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[Poll] How would you rate episode 605?


How would you rate episode 605?  

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Unfortunately,  I'd stumbled on a spoiler for the final scene,  so perhaps it didn't have as much impact for me as it should have. Otherwise, it was maybe just a bit slow at points,  but did set the stage for the rest of the season.  Even Dany's scene wasn't obnoxious,  for a change.  

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5 episodes in and I'm ready to say this show has dramatically rebounded from a weak season 5. It's actually a lot better than season 4 as well. I said last week was the best episode of the season, it just got surpassed. So far we've had 3 stellar episodes.

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This is the first 10 of the season IMO. Strong in all storylines

-The North is starting to pick up. Sansa is becoming the powerful Queen she was meant to be. All going to build up to the Bastard Bowl (GET HYPE)

-Arya's episode this week was pretty entertaining. Reminded me of the Ember Island Players episode of ATLA

-Jorah and Daenerys was done pretty well

-Red Priestess made Mereen pretty good today. Helps that Dinklage and Hill are both superb actors

-And Bran. Wow. The last 20 min were intense. We know that the Others were created by the Children during the war with The First Men. RIP Summer and RIP Hodor. Saddest death since the Red Wedding

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Gave the episode a 10.

  • Dany scene was great, sending Jorah to cure himself so that he can serve her when she takes Westeros
  • Kingsmoot was great, glad Theon and Yara and people loyal to them have escaped with the Iron Fleet to go help Dany
  • Arya scene was cool, definitely means she might run away. The play was extremely funny
  • North scenes were great. Hope Littlefinger keeps his forces in wait and that Sansa will come around eventually to get him to help. Tormund eyeing up Brienne was funny
  • The Bran scenes, man. Learning how the White Walkers were created was great. Bran accidentally revealing their location was great. Hodor:Origins was great and sad.
  • So it seems like the CotF are extinct now, assuming that the ones at the TER's cave were the last of their kind
  • Summer and Hodor are dead! So sad right  now, that was heartbreaking. White Walker/wight invasion was so creepy. I guess now that Summer is dead, Winter can come.
  • The first White Walker was created with dragonglass and can only be unmade by it, pretty interesting.


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Well done Game of Thrones a solid 8. My only complaint was the Sansa opening, cough useless, and the lack of information behind the corrupted greenseer the Night King, I cannot swallow that other simplistic explanation. The infected where cool and the holy hand grenade added effect. Showing Bran's purpose as he has been marked, The Braavos play was great.

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Gave it a 9. The only really awkward or weak points was Dany and Jorah's "For the Cure" scene and another unnecessary Arya beat down. The Bran stuff was very good. The Hodor answer fits so well I suppose it must be a book spoiler but no complaints because it was well done. Summer's death might be less spoilery because I'm sure they would prefer less cgi. The reveal about the Others combined with how Leaf dies fighting them and that now Bran has to sort it all out for himself was also very well done. 

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Can't rate it yet. Rewatching so I can understand what the hell happened in those Bran scenes.

10 for Sansa delivering the best goddamn lines in, "Did you know about Ramsay? If you didn't know, you're an idiot. If you did know, you're my enemy." Been saying that shit all along.

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direwolf dies i vote 1 fuck the world, the moment ghost dies all the world can die with him for all i care.

in reality 7/10 highest this season

didn't like summer geting killed (can be almost forgiven if we see bran mourning next episode)

for the first time i liked dany's part

FUCKING LITTLE FINGER AND HIS TELEPORTER (ugh i can't make sense of this guy knowing how large the 7 kingdoms are it breaks my suspession of disbelief all immersion i've been building just dissapears with that kind of thing.) he didn't need to be there, just send a letter and be done with it.

tyrion - red priest - varys not bad, it was nice to see varys get caught off guard but it didn't feel right for him to break like that varys should have a valyrian steel pokerface.

ironborn - meh just want to see who the dragons eat my guess is yara because they need theon to have 3 dickless guys for tyrion to crack jokes.

it was nice to see the creation of the others, many readers will be pleased to have that theory confirmed. i always wanted the others to be something older or at least as old as the CotF.


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1 minute ago, Daniel Tarly said:

Only people who have never read the books or are casual watchers would like this episode. Or people who are such fanboys they are blind.


The Bran Stark Plot now rivals the Dornish plot for stupidity.

I read the books. Almost all my friends read the books. Multiple times. Everyone loved this episode.

It's only the people who have insane unrealistic expectations that hate this episode. This so far has easily been one of the best episodes of television this year. That's not hyperbole either.

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