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[Poll] How would you rate episode 605?


How would you rate episode 605?  

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I gave it a 10, because the best writing/TV makes you feel, and oh my did I feel... I can't remember the last time I was this sad.

In hindsight, some of the other scenes could have been a little better, it seemed like 80% of the Iron Islanders ran off with Asha (Yara)... Littlefinger was too weak with Sansa, I don't like where they've gone with their relationship.  Dany's scene with Jorah missed the mark a touch for me too...

But still, the effect of the end scene... I don't know if I'll ever be able to hold the door open for someone who asks me to again!  (And why are all these direwolves falling :'( )

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3 hours ago, CrypticWeirwood said:

Perhaps not. You're right that it wasn't anything like impressive or interesting to look at. It certainly didn't stack up to the racks we've had juggled at us.

Then again, this was an actor playing an actor playing Joffrey: you'd rather expect him to have a littlefinger, you know?

It seems that the cock was either there to prove they are not sexist, or that the cock had a wart on it , and warts are funny, so it makes it a cock joke. Hilarious

my biggest objection to all the nudity was that it was completely gratuitous, which this was too. I can see that Bennerro making cock jokes would be in character, but Tyrion is supposed to be a great wit, not a teenage boy in the playground, and the lines and probably the direction that Euron was given were all poor. Had he been more convincing in his argument, the cock joke would have been him riffing off the crowd, instead of being the thing that clinched his claim to the crown.


Little finger :D

2 hours ago, Mr. Sven said:


I feel like a lot of people assume that people who complain about the changes assume they're doing so because they're book purists but really nobody expects the show to remain completely faithful to the books.  Sometimes the changes just don't work though and the details of the changes matter a lot.  Even if they get to the same place as each other it doesn't mean that there the same, one version may simply be better than the other.  The show basically recycles all sorts of hollywood tropes while the books try and subvert some of these tropes.  One version essentially glamorizes violence and death while the other deplores it.


It's not the destination, but the journey, yes they have to change stuff, but a lot of what people have complained about has not been done well. That said there are still some great moments of TV; the wights may have cartoonish, but the actors of both Hodor and Willas packed a lot of emotion into that last scene, which raised it above 5/10 by itself for me.

Hold the door

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12 hours ago, dannyk65 said:

C'mon!!!  It was GREAT storytelling to have Leaf literally fall on her grenade....it's not like she could've thrown it??!!

In all seriousness, I find it hard to get anywhere questioning things like people saying those that give 1/10 ratings are trolls, while saying they rated it 10/10 even though it had a few flaws, and then they describe the flaws.  It's a winner-less argument, and this show seems to be a very polarizing one

If she'd thrown it, she'd have taken out a handful of the first wave coming after them. If she let the entire horde catch her and start eating her, they'd stack up, and the grenade would take out far more, possibly even blocking the passageway with their flaming limbs and guts. It's a classic Walking Dead tactic.

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Well, in opposition to virtually everyone here,  I liked the kingsmoot scene.  Still, Euron's kinda stupid.  He reveals his entire plan, and then while he's slowly getting drowned, nearly making the kingsmoot, uh, moot, his new enemies make off with all his ships and are probably going to set his exact same plan in motion with Daenerys marrying Theon for the ships (hope she doesn't want to inspect the goods prior to the wedding night, though). By the time his underlings are done building a thousand ships, Queen Daenerys will have died of old age, sitting atop a throne made of the bones of vanquished dead wights.  We'll call it the Bone Throne.

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7 hours ago, storm.131 said:

I know, right?  All the flashback scenes gave the impression that Ned was the eldest Stark boy (i.e. no Brandon).  Why???

Because they never remember to reread their previous scripts or rewatch their previous seasons. I never read my papers before submitting them either, but I don't make millions of dollars through them, nor do I have a world wide audience... 

7 hours ago, Leto Atreides said:


  • Bran messing up Hodor in the past creates a time paradox which GoT really didn't need ast this point. Things are complicated enough

Thank you. :agree: this is the absolute worst that could happen to the plot. if Bran messes around in the past and we find out that he is responsible for stuff in the present, it's basically a Harry Potter woke up in the cupboard under the stairs level end game. Luckily that didn't happen either, so maybe Martin is better than that too, but the possibility itself is bad enough. War and politics don't happen because some stupid cripple boy manipulates the past. If Bran had anything to do with Jon, Daenerys, the Mad King or Robert, I'm officially out. It would be a sad destruction of an otherwise epic story. 

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2 hours ago, God-Emperor of Yi Ti said:

thought you might take a sidestep.

do you understand the difference between assigning a numeric value judgement to something  (thereby allowing for statistical analysis) versus picking a discrete candidate?  

If you want to take politics as an example however you will find that there is a bell curve of political opinion with the majority of people in the centre and a decreasing number as one heads to the extremes.This is mostly a good thing and a tribute to the common sense of people (mostly).

This is why primary candidates become more centrist in the general election; because otherwise they cannot win. 

We just had a presidental election in my country where the far right and far left candidates got the most votes. Obviously a lot of voters in my country are trolls. :D

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I gave it a 7. Good episode and everything feels new, like we are now fully past the books and in unchartered territory. Would have been higher had the Dany scene been better or Summer had done more damage before dying.

I both liked and disliked the wall scenes. Liked the continuation of Tormund leering at Brianne, the fact that they are heading out to try to round up the Northern houses, wonder if Davos gets sent off to White Harbor like in the books? Disliked the end of the LF scene with Sansa. They start showing Sansa as being wiser and a player, but then letting him get off the Half brother comment. He, as always, is planting his seeds of doubt. Then Sansa lies to Jon, the one person she is counting on and her one relative she has seen in ages. Not happy with that.

Dany scene, a throw away.

The Kingsmoot - I liked the way it played out. They needed to get something moving here and Euron just now starting to build an even bigger fleet would have stalled the plot out, they need to move forward. I like Yara taking the ships and fleeing although it was a bit predictable. It does show that the fleet and officers all respected her more than Euron thought and that he underestimated Yara.

Arya - it was nice to get some history on the FM and to see where they came from. I unlike a lot here was happy with the stick scene. Arya now has her sight so it's a fair fight, and shows her getting her as handed to her because she thinks she is better than she is. Not so subtle reminder from the Waif that she is still Arya Stark and she will never be a FM despite what she says. The troupe scene was really good. It shows Arya what people think about her father and that the story has nothing to do with reality. Felt really bad for her as the scene unfolded. It's another case of the Starks realizing that what they grew up thinking about how their family is perceived and the reality of the how the people outside of the North thinks of them are entirely different. I took this as their way of making her remember who she is and why she started this journey to begin with. She doesn't want to be a FM assassin, she wants revenge for her family. 

Bran - Again, we have a Stark child who has just enough knowledge to be dangerous. It seems like they are all in the same phase right now, learned a little from a mentor and think they are ready to go it alone. I do wonder if the books will play out the Hodor story like this. Some people had called it right about the Children of the Forest creating the Nights King as a last ditch effort to win the war against the first men. As soon as we got that first overhead shot of the tree and the stones it brought us back to Episode 1. Sucked that we lost Summer but at least he went out protecting Bran and didn't die in a pen or off screen.

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The first time I saw this episode my reaction to the first half was OMG-WTF and not in a good way and then the second half came on and again it was OMG-WTF but in a good way.  Very ambitious cinematography for a TV show.  On the second viewing everything came together in a much better way so I gave it an 8, my best rating this year so far.

Dont like where the story is going with Bran.  If he is indeed changing the past instead of just observing then all bets are off.  Anything could happen.  If he created Hodor that alone could be the most selfish act in the history of literature.  Whats next?  Saving Eddard and everything from that point on has never happened?

Things like this just make me want to read the new books more hoping that GRRM went a different path completely.


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1 hour ago, Rhollo said:

We just had a presidental election in my country where the far right and far left candidates got the most votes. Obviously a lot of voters in my country are trolls. :D

no if its Austria you mean you've just got a country with some major problems. 

And yeah on some level trolling like  behaviour going on, People letting a primal scream of anger out rather than voting rationally


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Would have given a higher rating but the poor writing really drags the show down. Overall though, I enjoyed the episode. I've been more forgiving with my ratings this season now that the show has largely moved beyond the material of the published books. Pretty excited about that and not knowing what is going to happen has improved my viewing experience.

The stuff with Hodor and Bran was pretty great, although Summer's death was underwhelming and to me it came across as more "lets kill off another direwolf to save on cgi costs" than anything else. I'm not a fan of time travel and I really hope that Bran's interference in the past is restricted to just this one event. In a story that is so heavily character driven, giving the impression of a deterministic universe would not be a good thing. Further, in a story as sprawling as this one with so many moving parts already, introducing time travel as well runs a high risk of the whole thing becoming a convoluted mess.

The play was amusing but the rest of Arya's storyline felt redundant. Ditto for Dany. The stuff at The Wall was okay but nothing to crow about. The worst part was the kingsmoot. The guy playing Euron is a poor casting choice and the manner in which he won the kingsmoot was, quite frankly, idiotic. Confessing to kinslaying and making dick jokes isn't good writing. The sin of kinslaying has become meaningless on the show.


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I have mixed feelings. 

I like that the show is going into new territory, but I also feel worried - Bran's travels to the past were fine when they were just adding depth to events in the past - the Tower of Joy for example, was enlightening - but I have a terrible feeling that it will either ultimately go nowhere, or will end up unravelling - the time twisting bit especially feels like it could go down the drain - or they may make Bran too powerful? I don't want him to start undoing things that went before, partly because I think it does a disservice to the other characters, partly because Bran is starting to annoy me. I can't believe Summer and Hodor went because of his stupidity. 

Speaking of Starks annoying me  - what you playing at Sansa? She needs all the help she can get, yet she turns down Littlefinger's offer of the Vale? And fails to tell Jon et al.? Littlefinger cannot be trusted - she knows this, so keep him close, get the Vale, and then kill him later. Also, how did Littlefinger get there so fast? He only decided to go last week.

Arya's storyline is also frustrating - it is going nowhere fast, and whilst it was interesting to see her reaction's to the play I thought time may have been better spent at the Iron Islands. The Kingsmoot was far too rushed, there isn't enough depth there, which makes characters like Euron lack authenticity. And the fact that Theon and sis managed to escape with all those ships in so short a time without anyone noticing was a bit iffy.   

The Jorah-Dany reunion was sweet, and I enjoyed Tyrion, Varys, and Melisandre 2.0. 

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I gotta say, I don't think what Bran did was time travel as such. I think it can be explained as an anomalous glitch caused by Bran trying to warg Hodor from a vision from the past in which the younger Hodor is present.

Bran cannot change anything that has already happened but we might find that Bran is responsible for something else that happened in the past.

In a world where magic exists, I don't see a problem with it. I had much more a problem with the moronic CotF taking down wights instead of using obsidian to take down the three WWs, and then when one of them tries to, plunges the blade straight into the WW's armour. So stupid!

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I gave it a 10. The only questionable part was the Littlefinger teleport. I kept looking around for his personal guards in that scene. The dialogue made up for it with me. I was waiting for Sansa to reveal some horrible scar from Ramsey. Maybe later this season...

The rest was pretty flawless, and the pace of the series has been excellent all season. 

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3 hours ago, RhaeBee said:

Because they never remember to reread their previous scripts or rewatch their previous seasons. I never read my papers before submitting them either, but I don't make millions of dollars through them, nor do I have a world wide audience... 

It was a rhetorical question ;-)  It's kind of you to say they don't check their previous scripts.  I would call it sheer stupidity.

Edited by storm.131
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1 hour ago, nogginthenog said:

I like the idea of it being a glitch a lot.

If the WW die, would that also kill the Wights? Are they connected in that way?

It was suggested that the wights are controlled by the WW when the NK raised them at Hardhome.

The wights are essentially the WW's minions. In a war situation, if the leaders are leading the charge with their henchmen following behind, it would be silly to aim attacks at the henchmen rather than the leaders.

So, killing the WWs may or may not destroy the wights but either way it seems silly to me that they didn't attack the leaders who could just walk straight through the fire shield.

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My heart says 0 bc of Summer and Hodor but my head says 8.  As sad as that was it was a really good episode.  I'm loving the Tormund/Brienne shipping.  Sansa and Jon are awesome and I can't help but wonder if D&D will be putting those 2 together in place of Val & Arya.  Once Jon learns his parentage, obviously.  I expected more from the Kingsmoot, but I think they did well with Theon and without Vic.  I can't remember, have they mentioned that Damphair is Euron's brother?  I had a hard time with Euron crowning him, but that's just bc of the difference in the books and show. 

I swear to the Old Gods & the New that Bran is just as bad as Carl on the Walking Dead.  Stay in the house! 

I always new Bran skinchanging Hodor was a bad idea.  Poor Hodor. 

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