than Ramsay.

I really enjoyed Brienne calling out Davos' and Melisandre's plot this season as unexpected and you'd really have to question their logic, even the battle map scene was just silly, Davos is a smuggler and wouldn't think to suggest getting someone inside to murder Ramsay? Melisandre killed Shireen but doesn't have any shadow babies or anything to fart out?

The Kingsmoot scene was a disappointment, because the show is not consistent with adapting the song of ice and fire. Okay, we got a religious/traditionalist old man who doesn't want a woman as a leader, but this same person is totally okay with Kinslaying? These are the most hardened, traditionalist and religious hardcore people out there, Christ! None even bats an eye with Euron wants to murder his niece and nephew.

Also, how did Yara and Theon loose the Kingsmoot when they clearly had an entire fleet full of supporters? :S That was just baffling to me.

But man, the best part about this episode? <3 Time travel baby! Song of Ice and Fire confirmed for Science fiction? I see them as the same, but this was just glorious, just think of the possibilities?! Bran whispered to Bran the Builder to create the wall? Bran made the Mad King Mad? Bran told the 1st Starks about Winter coming? The possibilities are endless and pretty much destroy prophecies and gods.

I also liked to see the origin of the White Walkers, they're just pawns of the Children who want to break free from this time loop.


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have to say that I did not like it that much... Summer dead for nothing, Aarya rather boring, Euron is not scary AT ALL and is one of the worst castings yet. The final attack on the cave was ok but messy and not well explained what really happened between 3ER and Bran.

Gave it a 6.

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